abbe level 3 diploma in domestic green deal advice annex g gdip tool n.
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ABBE Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Green Deal Advice Annex G: GDIP Tool PowerPoint Presentation
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ABBE Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Green Deal Advice Annex G: GDIP Tool

ABBE Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Green Deal Advice Annex G: GDIP Tool

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ABBE Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Green Deal Advice Annex G: GDIP Tool

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  1. ABBE Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Green Deal AdviceAnnex G: GDIP Tool Presented by [Name] Green Deal Improvement Package Tool

  2. Green Deal Improvement Package Tool

  3. Introduction This document is a guide to using the Green Deal Improvement Package Tool (formerly known as the Advisor Tool), which has been procured by DECC and developed by BRE on DECC’s behalf. The tool enables Green Deal Advisors and Green Deal Providers to retrieve any domestic Green Deal Advice Report and calculate savings estimates for alternative combinations of improvement measures. These alternative Green Deal Improvement Packages (GDIPs) can then be lodged onto the Register for England & Wales or the Scottish Register and used as the basis for a Green Deal Plan instead of the original Green Deal Advice Report .

  4. Introduction The software operates within a web browser and can be accessed here: This is the only GDIP software tool currently available, though approved third-party versions may become available over time. It is designed for Green Deal Providers employees and Green Deal Advisor who wish to create and lodge alternative GDIP’s for a customer.

  5. Overview The recommendations on the first page of a Green Deal Advice Report are selected by the Advisor based upon his/ her knowledge and experience. The improvement measures included should be suitable in principle for the property, but one or more of the recommended measures may be unsuitable in practice, or the customer may simply not want a particular measure. The GDIP software enables the Green Deal Provider or an Advisor to revisit an existing Green Deal Advice Report , select a different combination of measures for the customer, and then lodge the results on the GD Register.

  6. Overview Any number of alternative GDIPs can be created from one Green Deal Advice Report . When the timecomes for a Green Deal Plan to be created, a Green Deal Provider, with agreement from the customer, can select any of the GDIPs that have been lodged (or the original Green Deal Advice Report ) as the basis for that Plan.

  7. Overview Alternative Measures Required? EPC Created or Retrieved Occupancy Assessment Improvement package selected GDAR Lodged Customer discusses GDAR With Provider Figure 1 below shows how the GDIP software fits into the wider assessment process. Green Deal plan Created A A P P A GDIP(s) Lodged Key: Role of the Green deal Advisor Role of the Green Deal Provider A P P A Figure 1: high-level view of the Green Deal assessment process and the roles of Advisors and Providers.

  8. Overview The GDIP tool recalculates the energy bill savings for the new improvement package and presents the results in a one-page report for the customer (see figure 2). Unlike Green Deal Advice Reports, this GDIP report document cannot be downloaded from the Register after being lodged. The Provider or Adviser should ensure they save a copy of the GDIP Report (e.g. a PDF or hard copy) for their own records and to give to the customer.

  9. Overview Figure 2: example GDIP Report .

  10. Functional Restrictions The GDIP software can be used by Advisors and Providers, but there are differences in what each type of user can do with the tool. The Energy Act 2011 states that improvement measures must be recommended by the customer’s advisor to be eligible for inclusion in a Green Deal plan. Hence, Providers can only remove measures from the improvement package using the GDIP software to ensure the Energy Act is not inadvertently contravened. However, the Advisor who created the original Green Deal Advice Report can use the GDIP software to add, change or remove measures without restriction.

  11. Instructions – Accessing the software The GDIP software developed for DECC is an extension to the existing GDSAP tool and is accessed through the same web portal on the BRE website ( On first use a GDSAP user account must be created. You may wish to create a separate GDSAP user account for each Provider or Assessor organisation you wish to lodge GDIPs on behalf of.

  12. Instructions – Accessing the software Figure 3: GDSAP account login page.

  13. Instructions – Accessing the software On logging into your GDSAP account , you are presented with the welcome page and navigation but tons (see Fig.4). If you are using the software for the first time, you will need to enter your user details via the “User details” page. Figure 4: on first use, navigate to the user details sect ion to enter your details.

  14. Instructions – Accessing the software There are two categories of user: Advisor and Provider. The first input box in the user details section asks you to confirm which type of user you are. If you are both a Provider and an Advisor, you can select the ‘Advisor’ option from the pull-down menu (see Fig. 5).

  15. Instructions – Accessing the software

  16. Instructions – Accessing the software Figure 5: the User details sect ion of the GDSAP software. You will only need to enter your details once. Note: the information entered is automatically saved each time you move to the next input field. Once you have entered all of the required information, you are ready to begin creating GDIPs.

  17. Creating an improvement package There are five steps involved in the GDIP process: • Retrieve the customer’s Green Deal Advice Report (using the 20-digit RRN) • Select and configure the desired improvement measures • Run the calculation and view the results • Lodge the GDIP on the Register • Save a copy of the GDIP report for your records and provide a copy to the customer

  18. Retrieving a Customers GDAR From the welcome page, navigate to the New Project page. Then select Retrieve OA and enter the RRN of the Green Deal Advice Report you wish to retrieve along with your Landmark ID (or Assessor Membership Number for Scotland) and password. Figure 6a, b & c: navigating to and retrieving a Green Deal Advice Report from the Register.

  19. Retrieving a Customers GDAR Once a project is uploaded you will be taken to the Project details page where you can view, but not alter, the occupancy data that was entered for this project at the occupancy assessment stage. Data entry boxes are disabled and greyed out (see Fig. 7). Figure 7: occupancy assessment details are visible but not editable in GDIP mode.

  20. Select of desired Measures The only elements that can be customised in a Green Deal Improvement Package are the selected improvement measures. The way these can be altered depends upon the identity of the user:

  21. Select of desired Measures If the user is an Advisor and the same person who originally lodged the GDAR, then the measures will appear exactly as they would during an occupancy assessment . The measures included in the GDAR will be preselected but other measures can be added and existing measures removed (illustrated in Fig.8a). If the user is a Provider or not the person who originally lodged the GDAR, then only those measures selected in the GDAR will be visible. The originally selected measure opt ions are included in the descript ion of the measure but cannot be customised. In this situation the only customisation available to the user is to remove any of the available measures (illustrated in Fig.8b).

  22. Select of desired Measures Figure 8a: example of measures opt ions available for where original GDAR Advisor is the user. Figure 8b: example of measures opt ions available for where a Provider is the user.

  23. Run the Calculation Once the package of improvement measures has been selected the user can run the energy savings calculation and view the Green Deal Improvement Package report . To do this, scroll back to the top of the page and click on the View Results but ton in the Project Status pane (see Fig.9). This will take you to the Project Results page. Figure 9: click ‘View Results’ to see the draft GDIP Report for the measures you have selected.

  24. Lodging the GDIP If you are happy with the GDIP results, you can commit the GDIP Report to the Register by clicking on “Store GDIP Report ” (see Fig.10). This takes you to the Lodgement Page. Figure 10: the GDIP results page.

  25. Lodging the GDIP From the Lodgement Page (see Fig.11), GDIP Reports can be stored by entering your Landmark ID (or Assessor Membership Number for Scot land) and Password. Note: currently these GDIP reports cannot be retrieved back from the Registers in the same way as EPCs and GDAR reports. All previously stored GDIP reports can be viewed from the Lodgement Page. Figure 11: the GDIP lodgement page.

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