financing purchases using the resources you already have n.
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Financing Purchases Using The Resources You Already Have PowerPoint Presentation
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Financing Purchases Using The Resources You Already Have

Financing Purchases Using The Resources You Already Have

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Financing Purchases Using The Resources You Already Have

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  1. Financing Purchases Using The Resources You Already Have For more than fifteen years, has been serving the needs of small, medium and large companies. These companies have excess inventory, products or services to offer for sale on a trade basis. The credit they earn from their new sales is used towards the purchase of goods and services that they require. This effectively reduces their cash outlay for those purchases. Mission Statement: To act as a valuable trading partner to our members by supporting their efforts to increase market share, generate new sales and reduce cash expenditures is the largest and fastest growing trade exchange in Canada with over 4500 members. Membership grows at a rate of over 150 new clients every month. has offices in Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto and Windsor. clients trade over $60 million annually. The companies range from sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies. Of over 500 trade exchanges in North America, is ranked in the top 5 %. will bring you new sales and the purchases you make with the credit you have earned will be at your variable cost or cost of goods. is a proud winner of both the 1998 & 1999 PROFIT MAGAZINE TOP 100 award as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies

  2. Contra Versus Barter Barter, trade, contra; whatever you call it, everyone has done it. Trading products and services without cash. One on one contra can be restrictive. You must accept each other’s merchandise directly. offers you purchasing choice. The power of business trade Restaurant Printer The restaurant provides catering for an accounting firm for $1000 trade credit. They use $300 for advertising and $600 for printing. The printer uses $500 for legal advice. Hotel Law Office The hotel has $400 credit to purchase products or services from over 4500 members The law office uses $400 for hotel accommodations. Vancouver Seattle Toronto Windsor

  3. How Does Benefit You? When you make a $10,000 new sale through, your cash profit/savings is $5,000. The benefit to you is that your purchase of products and services will be at your variable cost/ cost of goods. Purchasing on barter gives you the choice of what you will spend on, using over 4500 member clients. The power of business trade New Sales $10,000 Variable Cost/ Cost of Goods aprox. 50% Cash Profit/Savings $5,000 $1,000 Fixed Costs $ 500 $2,500 $5,000 Vancouver Seattle Toronto Windsor

  4. Four Key Spending Areas brings you new sales, increased market share and reduced cash expenditures. With over 4500 clients to purchase goods or services from, not only will you enjoy the benefit of choice, but you will also be purchasing at your cost of goods. The power of business trade General Business Expenses Office Furniture, Staff Training, Equipment Rental, Printing. Advertising & Promotion Newspaper & Magazine Ads, Radio, Public Relations, Direct Mail Personal & Employee Golf, Health Services, Staff Incentives, Limos, Fitness Clubs Travel & Entertainment Restaurants, Resorts, Hotels, Theatre tickets, Pubs, Sporting Events Vancouver Seattle Toronto Windsor

  5. Sample Transactions Bellair Café launched a $1.2 million renovation. A barter contractor accepted $350,000 of the total payment in trade dollars. The contractor used the barter credit towards the payment of suppliers and labourers. The power of business trade America Online Canada sold internet services to over 100 new accounts. In turn, AOL used their trade dollars to purchase printing, mouse pads and other promotional materials. Increased market share, new sales and reduced cash expenditures is what brings to you. Vancouver Seattle Toronto Windsor

  6. Your Investment $49 cash application fee 5% cash transaction fee on sales and purchases The power of business trade Accounting For Barter Revenue Canada takes the view that barter transactions are within the purview of the Income Tax Act, and also recognizes the trend towards commercial barter. (Interpretation Bulletin 490) “the practice of bartering for goods and services has evolved into a sophisticated computer controlled system of commerce” Revenue Canada recognizes one Ubarter Dollar™ as being equivalent to one Canadian cash dollar. Tel: 604-432-1000 Fax: Vancouver Seattle Toronto Windsor