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Four Lions

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Four Lions

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  1. Trailer analysis Four Lions

  2. Audience Expectations • In this trailer, the audience would expect to see the funniest and most interesting part of the film. They would also expect to see the date the film is release, the name of the film and the main actors. From the trailer the audience also expect to find out the genre of the film to see if its right for them.

  3. Codes and conventions • The codes and conventions of four lions or almost any comedy are people expect to laugh about such things; Character hurting themselves accidently, funny dialogue, costume and situations. These types of things are in the comedy codes and conduct.

  4. Target audience • The target audience for this film is aged at people 15- 25 with a sense of humour and is targeted mainly at males, we can tell this from the trailer as only one woman shows up in the whole trailer and does not play a big part in it. • We can tell that the film was targeted at this age group because the film has a age rating of 15+ so we know that’s the minimum age and we can tell that it wont be targeted at the older people because they would not enjoy this type of humour.

  5. Techniques used to engage the audience • The camera shots used in this trailer are mostly close ups, and medium shot but very few long shots as we do not need to know the place they are in but focus more on the actors themselves. • The sounds used in the trailer is mainly all diegetic, only a few points when the sound is non-diegetic when the screen goes dark there's music on. • Voice over is used only twice in the trailer, when the main character Omar is talking to his wife and a sound bridge is used to show the Fessal blowing up a crow with Omar's voice still being heard. This is to show what Omar is talking about and to give us more of an understanding of the character Fessal. • The tempo of the trailer varied at different points, at some points when showing the action it was quick cuts between the shots to emphasis the action, however to show the funny parts of the trailer the clips lasted longer so we can understand the whole joke. this helps us to engage in the trailer

  6. Effectiveness of the trailer • The trailer for Four Lions I found very effective because it shows you everything you need to know, but leaves a with a lot of questions about the film, so a person would want to go watch it. It also mentions the name of the film and the date of release which are important for a trailer. This trailer also makes it very obvious what the genre of the film is.