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  2. “Our Members Are The Agricultural Chemical Professionals Who Serve Those Who Feed The World” MIDWEST AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS ASSOCIATION 1985

  3. It is through the voice of individual members that MACA is able to “tell it like it is” and become leaders to improve the economic and environmental climate in the midwest. MACA BROCHURES OUR MACA MEMBERS

  4. Aceto Ag Chemical Corporation Albaugh, Inc. BASF Big Rivers Agri-Supply Chemorse, Ltd. Dow AgroSciences DuPont FMC Corporation GROWMARK, Inc. Kova Monsanto Oil-Dri Corporation of America Rosen’s Inc. Universal Crop Protection Alliance Van Diest Supply Company Current Member Companies of 25 Years or More

  5. New 2008 Member Companies ISK Biosciences Corporation Winfield Solutions

  6. MACA ORGANIZED 1958 - Midwest Agricultural Chemicals Association – MACA

  7. Herbert Woodbury Porter Williams Robert Yapp were joined by Harold Howard Doug Nelson Wally Smith and G.E. Zackert. MACA was formed by seven dedicated professionals who clearly saw the need for the agricultural chemicals industry in America’s heartland to have a vigorous professional society. FOUNDERS OF MACA

  8. Along with Harold Howard-1962-63 the four men pictured served as MACA Presidents from 1958-1964. PRESIDENTS Herbert Woodbury 1958-59 and 1960-61 Robert Yapp 1959-60 Douglas Nelson 1961-62 Ray Northrop 1963-64

  9. Incorporated in 1967 to provide an opportunity for basic manufacturers, distributors/formulators and allied industry to meet to discuss crop life issues.

  10. Presidents Dick S. Lang-1965-66, William M. Banks-1966-67, and Hillis R. McLane-1969-70 George A. Lawrence 1967-68 Bert Brayton 1968-69 OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Vern L. McCarthy 1970-71 McCarthy

  11. 1971-72 President Dwight Habermehl and Keith Boyer who served as President from 1972-74. Habermehl Boyer OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dean Roy served as President from 1976-78, seated on his left is two term President Ray Smedul – 1974-76. Roy Smedul

  12. EDUCATOR’S AWARD The award first presented in 1974 is designed to recognize demonstrated evidence of significant contributions to American agriculture, especially in the MACA region. Bob Roselle, University of Nebraska Extension Entomologist, was the first recipient. Dr. Ronald Doersch 1990 Dr. Bill Simmons 2003 Dr. David Walgenbach 1987 Donald E. Kuhlman 1989 Dr. Gordon Roskamp 2002

  13. Robert C. Moreau 1978-80 Bert OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS Larry Bert served as President from 1980-82 1982-83 President V.R. “Swede” Roskam passing the gavel to 1983-84 President Bob Ramsdell.

  14. MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD-1978 Winton Warren Etchen served as Executive Secretary of MACA from 1969-1978.

  15. In 1981 Dr. E.E. ‘Ev’ Waller began his contribution to the industry as Executive Director of MACA and through his leadership kept the association on a steady growth trend for many years. Dr. Waller was presented the 1995 Industry Vision Award upon his retirement. His wife Virginia was presented the 1995 Partner Award for her volunteer contributions to the organization. Dr. Waller was awarded the Dean Roy Award in 1985. He is the only “non-member” to have been so recognized.

  16. Dr. Waller writes, “ I liked all of MACA’s officers, directors, and committee people over the years; and some life-long friendships were established… MACA and its countless accomplishments mean a lot to us; and we would love to attend, it is not, however, feasible this year. We shall be there in thought and empathy.” 6/21/08

  17. INDUSTRY VISION AWARD The award first presented in 1982 is designed to recognize the distinguished career of an individual devoted to promoting and protecting the interests of the crop protection industry supporting American and Midwestern agriculture. Past President Ray Smedul of Chevron was the first recipient. Mike McCarty 2005 Jack P. Dutra 2007 Ron Farrell 2006 John Juvenal 2004

  18. INDUSTRY VISION AWARD Charles Fischer 2002 Robert Woods 2003 Paul E. Rhein 1999 Neil Strong 2001 Bob Van Diest 2000

  19. INDUSTRY VISION AWARD Russel Weisensel 1991 William J. Fairborn 1992 Leavitt S. White 1986 Jay Vroom 1993 Keith G. Boyer 1994

  20. RUTH WHITE MEDIA AWARD The award was named after Ruth White, Leavitt S. White’s wife the year of her death in 1989. Leavitt served as the communications consultant to MACA from 1981-1992 and his wife Ruth had assisted in the organization . Started in 1982 as the Special Media Award to recognize media for their distinguished service to agricultural chemicals and MACA Activities. Charlotte Sine 2000 Eric Sfiligoj 2007 Ken Root 1996 Ned Van Buren 1985

  21. MACA Past Presidents pose during the celebration. 1984 CELEBRATION

  22. 1984-85 President Carl Bartenhagen and officers. Bartenhagen President William Skrei holding the 1985-86 sign and seated to his left is Dave Murphy who served as MACA 1986-87 President. OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS Murphy

  23. MACA-75 (1986) developed manufacturer specification and user guidelines for portable agri-chemical tanks for liquid pesticides and other agri-chemicals not subject to U.S. DOT specification packaging.

  24. President Jack Dutra 1987-88, to his right is Bruce Bollinger President 1988-89. Dutra Bollinger OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Dennis Matthias 1989-90, officers and board of directors. Matthias

  25. President Keith Keuchmann 1990-91, seated to his left is Richard Rost, President from 1991-92 Keuchmann Rost OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Ron Farrell 1992-93, officers and board of directors. Farrell

  26. MACA began sponsoring the Water Guardian Award in 1991. MACA works with state associations to recognize agricultural businesses and individuals that project a positive image by promoting environmental stewardship of the crop protection industry, concern about the quality of the nation’s water supply and overall protection of the environment. Water Guardian Award

  27. MACA-75 Amended (1992) developed manufacturer specification and user guidelines for liquid pesticides and other agri-chemical not subject to U.S. DOT specification packaging.

  28. MACA -25 developed in 1993 manufacturer specification and user guidelines for refillable container liquid pesticides and other agri-chemicals.

  29. Approved in 1993

  30. C.A.N. provides free speakers to classrooms and civic groups in the Midwest. First Ambassador Coordinator, Debbie Rubin, begins work June, 1995. Presentations and Lesson Units are tools available for use by speakers and teachers.

  31. AMBASSADOR AWARD Designed to recognize an ambassador for their efforts in promoting the crop protection industry through presentations to students or consumers. The award was first presented in 1993Dan Stork, CIBA. 1993 2007 1995 2002 1996 2006

  32. 1993-94 President Ron Naggatz passing the ceremonial gavel to 1994-95 President Charlotte Sine OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS Strong 1995-96 President Neil Strong 1996-97 President Pat Robinson stands next to Executive Director Bonnie McCarvel. Robinson

  33. In 1994 a brochure was developed and distributed to assist the distributor and dealer in upgrading or building their package chemical warehouse to meet industry guidelines.

  34. MACA NAME CHANGES 1958 - Midwest Agricultural Chemicals Association – MACA 1995 - Mid America Crop Protection Association – MACPA

  35. Neil Strong and Pat Robinson inspect the new office. Office Moved to St. Louis - 1996 Bonnie McCarvel was hired as MACPA Executive Director.

  36. REGIONAL WATER SEMINAR - 1996 “What’s In The Works for Water.” Seventy-five people attended the two day seminar on regional water initiatives.

  37. Adkinson Forkrud OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS Lane Kippley 1997-98 President Ken Adkinson 1998-99 President Bob Lane President 1999-2000 Terry Kippley 2000-2001 President Darrell Forkrud

  38. STATE ISSUES SUMMIT - 1998 MACPA developed a program for all 13 state associations to meet and discuss issues.

  39. A system to mark field boundaries, track field events and ensure correct applications of crop protection products was developed. This brochure was distributed in 1999.

  40. Completed in 1999 and updated on a regular basis. Update is in progress by the Distribution & Environment Committee.

  41. WeatherPLOT The WeatherPlot™ database is a result of the joint efforts of Meridian Environmental Technology, Inc. and MACA. Infrastructure development for this extensive weather information database began in 1999, with weather data first made available through the system during the 2000 growing season. Currently seven companies subscribe to this database. WeatherPlot™ is a site-specific historical weather database developed to provide nearly field-level assessments of hourly or daily weather conditions.

  42. Updated in 2000 from original in 1993 to provide the “fundamental principles” of packaged crop protection products storage and handling.

  43. Utterback Mol OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS Beutke Raines 2001-2002 President Bill Beutke 2002-2003 President Ron Utterback 2003-2004 President John Raines 2004-2005 President Duane Mol

  44. MACA NAME CHANGES 1958 - Midwest Agricultural Chemicals Association – MACA 1995 - Mid America Crop Protection Association – MACPA 2002 - Mid America CropLife Association – MACA

  45. Homeland Security Seminar

  46. STEWARDSHIP & INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP SEMINAR - 2004 MACA hosted for the 13 state associations in region and MACA state affairs and regulatory affairs members to be updated on biotech, product integrity, and other current issues.

  47. EXTRA S.T.E.P. AWARD The award was started in 2005 and is designed to recognize an entity that goes above and beyond the requirements of the respective 13 states. The nominee is already meeting the state and federal laws, but takes the extra step to ensure good stewardship in their community.

  48. 2005-2006 President Craig Petermeier 2006-2007 President Jim Jenkins Petermeier OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jenkins

  49. Strohmaier 2007-2008 President Al Strohmaier, Officers and Board of Directors

  50. Janet Braun – CAN Coordinator Janet Braun was named one of three Ag Ambassadors of the Year by CropLife America in 2007. Janet became MACA’s CropLife Ambassador Network Coordinator in 2003.