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Update on the ‘Renewal’ process of the Statement of Intent

Update on the ‘Renewal’ process of the Statement of Intent. SOI Characteristics. Draws on principles of Hanoi Core Statement & Accra Agenda for Action for better harmonisation and alignment, and greater use of country systems

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Update on the ‘Renewal’ process of the Statement of Intent

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  1. Update on the ‘Renewal’ process of theStatement of Intent

  2. SOI Characteristics • Draws on principles of Hanoi Core Statement & Accra Agenda for Action for better harmonisation and alignment, and greater use of country systems • Aims to optimise the impact of development assistance on the health of the Vietnamese people • Developed in the spirit of mutual accountability but not legally binding or enforceable • All parties subscribe to principles and Partnership Commitments of the SoI • Adopted 31 March 2009

  3. Partnership Commitments • Strengthening Country Ownership over development • Building More Effective and Inclusive Partnerships for development • Delivering and Accounting for Development Results • Milestones • Annexes: JAHR; ToR for HPG

  4. Process for ‘Renewing’ the ‘SoI’ Background review + options paper • Stakeholder consultation: Assess options: • Review SoI • Discuss options First draft – small drafting team Stakeholder consultation on first draft Iterative process for redrafting and negotiating Final adoption at HPG meeting (and ‘signing’ if appropriate)

  5. Background review + options paper was drafted: • Introduction and summary on SoI progress and the renewal process • Brief outline of milestone implementation • Options for future document:-Renewal of SoI-Country Compact-Memorandum of Understanding-Code of Conduct-Partnership Principles

  6. Renewal SoI • Seems to have achieved its purpose • Endorsed by MoH and many DPs • Attained most objectives, targets and milestones • Provides bases to build on existing processes and outcomes • Potentially avoiding previous discussions on legalistic aspects and ability DPs to sign up or endorse • Demonstrated ownership MoH • SoI is open ended formulation vs. results-based approach, including defined targets and budget

  7. Country Compact • MoH signed IHP+ Global Compact in 2010 • Sets out collective and individual commitments to agreed aid effectiveness principles in the health sector • Not all DPs have signed the Global IHP+ Compact • Might be perceived not in concurrence with stipulations of overarching official government agreements • IHP+ Global Compact emphasises building on existing country structures and mechanisms • IHP+ aspects can be absorbed in new version of SoI

  8. Memorandum of Understanding • often used in companies and government agencies to define a relationship between departments or agencies • overarching definition of a MoU appears not to exist • Sometimes legally binding status, sometimes not • generally seem to be signed documents • Current SoI: “was developed in a spirit of accountability and is neither legally binding nor legally enforceable”

  9. Code of Conduct • a set of rules outlining the responsibilities of or proper practices for an individual, party or organization • Principles, values, standards, or rules of behaviour that guide the decisions, procedures and systems of an organization in a way that (a) contributes to the welfare of its key stakeholders, and (b) respects the rights of all constituents affected by its operations • Code of Conduct: the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in disaster relief; Hippocratic Oath; etc

  10. Partnership Principles • Definition:-Partnership: Association of two or more people as partners or is an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests-Principle: A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning • Have been used as a concept to formulate an arrangement to improve coordination and harmonisation and alignment • SoI seems to reflect this concept

  11. HPG Core Group • Discussed Background review + options paper • Some of the four new options imply quite a degree of detail and description of obligations is required • If a new approach were to be preferred, there would likely be an intense and potentially lengthy period of negotiations • Repetition of discussions on legalistic implications for DPs to be avoided • Concluded: Renewal of SoI most appropriate

  12. Some major achievements of the current SOI • Successfully organized the policy dialogues between the MOH and DPs through HPG meetings • Successfully implemented many Milestones of SOI • The transparency and mutual accountability between the MOH and DPs have been strengthened (Matrix of DPs activities in Health sector, JAHR…) • Developed the 5 year health plan 2011-2015 with the mutual effort between government agencies and DPs • HPG has the stronger link to the aid effectiveness activities at International level (IHP+), • Better linkage with other partnerships at National level (AEF, PAHI, ISG, ISGE, HIV/AIDS forum, INGO forum…) • Routine activities of aid effectiveness at provincial level • Consolidated the HPG secretariat with the leadership of ICD, MOH

  13. Challenges • The aid for Vietnam reduces and the health sector received less health aid as Vietnam became a MIC • Different philosophy of funding mechanism, timing, monitoring and evaluation • Harmonization between the priorities of MoH and interest of development partners is not adequate • Differences between the procedures of DPs and MOH especially the financial procedures • Human resource limitation remains a constraint • More active participation from the functional departments of MOH is required

  14. Vietnam Partnership Document (VPD) • Government of Vietnam document to replace the Hanoi Core Statement 2005 after the Busan Partnership Document 2011 • MoPI led process consulting with stakeholders • From aid effectiveness to development effectiveness • Expected to be agreed at Consultative Group meeting in December and signed by Prime Minister early 2013

  15. Vietnam Partnership Document (VPD) • Four principles:(i) Ownership of development priorities; (ii) Focus on results; (iii) Inclusive development partnerships; (iv) Transparency and accountability. • Overarching government umbrella document. • Provides framework for SoI Renewal • Identifies MoH leading on health related indicators and targets for life expectancy, IMR and MMR

  16. Roadmap for SOI Renewal

  17. Budget estimates and Funding support

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