interaction centenary orgs and community n.
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Interaction Centenary Orgs. And community PowerPoint Presentation
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Interaction Centenary Orgs. And community

Interaction Centenary Orgs. And community

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Interaction Centenary Orgs. And community

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  1. Interaction Centenary Orgs. And community Nathan Yacovissi

  2. What’s the Circumstance? • Centenary Provides Great Opportunities to get involved in many facets of life outside the classroom. • CAB, SGA, Athletics, Social Organizations, Religious Life • Students are too involved with organizations • Groups become too exclusive and same students get involved. • Not all students are involved • Not sure how to do it.

  3. Target audience • Centenary Student Body • Students involved in a lot of organizations but “stuck” in just those. • Students not involved much, if at all. • Some students may also be stuck on “stereotypes” of an organization

  4. How To Go About Change? • Connect Organizations with others • Use an App/Website • Centenary Link, FB Groups, Events Calendar (current i.e.) • Create some kind of motivation that gets students excited • Invisible Children, Pass Port Points, Free Stuff • A common and recognizable design • Something that can identify with students • Leads to a platform where students can gather information about specific organization. • QR Code? App? Link on a site?

  5. The project • Create the App/Site • The home platform for where Centenary Organizations will exist • Examples • MSA • NOW • CLC • SSA • All organizations will have “about them” info., meeting time, and some notable events that have happened in the past or are planned.

  6. Resources • Director of Student Involvement • Organizations themselves • Being able to immerse with everyday peers on campus • Designer skills/tools

  7. Not just another wasted space • Looks to avoid other tragic pitfalls from the past • Two Keys • Has to have an attachment that will attract students to actually use it • Must be impactful enough to make difference in students’ life and not just be a 2 week phase. • Could better connect organizations • Hopefully begin connecting students more with others and even organizations, especially those with opposite views. • Student would get information in a location they control and would have easy access too. • (No hunting on a website or catching up on missed notifications)

  8. Why node? • Node is all about looking to engage with its community and has the tools to possibly make a difference. • Tools being: • Case Studies, Adobe Software, and different skilled students • Different approach to solving something that has occurred for the most part the last few years. • Could have students addressing the issue rather than outside sources

  9. Node continued • Should look to impact the community and gain experience and support to have more impact beyond campus grounds. • Would work to implement Spring and continue through the Fall. • Eventually expand to community partners with Centenary. • RFC, Strawns, Rhino, Happy Belly’s, and CoHabitat

  10. Inspired Change • Give students more knowledgeable facts about an organization. • Help connect those students not very involved yet and create an avenue for them. • Build a better sense of community. • Continue seeing new connections built • See a trend stick and how motivating others can lead to change, even if it is just pushing an issue on a small college campus.