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University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

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University of Central Florida

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  1. University of Central Florida Engineering Technology Distance Education Programs

  2. Engineering Technology at a Distance Program Overview The goal of Engineering Technology at a Distance is to deliver Engineering Technology programs to students any place and any time. The Engineering Technology at a Distance program at the University of Central Florida gives more students an opportunity to complete upper level courses in Engineering Technology and obtain a Bachelor of Science at a distance. This program is designed for students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree, an Associate of Science degree, or the equivalent. Courses are offered via video streaming with Internet Enhancement.

  3. Engineering Technology at a Distance What are the advantages of distance education? • Convenient and flexible scheduling • Do not have to drive to campus daily for classes • Do not have to relocate to complete a degree program What are the disadvantages of distance education? • Require more planning than traditional courses • Often spend more time communicating with faculty • DL courses usually require as much or more time per week than traditional face to face courses

  4. Engineering Technology Programs at a Distance The department offers two degree programs at a distance: • The Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology, Operations Concentration is an ABET accredited degree program. It provides an orientation for professional careers in technical management and operations in manufacturing, sales, service, and construction industries. Graduates in this concentration find careers in a number of areas including product development, manufacturing, quality assurance and logistics, sales and field engineering, and occupational safety.

  5. Engineering Technology Programs at a Distance • The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Technologyis a highly technical degree program geared primarily for students with an Associate of Science degree in Networking or a specific certificate (CCNA or MCSE) that wish to expand their knowledge of the field of information technology. Courses in IST are primarily hands-on and prepare students for jobs running hardware and software systems that handle information within an organization. Students can choose elective courses to specialize in databases, local and wide area networks, software design and implementation, and computer and network security.

  6. Engineering Technology at a Distance What is an online course? Courses are offered by the Engineering Technology faculty live at the Main Campus and simultaneously over the Internet. Using your computer, you can access course lectures via video stream. Course enhancement is delivered through WebCT. To take an online course, a student must have the following computer requirements: • Fast Internet hook-up: Roadrunner, DSL, or broad bandwidth. No dial-up connection. • Windows Media Player 7.1 or higher • Adobe Acrobat Reader • Active email account

  7. Engineering Technology at a Distance What is the difference between FEEDS, online, and distance courses? Essentially there is no difference.

  8. RegistrationMapping Your Courses

  9. Advisement Advisement is important! You do have an academic advisor. For distance learning students, you can contact your advisor by phone or by email. Advisors can assist you with choosing the appropriate courses and the correct sections for your program of study. Advisor Contact Information: Kim Small, Coordinator Academic Affairs 407-823-5775 or Dr. Lucy Morse, Coordinator, BSET Program 407-823-4742 or Dr. Bahman Motlagh, Coordinator, IST Program 407-823-4748 or

  10. Registration: How Course Sections are Numbered Students enrolled in the Distance Learning programs will need to register for specific course sections. The section number follows the course number. The last 2 numbers of the course section designate a regional campus site where exam proctoring will be conducted. • OF54 Downtown Campus • OF71 Melbourne Campus • OF79 Kennedy Space Center • OF81 Daytona Beach Campus • OF82 South Orlando Campus • OF91 Variable Locations in the state of Florida • OF92 Locations outside the state of Florida • 0W61 Course completely offered online

  11. Registration If you are a distance student who needs to register for either the OF91 or OF92 section, you will need to contact Dr. Lucy Morse, Director for Distance Learning for the proctoring/testing facility nearest to your location. 407-823-4752 or If you have registered for one of the regional campus locations, you can contact the Engineering Technology department office manager for proctoring/testing contact information. Locations and contact information for the regional campus sites can be found at To view the course schedule, go to and click Class Schedule Search.

  12. Taking Transient Courses Students enrolled in distance learning programs may need to take General Education, math, science, or lower level required courses at a local community college. If you are an admitted UCF student you must follow these procedures to take transient courses. • Check with Student Financial Assistance for any restrictions on scholarships, grants, or loans regarding transient coursework. • Check with your academic advisor for equivalency of transient courses to UCF courses. • A transient student form will need to be filled out and signed by your academic advisor. This can be done by fax. • Once the course is completed, a transcript from the transient institution will need to be sent to UCF.

  13. Let’s start! Now that you have successfully registered for the semester, here are important links to begin taking classes: • Video Stream • Web CT Now that you have successfully registered for the semester, here are important links to begin taking classes: • Video Stream • Web CT

  14. Road to Success Distance Learning courses require a high level of self-motivation and self-discipline. Here are some tips to assist you in a successful journey to a Bachelor’s degree at a distance. • Be self-motivated. You will be working on your own. Practice time management. • It is not enough just to view the video stream lecture. Take advantage of course resources in WebCT. • Avoid trying to view the lectures or cram material for a test at the last minute. • Contact your instructor with questions. • Contact your academic advisor before registration. It is important to have a plan of study to keep on track for graduation.

  15. Road to Success • Always check the academic calendar for important dates and deadlines. • Make sure your email address is correct in Polaris. If not, you may miss out on important mailings. • Use campus resources available to you. • UCF Bookstore • Financial Student Assistance • UCF Card • Library • Career Resource Center

  16. Good luck on your journey!