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University of Central Florida PowerPoint Presentation
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University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

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University of Central Florida

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  1. In the United States, all Interdisciplinary Studies programs are not alike. Comparison of U.C.F. vs. Cal. State LB University of Central Florida California State University, Long Beach The Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies Program (ISP) offers students the opportunity to develop individualized, coherent, intellectually challenging, cross disciplinary academic plans, utilizing courses from selected departments. The area of concentration must meet three criteria: The area of concentration must be truly interdisciplinary. The area of concentration must not replicate any existing major. The area of concentration must be feasible. For undergraduates, Interdisciplinary Studies offers unique degree tracks and many ways to create personalized programs of study. Students create combinations by choosing two of thirteen academic study areas plus one of many dozen minor degrees offered at U.C.F. together with the two cutting edge Cornerstone and Capstone core courses.

  2. Globally: • U.C.F. Along with other major colleges and universities are facing problems of such magnitude and complexity that the answers are rarely found within the boundaries of any single discipline. • Specialists from different disciplines must be able to communicate effectively with one another and work together to find common ground. Nationally: • A growing number of businesses are hiring people who do not have a specific concentration. Employers are currently looking for individuals who are very comfortable working across a wide array of disciplines yet can smoothly transition from one project to the next. The IDS department at U.C.F. is always reaching out for new and innovative ways to approach this demanding degree track from every angle. Ideas and inquiries are always encouraged

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