electric car window safety n.
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Electric Car Window Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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Electric Car Window Safety

Electric Car Window Safety

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Electric Car Window Safety

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  1. Electric Car Window Safety CS 410

  2. Introduction • Fifth Year Computer Science Student • Interested In Artificial Intelligence and Parallel Programming • Minor Studio Arts rrCS 410

  3. What is the problem? Electronic windows present the risk of accidental death in children and pets in motor vehicles without safety features John Casey Marr CS 410

  4. Why is it a problem? • In 2004 alone seven children died from electronic windows1 • An estimated 500 injuries occur each year from electronic car window accidents1 • Human passengers are not the only ones affected, as family pets have also died from electric windows2 1-U.S. Auto Injury Law 2-The Partnership for Animal Welfare John Casey Marr CS 410

  5. What is being done about it? • Lever switches are being installed that prevent children and pets from accidentally raising the window upon themselves1 • Manufacturers are designing electric windows that stop or reverse when an early pressure is sensed by the window slowing down3 • Window lock button on driver side controls that prevent all but driver control of windows 1-U.S. Auto Injury Law 3-How Stuff Works John Casey Marr CS 410

  6. Problems from current solutions • Car windows that automatically reverse when a pressure is sensed may lead to a child or pet falling out of a moving vehicle • The pressure that prevents a car window from rising and potentially making it reverse is not distinguished from coming inside or outside of the vehicle • Window locks do not always have an on/off display and still enable the driver to potentially roll the window up on passengers John Casey Marr CS 410

  7. Proposed Solution • Adding a pressure sensing element inside of the vehicle to determine whether a pressure source is coming from inside or outside of the vehicle • Allowing the window to continue to roll up if a pressure is sensed and no occupant is detected • Disallowing the window to continue movement if a pressure is sensed upon the window and in the vehicle John Casey Marr CS 410

  8. Proposed Customer Car Manufacturers -Provides an added safety feature for parents and pet owners -Establishes an added protection from potential car jacking and/or attacks -Grants car manufacturers with an additional part to produce, service, and sell to customers John Casey Marr CS 410

  9. Questions? John Casey Marr CS 410

  10. References • 1-Window Electric Accidents. U.S. Auto Injury Law. 20 September 2009. <> • 2-Dog Tip: Car Trips and Car Safety. The Partnership for Animal Welfare. 20 September 2009. <> • 3-How Power Windows Work. How Stuff Works. 20 September 2009. <> John Casey Marr CS 410