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Fraser island

Fraser island

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Fraser island

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  1. Fraserisland Western beach

  2. location Fraser island is located along the southern coast of Queensland, Australia. It is about 200km north of Brisbane. Fraser island length runs for 120km and is approximately 24km wide. Its area is approximately 1840 km2.

  3. Geography and ecology Fraser island is separated from the mainland by the great sandy strait. The most northern part of the island is sandy scape where the sandy scape light operated from 1870-1994. The establishment of the lighthouse was the first permanent European settlement on the island On the north-east coast there is a bay named Marloo and on the north-west coast there is a bay named platypus bay. The most western part of the island is moon point.

  4. Flora of Fraser island Species found on Fraser Island include beach Spinifex, she-oaks and Pandanus along the foredunes, Eucalyptus, acacias, some beautiful scribbly gums a bit more inland and satinay (also known as the Fraser Island turpentine), kauri pine and brush box along with a variety of vines, palms and ferns in the rainforest areas. A very rare and beautiful species found on Fraser Island is the angiopteris fern, sporting the largest fronds of any fern in the world and believed to be tens of millions of years old, it offers a stunning beautiful sight along Wanggoolba Creek, one of the more popular spots on Fraser Island.

  5. Fauna of Fraser island Fraser Island is famous for its pure breed of Dingo's. The dingo's on Fraser Island are believed to be the purest strain in the world. They are most likely descendant from the Indian wolves. Their scientific name is Canis Lupus Dingo and they are common throughout Southeast Asia.