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Unit 3 TEXT B

Unit 3 TEXT B

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Unit 3 TEXT B

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  1. Unit 3 TEXT B • Rich Meeting His Future Mother-in-law

  2. 争得某人的支持 不自然的笑容 从头到脚,遍布全身 在某人掌握中,听某人支配 win sb over forced smile from head to toe in one’s finger Words and Phrases

  3. 比我年纪小 长得很结实 体格健美的,体型匀称的 屏息 be one’s junior compactly built well-built hold one's breath

  4. 以某人的名义; 代表某人 水痘 毫无头绪, 什么也不知道 梅干菜炖肉 on sb’s behalf chicken pox not have a clue steamed pork and preserved vegetable

  5. 尝了一小口 酱油 幽默感 在某人看来,在某人眼中 安置某人睡觉 相处得很好 taste a small bite soy sauce sense of humor in one’s eyes put sb. to bed hit it off

  6. Sentences

  7. 她是反对这个主意的,但是我确信我能把她争取过来。她是反对这个主意的,但是我确信我能把她争取过来。 • She's against the idea, but I'm sure I can win her over. • 你能为我切一片很薄的蛋糕吗? • Could you slice me a very thin piece of cake?

  8. 信任是成功婚姻的关键要素。 • Trust is a key ingredient in a successful marriage. • 孩子们浑身上下都是泥。 • The children were covered in mud from head to toe.

  9. 要是你了解任何有关最近车站所发生事情的情况,请与警方联系。 • If you have any information concerning the recent event at the station, please contact the police.

  10. 每当他走进房间的时候,她就要起一身鸡皮疙瘩。每当他走进房间的时候,她就要起一身鸡皮疙瘩。 • She would get goose bumps whenever he walked into the room. • 你预料到会遇到什么困难吗? • Do you anticipate meeting any trouble? • 我穿着那条有绿点点的裙子。 • I wore that skirt with the green spots.

  11. 肯没出席,所以我将代表他领奖。 • Ken is not present, so I shall accept the prize on his behalf. • 全国都紧张地等待着消息。 • The whole country held its breath as it waited for news.

  12. 她因领导不力而受到了点名批评。 • She was criticized by name for her lack of leadership. • 如果你不给我一点提示的话,我是绝对猜不到答案的。 • I'm never going to guess the answer if you don't give me a clue.

  13. come up with (L1) • come up with • vt [no pass.] infml to think of (a plan, reply, etc.); produce 提出,拿出 • I came up with a better plan than that.

  14. put up with • vt infml to suffer (something annoying or unpleasant) without complaining容忍 • We have to put up with her bad temper.

  15. keep up with to remain level 赶上 • I had to run to keep up (with the girls). • They could not keep up with us when we climbed the mountain.

  16. catch up with to come up from behind and reach the same point or level as 赶上 • You walk on and I'll catch up with you later • I have to work hard to catch up with the other students.

  17. 同位语从句 (L6) • 同位语从句,就是对某些名词做进一步的解释的句子。 • I’mgreatlyshockedwhenIheardthenewsthathisfatherdiedyesterday.Wehavetofacethefactthatthe weatherisunexpectedlybad.

  18. 定语从句的引导词that在句子中作成分(主语或宾语),而同位语从句中的that为连词,只起连接主句和从句之作用,不作任何成分。 • I’vegotananswerthatAisright.I’ vegotananswerthatsurprisedmealot.

  19. 能接同位语从句的名词有: • belief, fact, idea, doubt,rumor,evidence, proof, conclusion, suggestion, problem, order, answer, discovery, explanation, principle, possibility, truth, promise, report, statement, knowledge, opinion, likelihood

  20. 同位语一般由that引导,但也可以有关系代词 which, who, what 和关系副词when, where, why, how或 whether 引Therearosethequestionwhetherwecouldwinthegame. • Ihavenoideahowtoexplainit.

  21. 一些介词词组后面也能引导同位语从句。(非常经典的功能句式,可用于四六级和托福作文,不妨一试!)ontheground(由于… …原因)ontheconditionthat(在… …条件下)ontheassumption(假设在…. …情况下)withtheexception(有… …例外)owingtothefact(由于… …事实)ontheunderstanding(基于… …理解)Theyoungladypromisedtomarrytheoldmanontheconditionthatheboughtheravilla.一些介词词组后面也能引导同位语从句。(非常经典的功能句式,可用于四六级和托福作文,不妨一试!)ontheground(由于… …原因)ontheconditionthat(在… …条件下)ontheassumption(假设在…. …情况下)withtheexception(有… …例外)owingtothefact(由于… …事实)ontheunderstanding(基于… …理解)Theyoungladypromisedtomarrytheoldmanontheconditionthatheboughtheravilla.

  22. L8 away • ad. 表示一个将来的动作 • 距离考试还有六周。 • The exams are still six weeks away. • 华盛顿高峰会议将在一个多月后举行. • The Washington _______ is over a month away. • summit

  23. L10. cube • cube: cut sth. Into thin wide flat pieces • cube the vegetables 把蔬菜切成小方块 • cube the meat 把肉切成丁儿

  24. L12.She can only cook looking at directions. My instructions are in my fingers. • I am so skilled that I can prepare and cook without much thinking as if my fingers did it by themselves.

  25. In one’s fingers • have sth at one’s finger-tips (ends) • He has all the information at his finger-tips. • He masters several languages. • He has several languages at his finger-tips. • He had all the figures, all the facts at his finger-ends.

  26. L17. • 他们把他从头到脚地打量了一番。 • They looked him over from head/top to toe.

  27. L19. criticism • His critical works are now more highly valued than his creative works. • At that critical moment, he didn’t show any sign of fluster. 慌乱 • The teacher criticized his carelessness. • 批评家,评论家 • critic

  28. L22 on the ..side 有点儿… • 这条新裤子有点大。 • These new trousers are a bit on the large side. • 天气有点凉. • The weather is on the cold side. • solidly built 身材结实 • a well-built man 体格强壮的人

  29. forgettable (L23) • forgetful [+of] having the habit of forgetting 健忘的, 易忘的 • He tends to be forgetful of his manners. • My aunt has become rather forgetful in her old age. • My old uncle has become rather forgetful.

  30. forgettable likely to be forgotten 容易被忘的, 可忘记的 • a movie with very forgettable characters. • unforgettable (of an experience) too strong in effect to be forgotten 忘不了的, 令人难忘的 • The colors of Africa in the spring are unforgettable. • It was an unforgettable experience.

  31. L29 • 每当他走进房间的时候,她就要起一身鸡皮疙瘩。 • She would get goose bumps whenever he walked into the room • Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. • The older the goose the harder to pluck.拔毛

  32. L30 On behalf of • AmE in behalf of • in/on sb’s behalf • 我代表我的母亲写了几封信。 • I wrote several letters on my mother’s behalf. • 多谢你为我费心。 • Thank you so much for all the trouble you have taken on my behalf.

  33. 法定监护人应该维护这个孩子的利益。 • The ________ guardian must act on behalf of the child. • legal

  34. L32. Innocent • He is ignorant of the crime. • He is innocent of the crime. • He is so ______ as to believe everything he hears. • Her face was _______of make-up. • He is so ______ as to mistake Australia for Austria. innocent innocent ignorant

  35. L43. As • As 为关系代词,引导定语从句,其先行词可以是一个名词词组,一个从句,一个句字. • 众所周知,她极受学生的欢迎。 • As is well-known, she is very popular among her students. • 此句中, as指下面的整个句子she is very popular among her students.

  36. as引导定语从句时与which的区别 • as引导定语从句修饰一句话时可以在主句前,也可以在主句。在主句后时可以变成which,但在主句前时不可以。 • Things then improved, as/which was unexpected.

  37. L44 • 说几句话; 作短评 • make a few remarks • 随后情况有了起色, 这是始料未及的。 • Things then improved, _________was unexpected. • 这机会太好了, 千万不能错过。 • It is too good an opportunity to miss. • 你做练习越仔细越好。 as / which

  38. L48. • too…to 句型前加only 成肯定意气。 • 能够帮你忙, 真是太高兴了。 • We were only too pleased to be able to help you. • 我非常愉快接受你的邀请。 • I am only too delighted to accept your invitation.

  39. proclaim etc. (L49) • They all mean to make known publicly • declare v. [ +for/ +against/ +that-cl] implies explicitness and usu. formality in making known 宣布;声明;表示 Russia thereupon declared war upon Turkey. • We declared for their proposal.

  40. announce v. [+that-cl] implies declaration, esp. for the first time, of sth that is of interest of is intended to satisfy curiosity 宣布,发布 • He announced to his friends his engagement to Miss White. • The captain announced that the plane was going to land.

  41. proclaim vt. [+that/to be] implies a clear, forceful, authoritative oral declaring 宣告,公布,声明 • They proclaimed that he was a traitor. • The ringing bells proclaimed the end of the war. • The boy was proclaimed king.

  42. publish v. implies making public, esp. through print 公布,宣布 • He has published many works through the Commercial Press.

  43. Exercise • 1. The rules and regulations will be __________ in the newspapers. • 2. The new Congress _________ a state of war with Germany. • 3. The vote was completed. The chairman ___________ the result. • 4. The Government ___________ a state of emergency. published declared announced proclaimed

  44. 他依然声称自己相信那种理论。 • He still proclaims himself a believer in that theory. • china spoons / cups • 瓷匙 / 杯 • china shop • 瓷器店 • a set of china • 一套瓷器

  45. armful basketful bowlful bellyful 一抱之量 一满篮, 一满筐 满碗 满腹, 满肚子; 过多的量 -ful[加在名词之后, 构成名词]表示“充满...所需之量”

  46. eyeful handful mouthful roomful spoonful 满眼, 满眶, 一瞥所见 一把;一撮 ;少数 满口;一口 满房间, 满屋的人 一匙

  47. L57 hit it off • hit it off: very well, perfectly (口) • 我和他相处得很好。 • He and I hit it off well with each other.

  48. A comes from London, and B lives in Hong Kong. They are comparing the weather in the two cities. • A and B are Chinese students. A is a southerner, and B comes from the north. They are comparing the climate in the north and the south.