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Stuart D. Martin, Jr. DDS

Stuart D. Martin, Jr. DDS. Skills and Performance Levels Offered by Stuart D. Martin, Jr. LEADERSHIP. Leadership Profile. Manager Paramount Recruited and trained 30 facility managers. Supervised 1000 line employees. Leadership Profile. Coordinator of Science Program

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Stuart D. Martin, Jr. DDS

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  1. Stuart D. Martin, Jr. DDS Skills and Performance Levels Offered by Stuart D. Martin, Jr.


  3. Leadership Profile Manager Paramount Recruited and trained 30 facility managers. Supervised 1000 line employees

  4. Leadership Profile Coordinator of Science Program International School with American Curriculium And Instructor in A.P. Biology, Chemistry and Physics

  5. Leadership Profile Dental Director / Adjunct Faculty Recruits, supervises and manages professional clinical and administrative staff and operations of NNFHC Dental Program and the professional education preceptorship program for Virginia Commonwealth University Dental School, author Dental Operations Manual

  6. Leadership Profile Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice As a consultant assessed risk managemement issues and provided treatment for non served population.

  7. Leadership Profile Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice Led entire dental division serving aproximately 1000 residents, replacing two full time dentists.

  8. Leadership Profile Laboratory Course Instructor Biology 101-102 Summer Session between Junior and Senior years at the College of William and Mary

  9. Leadership Profile Member of the Board of Directors of the Mediterranean Society of America, an educational organization created to “promote, encourage, and develop a better understanding of and appreciation for the history and culture of Western Civilization” http://www.mediterranean-society.org/about.html

  10. Leadership Profile Member of the Board of Directors and Corporate Secretary of LGBT Health Education and Research Trust “LGBT HEART is a nationwide non-profit designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Founded in 2004, our mission is to support the health and well-being of the LGBT community through the support of scholarship and research.” http://www.lgbtheart.org/index.html

  11. Academic Education

  12. College of William and Mary In Virginia Bachelor of Science in Biology with minors in Sociology, Chemistry and Classics (Latin) President, Phi Sigma, Biology Research Honorary

  13. College of William and Mary in Virginia Post graduate study in Physics. Hans Van Beyer, Summer Session

  14. Old Dominion University Post graduate study in Physics

  15. University of Virginia Began Masters of Science in Education in curriculium development. Authored performance based science curriculium for city wide system. Left Masters program to attend Medical College of Virginia.

  16. Medical College of VirginiaVirginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry, awarded Doctor of Dental Surgery Curriculium included emphasis on nutrition and its correlation with health

  17. Virginia Commonwealth University Post graduate study: Spanish 8 semesters culminating at 400/500 level courses

  18. Intercultural Skills International School Faculty Member for four years With multinational students in private school created and supported by multinational oil corportaions. Students represented numerous countires; Columbia, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Turkey, U.K., etc.

  19. Intercultural Skills Spanish Language Dental Contact For NNFHealthClinic, Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice, and private practice.

  20. NNFHC Dental Clinic Growth in 2008 • Beginning in September, 2008 the Clinic is open two additional Thursday evenings a month, from 6-9p.m. • The additional hours enables the Clinic to schedule over 24 more appointments each month. • At right, Dr. Stuart Martin, staff dentist, gives oral hygiene instruction to a four-year-old Hispanic patient.

  21. Intercultural Skills Dr. Martin is responsible for the outreach to the Hispanic community; the community knows they will be able to communicate their needs. He has encouraged whole families to access care.

  22. Intercultural Skills Academic guide to Italy (Rome Florence,Naples, etc. ) for Mediterranean Society of America

  23. Intercultural Skills Career devoted to delivery of healthcare and advocacy for underserved, at risk and minority populations.

  24. NNFHC Bilingual • Dr. Martin speaks adequate Spanish to enable parents and children to express their needs and concerns, expanding the NNFHC’s outreach to that community.

  25. Motivation, Committment and Initiative Has served on several Boards of Directors (LGBT HEART, Mediterranean Society, Gay and Lesbian Medical Association), Consulted for several State Agencies (Dept. Of Rehabilitative Services, Dept. Of Juvenile Justice) to advance healthcare issues, including special needs groups such as Ryan White recipients.

  26. Motivation, Committment and Initiative Created with other motivated partners LGBT Health Education and Research Trust on whose Board he continues to serve as the Corporate Secretary

  27. Motivation, Committment and Initiative Committment Served as the sole provider of dental services in central Virginia for HIV/AIDS infected patients benefited by the Ryan White federal funding program, serving an area with greater than a 100 mile radius.

  28. Motivation, Committment and Initiative Attention to detail: Developed the operations and procedure manual for the dental program at NNFHealth Clinic

  29. Motivation, Commitment and Initiative Breadth of Experience: Demonstrated expertise in varried settings including Educational, Institutional and Academic fora

  30. Motivation, Committment and Initiative Current Primary Project NN Free Health Clinic Dental Clinic Growth With Dr. Martin as Director: Dr. Martin is on staff two days each week.

  31. NNFHC Dental Clinic, 2008Total value of services: $4,532,731 • Total value of dental services provided in 2008: $1,789, 291 – an increase of 50% over 2007 • Unduplicated patients in 2008: 1,052 - an increase of 17% over 2007 • Total patient visits in 2008: 3,148 – an increase of 25% over 2007 • Total procedures performed in 2008: 11,713 – an increase of 50% over 2007

  32. NNFHC Dental Clinic Total values YTD April 30, 2009 • Total value of dental services provided: $779,084 • Unduplicated patients: 599 • Total patient visits: 1,255 • Total procedures performed: 3,920

  33. NNFHC A Model For Interdisciplinary Approach to Healthcare • NNFHC offers Dental, Pharmacy, Medical services • Educational programs for radiation safety, pharmacy technologist, dentist, dental hygeniest, dental assistanting are operational. • NNFHC is a model for multidisciplinary healthcare delivery that has partnered educational, corporate and community support.

  34. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Dentistry has long been ahead of other disciplines in the concept of prevention of disease to achieve health: fluoridation, oral hygiene instruction, cancer screening.

  35. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention In addition to organizational skills, Dr. Martin has moved the NNFHC Dental Program from an urgent care and reactive agenda toward a comprehensive and preventative care focus.

  36. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Financial barriers for children’s services have been eliminated. Entire families are recruited to come for routine examinations and preventative care.

  37. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Oral health has been implicated in serious systemic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Clearly nutrition and disease prevention are key to long term health goals.

  38. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Becoming a member of this exceptional educational team is a challenge I would welcome. It would be a fascinating process to bring the vision to reality, especially now with concepts of health, wellness, and nutrition are so volatile. The market is crying for answers that sound science, education and marketing could deliver.

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