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RMA Scanning&Sorting Function PowerPoint Presentation
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RMA Scanning&Sorting Function

RMA Scanning&Sorting Function

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RMA Scanning&Sorting Function

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  1. RMA Scanning&Sorting Function 1-1 Solve China customs clearance issue of RMA shipment 1-2 Provide accurate information To BU timely 1)BU could know the PPID和P/N of shipment timely. 2) Generate accurate packing list for import customs arrangement. 3) System could generate the shipping mark label for customs inspection, also ensure receiving accurancy. 1)Identify and solved the variance of customs data and actual RMA shipment RMA Scanning&Sorting Function 2)Reduce the cycle time for RMA shipment. 1-3 Provide service base on Customer’s requirement 1-4 China Inspection 1)Base on customer requirement to design the process for sorting or scanning. 2) Base on different requirement to set up System and process Normal lead time- 4 working days Spread lead time – 2 working days ( could request special arrangement for special Or urgent shipment)

  2. HK HUB Scanning外增加Sorting 功能 Customer could identify the PPID, Carton ID , Pallet ID of each Part number Customer could use this Packing list to prepare the China import customs documents

  3. RMA Scanning & Sorting 后重新包裝的外箱LABLE CARTON LABLE China customs could base on cargo documents to verify carton label of cargo detail PALLET LABLE

  4. RMA Scanning&Sorting 多樣化服務 1)Provid Part number PPID of each PCS /提供每PCS 物料PPID 2)Proivde cargo sorting base on Part Number /根據料號進行Sorting 3)Sort cargo sorting base on customer’s China customs clearance requirement 根據BU 報關方式進行Sorting 4)Sort cargo by cargo origin/根據原產國進行Sorting 5)Pick and pack cargo and match the actual cargo quantity, also generate summary report 開箱點貨數,核對實際數量,並制作報表 6)Take picture by pcs and make of quantify for CUP or other parts of cargo. 針對每PCS貨物拍照,根據CPU等狀況數量制作報表。 7) Take off extra parts of cargo, such as CPU. 拆解多余配件,如CPU。 8)Repacking & Re-Label 9)Pick-pack 10) Others

  5. 典型案例一----DMDRMA Scanning &Sorting(by P/N+ 鐵件)

  6. 案例分析三---- DPBG-MLB Scanning & Sorting (by 報關方式)

  7. RMA貨物 Scanning&Sorting (效益) BU HK HUB Old 客戶不良品返修 貨物入 HK HUB 直接報關進口 到廠查車 BY P/N Sorting Scan上線維修 Invoice&P/L與實 物經常性不相符 報關單與實 物不一致 1.協管員查車時間過長,延誤維修時間 2.經常性查車異常,導致BU高額罰款 Version1 前加工: 拆包裝 By pcs Scan PPID PPID upload 系統自動 生成P/L BU報關進口 到廠查車 BY P/N Sorting Scan上線維修 Scan AMF:12pcs/ctn 料號混裝,查車難度大,時間長 后加工: Repackage 確保報關準確性 EMF/APPC: 獨立包裝 Apple: 獨立包裝 Version2 前加工: 拆包裝 By pcs Scan PPID PPID upload 系統自動 生成P/L BU報關進口 Scan上線維修 Scan By P/N Sorting 到廠后可直接上線 + 確保報關準確性 Sorting 后加工: Repackage 解決報關單與實物不一致的問題 解決料號混裝,BU仍需Sorting 問題, 物料到廠后可直接上線