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  1. Capitalization WC 1.7

  2. Learning Objective Things you capitalize: All proper nouns, words at the beginning of sentences and greetings, months and days of the week, and titles and initials of people. Today we are going to learn how to use correct capitalization in writing.

  3. Activate Prior Knowledge Capital letters look like this: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

  4. Concept Development Common Noun Proper Noun girl city ocean holiday planet Capitalize proper nouns. A proper noun names a specific, or special person, place, or thing. Sophia Sacramento Pacific Ocean Veteran’s Day Earth

  5. Always capitalize the first word of a sentence. Where is the cat? The cat is playful. The cat is chasing the butterfly

  6. Capitalize words at the beginning of greetings. Dear Sandra, Dear Grandfather Robert,

  7. Capitalize months of the year and days of the week January February March April May June July August September October November December Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

  8. Capitalize titles of people. President Barack Obama Mayor Antonio Villaraigoza

  9. Capitalize the first and last word in the title or a book or story, a poem, a movie, a play, a newspaper, or a magazine. Capitalize all other important words. Digging Up Dinosaurs Highlights for Children In Aunt Lucy’s Kitchen “How to Know the Wild Animals”

  10. The word I is always written with capital letter This summer I want to visit my cousin.

  11. Capitalize Initials U.S.A A.P. Stevenson

  12. Importance It is important to use capital letters in writing because: *Capital letters help us understand what we are writing and help readers understand our writing. * It is part of the CST.

  13. Guided Practice my parents moved from brooklyn, new york, to san jose, california. cara likes to read poems by mayaangelou and langstonhughes. aunt marie writes for the daily telegraph. last night, mayor villaraigoza visited placitaolvera. melinda said that she wanted to be an astronaut and fly to mars and venus.

  14. Closure Capitalize all proper nouns, words at the beginning of sentences and greetings, months, and days of the week, and titles and initials of people. We learn how to use correct capitalization in writing.

  15. Capitalization mrs. hood went to see dr. lopez. spot and fluffy didn’t eat their food. my house is on garden street. joey goes to walden school. we went swimming in pyramid lake. labor day is the first monday in september. my favorite book is frog and toad together. my friend lives in denvercolorado. why did angel went to the office? he took a boat across the pacific ocean.