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Intent to Apply

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Intent to Apply

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Intent to Apply

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  1. Intent to Apply Health Professions Advising Office (HPO)

  2. Services the HPO Provides • Advising by Dr. Christina A. Goode, Director • Health professions career exploration • Material resources and MCAT prep books • Health professions committee interview • Personal statement review

  3. Services the HPO Provides Cont. • Mock interviews • Same-day appointments (Most Mondays and Wednesdays 11 AM-1 PM). • Letter forwarding service • Student Health Professions Association (SHPA) and American Medical Student Association (AMSA) centralized office.

  4. What is an Intent to Apply? • The intent to apply is your declaration to the HPO and the Health Professions Committee that you intend to apply to health professional schools. • The application is approximately 18 pages in length. Much of the information that you must provide will also be needed for your professional school application. • The information in the intent to apply application assists the committee in composing a letter on your behalf.

  5. What the Intent to Apply Replaces • Open a file form • Re-open a file form

  6. Committee Letter Eligibility • Full-time CSUF student or alumni (Post Baccs included). • Completed the majority of prerequisite coursework at CSUF. • Submitted all of the required documents by 5 PM on Thursday, February 2, 2012. • Required to meet with the Director before and after your file is submitted to the committee.

  7. Required Documents • Intent to apply application • Resume • Unofficial transcripts from every higher education institution you attended; PDF documents only. • Two (2) letters of recommendation. One must be from a health professional. • Digital photograph (JPG file – low resolution). • Fee payment • Committee Interview with Dr. Goode

  8. File Fee • $10 per professional program for current students and recent alumni (graduated less than one year). • $100 fee to apply to multiple professional programs for alumni who graduated more than one ago. • File fees can only be paid through the Health Professions Advising website or at the Student Financial Services (SFS) Window (UH-180).

  9. Submitting Required Items Documents can be submitted via: • TITANium • • UH-223

  10. Moodle/TITANiumfor current students only • TITANium helps you digitally track your file’s progress. • Please pay special attention to the notes that the HPO leaves for you TITANium. • All necessary documents can be downloaded/uploaded from TITANium. • Please review your student email on a daily basis, as this is our main way of communicating with our students.

  11. Intent to Apply Application • Please complete the entire application. If any area is left blank, the application will be returned. • The application is to help prepare you for your submissions to AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, etc. and as such should be completed with the same amount of care. • Two letters will be required for your application to be accepted: a letter from a health professional and a faculty member, due before 5 P.M. on 2/2/2012.

  12. Autobiography • Heavily relied upon to draft committee letters • Should be a narrative that is chronological, and highlights and explains the key experiences in your past leading up to where you are today. • Should address the following:1. Your motivation for professional school2. Your story – what makes you unique3. Your qualifications and experiences • Can also be the opportunity for you to explain problems in your journey to this point, e.g. poor grades as a freshman, W grades on a transcript, need to work full-time.

  13. Professional Programs We Work With • Allopathic Medicine • Osteopathic Medicine • Dentistry • Optometry • MD/PhD • Physician Assistant (P.A.) • Pharmacy • Podiatric Medicine • Veterinary Medicine

  14. Intent to ApplyPros and Cons Pros • Get a head start preparing for your professional school application. • The process encourages you to apply to your desired profession early. • The committee review will never be a factor in delaying your application. • A chance to have a critical review of your application by faculty before submitting it to professional school. • The HPO will follow up with letter writers if something is missing or incorrect.

  15. Pros and Cons Cont. Cons • Required to submit items early. • A good portion of your winter break will be dedicated to finalizing your intent to apply file.

  16. Future Applicants • Applications are accepted year-round for those who only wish to have the HPO collect letters of recommendation. • Only required to complete pages 2-3 (no fee is required). • The Intent to Apply file will close each November. • Resubmit the application every year to keep your file active and updated. Once you are in your application year, you will be required to complete the entire intent to apply form.

  17. Missed Deadline • If you fail to submit or request all of the required items by 5 P.M. on February 2, 2012, you will not receive a committee letter of support for the upcoming application cycle. • The office will upload your letters in the form of a letter packet to the professional schools you’re applying to.

  18. Contact Information • University Hall (UH) 223 • 657-278-3980 •