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Green Space Services for Local Monitoring PowerPoint Presentation
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Green Space Services for Local Monitoring

Green Space Services for Local Monitoring

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Green Space Services for Local Monitoring

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  1. Green Space Services for Local Monitoring Aratos Technologies S.A.

  2. Aratos Technologies S.A. One of the first European downstream value added services company in the space sector. Value added services using space and satellite technologies

  3. In a few words… GreenSSLMTM is a permanent monitoring system handling complex computing interfaces dedicated to • store • manage • process and • assess environmental parameters which characterize the holistic status of an area

  4. Motivations and Targets • Urban spreading Land use change, human hazardous effects upon environment, inhibited areas near regions undergoing crisis • Global economy dependence on agriculture, livestock and fishery Vegetation growth, health and diversity, environmental and other factors causing stresses on ecosystem’s equilibrium, optimized solutions for increased production • Environmental changes and wildlife extinction Optimization of environmental theory, monitoring and modeling, definition of the interaction patterns of all factors across a landscape, design of crisis control and management plans

  5. GreenSSLMTM’s Services

  6. GreenSSLMTMService Levels Overview • GreenSSLMTMservices range through a scalable measure of complexity depending on the end-user’s requirements • Services may vary from simply monitoring to advanced environmental theories applications • Following is a brief description of the different levels presented

  7. GreenSSLMTMService Levels Description Holistic Approach

  8. Data management and potentials

  9. Multi-Source Computing Environment GreenSSLMTM ensures to collect the grand quantity of ambiguous information needed for a holistic environmental evaluation and thereby handles data of multiple origins:

  10. GreenSSLMTM for Crisis Management Korean Oil Spill, Credit: European Space Agency Satellite picture of volcano, Credit: • In time detection and prediction even of upcoming hazards • Reasoning behind the existence / emergence of a crisis – educating the end user on environmental factors sensitivities • Crisis management plan, designed by our team of environment biologists and specialists

  11. GreenSSLMTM: Easily adaptive to the end user’s needs • Variation of the types and processing levels upon the end-user’s requirements • Online user interface, with summary reports upon factors of the area and across time • Online user interface, implemented as a GIS layered map for the user to manage the data acquired

  12. Procedure Technical Description A priori steps • Implementation of environmental mathematical models and image processing algorithms • Definition of the data needed to be acquired to satisfy the end user’s requirements • Collection of static land cover information on the area Processing steps • Conversion of all input data into formats able to be handled under a unifying interface • Application of all the respective computations and evaluation of the environmental significance of the results • Deduction of statistics and comparison with archived records to created a full report • Presentation of all the acquired results in a graphical user interface

  13. Benefits of using GreenSSLMTM Valuable, carefully selected, information for the most concrete environmental studies GreenSSLMTM manages a vast variety and quantity of data in order to calculate a set of indicating parameters, as these are evaluated to be catalytic in the alterations and/or preservations of an ecosystem's status and also serve as representative identities of a region's current status. Delivering holistic reports and optimized land use solutions GreenSSLMTM offers constant remote monitoring and runs a combination of multiple algorithmic models, the results of which are analytically studied by environmental biologists of our team to deliver solutions which improve environmental theory and monitoring, human and wildlife co-existence and vegetation growth.

  14. Green SSLMTM Mobile GreenSSLMTMwill offer soon a new mobile application. • Ideal to use directly from the area that is being monitored. • Online environmental data transmition and upload to the main system • Sharing of information among volunteers • Transmition of data (images, videos) from the local area • Environmental monitoring information retrieval Soon available in iOS and Android platforms

  15. Summary • GreenSSLMTM offers complete innovative environmental solutions, based on state of the art technology and advanced processing techniques • The proposed implementation delivers holistic results aiming in the optimization of environmental studies, land use and economy • The applied remote monitoring provides quick response and cost efficient services to any requirements of the end user Green Space Services for Local Monitoring

  16. ContactDetails Nikos Bogonikolos, PhD E-mail: Tel: +30 695 194 3327 Aratos Technologies S.A. 272B Eleftheriou Venizelou Str., Athens, GR 17675 Phone: +30 210 9424630, Fax: +30 210 9424095