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Fate Archetype PowerPoint Presentation
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Fate Archetype

Fate Archetype

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Fate Archetype

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  1. Fate Archetype By Patrick Carroll

  2. Focal Questions • What circumstances seem to be beyond the characters control? • Who controls the lives of the characters?

  3. Background Information • Fate has been found in literature since the time of the Greeks. • Fate and prophecy is represented by the Oracle at Delphi • For an example, lets examine the story of Oedipus.

  4. Archetype in Oedipus • It was prophesized by the Oracle at Delphi that Oedipus would kill his own father and marry his mother • His father left him to die on a mountain to avoid fate • The prophecy becomes true and Oedipus meets his father at a crossroads and kills him • He takes the queen (his mother) as his wife

  5. Archetype in Romeo and Juliet • “A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life” • This quote is in the prologue and it’s saying that no matter what this is a cursed love. • “Some consequences yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin this fateful date” • Romeo was worried about how he was walking into a bad situation but ended up going anyway.

  6. Archetype in After the First Death • “And take that sweet plummet into nothingness as the wind whistles through the tunnel in my chest and the whole in my heart.” • The beginning of the story Ben is talking about jumping off a bridge, which is fate because he is mad that he betrayed his country. • “But it turned out not to be a man. When they boarded the bus, the driver sitting behind the wheel was a girl.” • In this book you seem to not want Kate to die and every time it seems she is going to get away some sheer thing of luck keeps her in the book and not able to escape.

  7. Archetype in Harry Potter 7: The Deathly Hallows • “We have protected him because it has been essential to teach him, to raise him, to let him try his strengths.” • Harry is fated to kill Voldemort because of the prophecy he heard. • “You have kept him alive so he can die at the right moment?” • Harry Potter was raised to be slaughtered because Voldemort imprinted a piece of his soul on Harry.

  8. Archetype in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith • A prophecy is made that a Skywalker will be the one to bring balance to the force so that the Sith will no longer exist. • Anakin betrays the Jedi and his wife Padme, ends up having a son, Luke. • Fate is in this because it was not Anakin but his son who has brought balance to the force in the later movies.

  9. Archetype in 9/11 stories • People believed that a higher power told them not to get on the plane that morning, effectively saving their lives. • They though that because they did not get on the plane it was fate, considering the outcome of their flights

  10. Fate Especially as an archetype in literature! You can’t escape fate. It is everywhere.

  11. Thank you!