the canada goose and loyalty n.
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The Canada Goose And Loyalty PowerPoint Presentation
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The Canada Goose And Loyalty

The Canada Goose And Loyalty

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The Canada Goose And Loyalty

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  1. The Canada GooseAndLoyalty

  2. Question: How important is it to you to be loyal to those that you love? Consider the following story of an extremely loyal and courageous Canada Goose…

  3. The Canada Goose inhabits most of North America and is often seen in the early spring or late fall migrating in large flocks.

  4. Finding a life partner the Canada Goose way! Male geese, or ganders, have to win the affections of a female goose through displays of strength.

  5. FACT: Canada Geese mate for life. In other words, once they have chosen each other as partners, they are loyal until ‘death does them part.’

  6. Nesting and Incubation

  7. Just how loyal is the goose to its nest full of eggs? …

  8. Fact: For its weight, goose down very well may be the warmest and most packable material known to man. The female goose lines the nest with her own down feathers to insulate the eggs and keep them warm.

  9. Can you think of things that we use goose down for? Let’s see, maybe: -Down Comforters -Down Jackets -Down Mitts -Down Booties -Down Sleeping Bags -Down Pillows -Etc…

  10. Adult geese have few enemies other than man.

  11. Eggs and young goslings, however, have many enemies that can cut short their young lives. Some of these enemies are: Bad weather, raccoons, foxes, crows/ravens, large fish, snapping turtles, and even large bullfrogs.

  12. How Cute!!

  13. Question: What is the cartoon goose doing in this picture that a male goose, or gander, will often do before goslings enter the water? Answer: He is clearing the water of danger so the goslings can safely enter the water.

  14. A Happy Family!!

  15. The Canada Goose is an excellent example to us of loyalty and teamwork in both its interactions with its mate as well as with the rest of the flock.