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  1. Marriage What sort of attitudes do you need to have to make a good marriage? To describe the 4 features of marriage To explain what sex means in the language of the body To evaluate if marriage is “natural”

  2. Write out the 4 characteristics of marriage, and what they mean Which of these 4 aspects do you think is the most important for a happy marriage? **Is there anything else you would add to what a marriage should be? Marriage • Marriage has to be 4 things to be a marriage: what do you think these mean? • Free • Total • Faithful • Fruitful I am completely and only yours, forever Free choice, no pressure Completely give myself as a person, in all that I am I give myself to you in my fatherhood/ motherhood, so our love is life-giving

  3. Does sex mean something, or is it just what bodies do?

  4. Marriage - God’s Design ? Did we “invent” marriage? Or is marriage something that is part of how God designed us to live? Our male/ female sexuality shows that man is made as a match for woman and vice versa. This “match” makes it possible for man and woman to become “one flesh” in a physical way, through sex. But human beings are also made up of hearts and minds, not just bodies. Becoming “one flesh” with another personcan never be just a physical act for us. To really become “one flesh” with another person, they must also give themselves in their hearts & minds to each other, not just in their bodies. If their hearts and minds cannot do this, then the physical act of sex is a lie. The body has a language. In sex, the body is saying “I give myself to you Freely, Totally, Faithfully, Fruitfully. Freely – it’s our choice; Totally – we give each other to each other completely; Faithfully – I give myself only to you; Fruitfully – I give myself to you in my fatherhood and motherhood. These are also what we actually promise in the marriage vows: so sex, is like the marriage vows made in a physical way. Hearts, minds and bodies are all saying the same thing. This makes two people really one flesh, because they are a perfect unity of persons, and through the gift of their motherhood and fatherhood, will become the unity of a family. Is getting married a natural thing? Why? Why is sex more than just a physical act, for humans? How does the body make the 4 marriage vows in sex? **Which aspect of sexual love do you think a lot of people ignore in our society?

  5. Which of the 4 aspects of sexual love does this video show? • Free • Total • Faithful • Fruitful

  6. True Sexual Love Write a poem – or a song! - about what true sexual love is, and is not.