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  1. Capitalization Michalina Florio, Alison Spinner, Ian Dudar, and Tommy Blumentritt

  2. The word I I is a pronoun that is always capitalized. Ex.) I am very good at making sandwiches. Ex.) I realized that I left my notebook at home.

  3. Sentences The first letter of the first word of each sentence is always capitalized. Capitalize the first letter in the following types of sentences.

  4. Declarative example: some people like to go swimming everyday. Interrogative example: where did the dog put his bone? Imperative example: go clean up your room before your friend gets here. Exclamatory example: that is such a huge accomplishment!

  5. Quotations A direct quotation, or a person’s exact words, also needs a capital letter to begin the quotation. Capitalize the first letter in the first word in a quotation. Ex.) The leader shouted, “Welcome to camp!”

  6. Quotations When a quotation is split into two parts in a sentence, capitalize the first part only. Ex.) “When will you be ready,” asked Alison, “to go to the party?” Capitalize the first word of each sentence if the quotation contains more than one sentence. Ex.) “Please hand out the napkins to everyone,” said Michalina. “The food is ready.”

  7. Proper nouns Capitalize all proper nouns including each part of a person’s full name and initials, geographical names, specific events, period of time, and documents. Also, capitalize regions. Ex.) Ian Dudar T. D. Blumentritt Mississippi River We are going to the South. The Great Depression and the Great Recession The Gettysburg Address

  8. Exceptions Map directions and seasons are not capitalized. Ex.) We like summer. Ex.) Drive southeast.

  9. Specific groups The names of various organizations, government bodies, languages spoken by different groups, nationalities, and political parties are always capitalized. Ex.) The Native Americans built a teepee. Ex.) The Girl Scouts sold me 300 boxes of thin mints. Ex.) The University of Georgia is a great school.

  10. Religious references Capitalize all words related to religion and all the names of different religions. Ex.) Christianity- God, Lord, Holy Spirit, Bible Judaism- Torah, Prophets Islam- Allah, Qur’an

  11. Specific places and items Capitalize all specific places and items. Monuments- Eiffel Tower Memorials- Lincoln Memorial Buildings- Leaning Tower of Pisa Awards- Oscar

  12. Proper Adjectives Most proper adjectives should be capitalized. Common nouns that are being modified by proper adjectives are not capitalized. Ex.) American flag Canadian maple syrup Chinese buffet

  13. Brand names Brand names become proper adjectives when they describe a common noun. Examples: Honey Nut Cheerios cereal Pillsbury cinnamon rolls

  14. Titles of people Capitalize titles of a person when they are followed by the person’s name or are in place of a person’s name. Examples: Doctor Flindublum has an appointment at two o’clock. Colonel James is visiting us tomorrow.

  15. Government officials Capitalize the titles of government officials when they precede the name of the official. Examples: President Obama likes strawberry ice cream. Governor Mialiato prefers vanilla ice cream. Certain titles are always capitalized. Examples: The First Lady & Queen Mother of England

  16. Family Relationships The title showing family relationship is capitalized when it is used when it comes in front of a person’s name or in place of a person. Examples: Aunt Patricia has a twin named Fat Amy. Grandma Otailaim got run over by a reindeer.

  17. Titles of Works The titles of books, newspapers, magazines, short stories, poems, plays, movies, songs, school courses (when it is followed by a course number or refers to a language), and artworks are capitalized. Capitalize all of the key words in the title. Do not capitalize articles, prepositions, or conjunctions unless they are four or more letters long.

  18. Examples: To Kill a Mockingbird People Magazine The Wall Street Journal Les Miserables Algebra l Spanish

  19. Friendly and Business Letters Capitalize the street, city, state, and month in the heading. Examples: May Glen Forest Drive Alabama Atlanta

  20. Salutations Capitalize the first word, any title, and the name of the person or group mentioned in the salutation. Also, in the closing, capitalize the first word. Examples: Dear Ian Your friend, Tommy Dear Doctor Connor

  21. Abbreviations Capitalize all abbreviations if the words or names they stand for are usually capitalized. Examples: Dr. Tom Mrs. Mial

  22. Acronyms Just like abbreviations, capitalize acronyms if the words they stand for are capitalized. Examples: SSA- Social Security Act MRI- Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  23. Initials • Capitalize the initials if the words or names they stand for are normally capitalized. • Examples: • M. M. Florio • A. N. Spinner