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St Johns School

St Johns School

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St Johns School

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  1. Eagles base St Johns School IN-YEAR JOINERS

  2. Current Eagles staff Teachers- Eagles 1: Mrs. S. Nickells Eagles 2: Miss L.Shaw Eagles 3: Mrs. A. Tossell LSA’s: Mrs. R. Higgins, Mrs. E. Fordand Mrs Davies

  3. Current routines • Wego swimming before Christmas every Friday for 2 Terms. You must bring in your swimming kit or you will not be able to go! • There are toilets near each base, ours are by the student entrance at the back (We share ours with Hawks). You can go any time but you must ask your teacher or a member of staff. • You may take water bottles into your classroom but some teachers would prefer if you didn’t sit there with it in your mouth in lessons. They can be filled up at the water dispenser outside the toilets and it has two temperatures (see below). Really cold! Room Temperature

  4. Golden time- Everybody in all the Eagles classes starts with half an hour (30 mins) at the start of the week but if you are caught messing around or are told off then you will receive a Golden warning. If you are told off again, then you will lose some of your Golden time, your teacher will decide how much golden time you should lose depending on the severity. Golden time is usually on a Thursday at 2:30 in the afternoon! You can go outside and on the field, stay in Eagles or go in the computer suite! Rules-Your class will have decided onthe rules for the year and they will be up in your class somewhere and you can read it at any time. Some of the classes you may have to sign the rules to say that you agree and promise to abide by them! Class rules

  5. Things you’ll need • Water bottle (to be filled with fresh water every day) • Lunch box (unless having hot dinners) • Folder (to carry your homework book, homework, books and letters) • Pencil case (with a pencil, sharpener, rubber and pens)* * Optional

  6. If you are worried about something then you can talk to anyone like your buddy, your class teacher or any adults in the base and they will be able to help you and sort out any problems you may have! Of course your parents can help you with any problems and help you with your learning by supporting you doing extra learning at home and by helping you with your homework. Worries & Help So Welcome to Eagles!