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Exam Simulator

Exam Simulator

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Exam Simulator

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  1. There are more than eight million IT jobs across the globe today. The number of cloud computing positions opening up is massive. There aren’t enough qualified workers out there to fill those positions. All that untapped money out there, and there isn’t enough qualified people to claim it. You can get your slice of pie, though. A Microsoft IT certification can propel you into a lucrative IT career. Pass your Microsoft Certification after you prepare for it - Exam Simulator Virtually every part of every IT organization will transition to the cloud, and the availability of qualified, skilled, and certified IT workers to help manage the position just isn’t enough. Look, if you want to place your resume on the top of the pile for high paying IT jobs, look no further than a Microsoft certification. Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) command high salaries. HR personnel know how qualified they are. 96% of HR personnel look at certifications as a way to gauge just how qualified an applicant is. If you want to place your resume on top of the pile, you need to get certified. You just can’t survive in today’s competitive IT marketplace without a certification. It is a must. It’s not expensive to get one, or even a couple of them. You just need to be committed to furthering your career. Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Plus, you’ll have access to the MCP community, a reward in and of itself. What is Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Certification? Good question. It’s a surefire way to propel your IT career forward. It is a way to validate yourself as an IT professional and gain special expertise through tough, industry-proven exams. MCP exams cover a broad range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions. When you pass your first exam, you become automatically qualified and gain access to a lot of MCP benefits. More than that, you have a serious addition to your resume. You’ll be in good company. You’ll have access to a community of millions of MCPs, with thousands more streaming through every month. This is your ticket to a career, a community, and a cohesive plan to propel your career forward. Microsoft certifications are industry-recognized professional certifications verifying proven expertise with Microsoft products. There are certifications in the areas of Server, Desktop, Database, Developer, and Applications, with a number of tiers of proven expertise. You might be a Solutions Association (MCSA), Solutions Expert (MCSE), or Solutions Developer (MCSD). What Types of Certifications Does Microsoft Offer? Microsoft offers an array of IT certifications. You’re not limited to just one or two. The categories are broadly dived as such: Server: Windows Server, Exchange Server, Lync, SharePoint, Microsoft Azure

  2. Desktop: Windows, devices Applications: Office, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics Database: SQL Server Developer: Visual Studio, Sharepoint Applications, Microsoft Azure Whatever route you want to take on your path to IT career success, Microsoft has you covered. Just choose the certification you want from the website portal, find an exam, and start your journey to success.