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For example: CAT, DOG, BIRD PowerPoint Presentation
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For example: CAT, DOG, BIRD

For example: CAT, DOG, BIRD

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For example: CAT, DOG, BIRD

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  1. The administrator will program words into the device library by both typing and speaking the words with correct pronunciation into the system. For example: CAT, DOG, BIRD The signal of the properly pronounced word should be saved on the device side. Device

  2. While the device is on and not in programming mode, the device should be constantly picking up sound from distances of up to 10 feet. The microphone must be multi-directional The GUI will display a word that it is expecting (either randomly selected or selected by administrator) The device will only register words (inputs) that it is expecting. “DOG” In the illustrated example, only the word “DOG” will be recognized by the device, even though “BIRD” is in its library. Device DOG “BIRD”

  3. Results GUI Display Saved in Device Current Word: DOG Pronunciation: 88% Analysis: ************ The GUI needs to display the word under analysis, the pronunciation accuracy, the input signal (time domain and frequency domain), and some additional comments (TBD) All data needs to be stored on the device itself. This will allow the device to be portable and the data to be accessible in multiple locations.

  4. Key Points • A typed and correctly pronounced word is inputted by • the administrator • Only the expected word is accepted by the device • Inputs are user-independent • At the very least, the GUI must display the word under • analysis, pronunciation accuracy, and input signal • (time and frequency domain) for results • Data acquisition, Analysis, and stored results must all be • on the device side