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YoungPeople@Work Strategic Review – 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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YoungPeople@Work Strategic Review – 2013

YoungPeople@Work Strategic Review – 2013

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YoungPeople@Work Strategic Review – 2013

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  1. YoungPeople@Work Strategic Review – 2013 Facilitator: Frank Julie 30 November and 9 December 2013 Venue: YPW Centre

  2. Programme • Welcoming • Overview of the process • What is happening in the environment with unemployed youth? (opportunities/threats) • Reviewing plans made in 2012 • Internal analysis • Reviewing programmes/projects of 2013 (explore strengths/weaknesses) • Youth Empowerment Weeks • Community Information Sessions • Rural Outreach • Computer literacy and life skills project • Job mirroring • Leader to Leader • Support functions • Media and marketing/branding (9 December 2013 to continue…) • Networking • Fundraising /Finances /Admin (CV bank and SMS Database) • Volunteer recruitment/staff capacity • Evaluation/Closure

  3. Review of plans for 2013 • The following were objectives in the strategic plan for 2013. The members checked whether these were achieved: • Setting up computer training centre (done) • Set up an admin office (done) • Open a bank account (done) • Develop a funding strategy (d0ne) • Develop a staff complement and job contracts (done) • Complete current projects i.e. CV Outreach, MS Access training, Office and Bookkeeping workshops (done) • Access to photocopy, fax, telephone facility (done) • Youth Empowerment Weeks: • The following communities will be targeted with two week YEW’s in 2013: • Kraaifontein (11 – 18 - 25 February 2013) (done) • Bonteheuwel (15 – 22 – 29 April 2013) (done) • Elsies River (3 – 10 – 17 June 2013) (done) • Mitchells Plain (5 – 12 – 19 August 2013) (changed to Delft and done) • Langa (7 – 14 – 21 October 2013) (changed to Lwandle and done) • Bishop Lavis (Valhalla Park/Nooitgedacht) (will be our base) (done with Kensington added)

  4. Continue… • Other marketing initiatives to be explored: • Road shows in various communities (this was the youth weeks) • Information evenings/days with church/organized youth (CIS program) • Posters (at strategic areas in our communities e.g. surgeries, libraries, shops, etc., brochures, buttons, stickers, pamphlets) (done) • T-shirts (done) • Murals in various communities (in the process) • Information boards at ATM’s (not done) • A YPW banner (in the process)

  5. Continue… • Deepen our marketing strategies. More newspapers must be targeted e.g. Plainsman, Athlone News, Southern Mail, People’s Post, Tatler, Tygertalk, etc. (only Tygerburger) • Our website must become more interactive. More tips and useful information will attract more visitors. Television must be targeted. The E-TV program on local heroes must be accessed. (website done; CTV accessed) • Our volunteers need training in media and marketing. Soraya and Rusana (ex-RAG members) can assist with this. We need to develop our own newsletter, both electronic and hard copies at a later stage when funding is accessed. A cellphone database must be developed to stay in touch with participants who attend our workshops to provide them with regular updates. (bulk sms launched)

  6. Continue… • We need to develop proper admin systems to record who secures employment, where, for how long and what they are doing. We also need to understand how many dependents are supported by a person securing employment. (tracking form developed)

  7. Reviewing projects of 2013Youth Empowerment Weeks • It made an impact: • Number of youth (reached average of 40-50 youth per youth week); quality of info; variety of partners (7 partners); • Opportunities for training; CVs completed; teamwork; access to venues/partners; partners planning is a strength; informative; 3 days enough; strong on follow up/youth attending other workshops we offer • Spin offs – Lavis/Kensington library training; Adriaanse; Lwandle/Bonteheuwel /Delft is still an opportunity to be followed up as well as Eikendal • Computer training enrolments; Awareness in other communities; donations from individuals • Weaknesses: lack of passion from partners; lack of confirmation in advance; we must get our own banners

  8. Community Information Sessions • This programme was launched due to the numerous request for info from various contacts. • Strengths: • Addressed a need; relevant; Youth Week opportunity; cost effective; develop more interest; saves time to plan; it’s a rapid response; more volunteers get exposure to talk about YPW; we can reach more communities; benefits for youth can be accessed immediately; promotes self-organisation; promote future partnerships and can lead to youth weeks and library based training. • Weaknesses: • Lack of communication; risk of not knowing potential partners and their intentions/motives where no prior relationship exist; our transparency/willingness to reachn out freely is open to abuse; we need more access to transport/drivers licences for volunteers.

  9. Rural Outreach • We reached Heidelberg (15 youth) and Hermanus (42 youth). Grabouw was cancelled due to work pressure. • Strengths • Make our resources accessible; an awareness of rural needs amongst youth; there is a need for the value we add in our intervention; work through existing groups; follow up training (Heidelberg – 2 students attended extra computer training); good attendance (Hermanus) • Weaknesses • Not cost effective (if no funding available); attendance (Heidelberg) lack of trustworthy partners compromise follow up and after care; we need to put on hold depending on funding to prevent overstretched.

  10. Computer and life skills • Computer training was launched on 19 June. • Strengths/opportunities • The more we train the better/more competent we become; we have competent trainers; advanced training in progress; completed 2 courses/evening classes; Techno Moms/Teens; Network sorted; upgraded computers; generated income; manuals; possible Sat classes for 2014; we can add social media/private training; mobile training; community investment slots for partners. We trained about 60 students since June including community investment slots. Our capacity is 60 paying students per 3 month course and can be expanded to 90 students if we add more computers. • Weaknesses • We need more trainers; equalisation of training/standards; evaluations; free access to the centre is a problem; technical support; legal software; power supply upgraded; accreditation; trainers need to become SDF/moderators/assessors.

  11. Life skills training • Strengths/opportunities • Good guest trainers; info being shared/relevant; not too long/not too short/free of charge; manuals; referrals to workshops; certificates; practical application of info; admin/bookkeeping hugely popular; job seeking/personal dev; project management; leverage resources through training (donations of material goods); partnership building e.g. Tina Thiart; • Create competition for free computer course; raffles at every workshop; matriculantsto be targeted in 2014 • Weaknesses • Lack of access for evening students • Only one trainer (need to train more trainers)

  12. Library online training/exhibition • Strengths • This programme was not planned in 2012; It was a spin off due to our relationship with the libraries. Adriaanse – +/- 90 people trained so far; Lavis +/- 21 people; 21 people in Kensington; • Access to Internet; CVs completed and saved; referrals to workshops/volunteers + trainers; good partnerships with librarian; Dreamworker registration; more referrals through friends and family; elderly people benefit; exhibition helped; It help to advertise our fulltime computer course • Weaknesses • Follow up on people who attend/feedback; recording email nr’s and store in central database; unpredictability of the internet access; library staff attitudes; speed of processing library cards;

  13. Job shadowing • Strengths/opportunities • Interesting (Lorne); Learnt a lot (Vicky); Working a variety of people (Lorne); very eye-opening to learn experientially (Jayson); incidental learning strong; make adjustments to perception of what leadership is; linked to needs on the ground (Nasieba); duration depends on person; can lead to a job; career direction, make better choices; flexibility of the process; unforeseen can happen; expand networks; adaptability to different environments; expand skills base; deepens your profile; grow to love your community; through evaluation we promote shared learning; it is needs based. • Weaknesses • Develop a form to evaluate the process; check the reliability of partners/professionals; internal shadowing (inside YPW) needs to deepened; we need more partners; youth can indicate shadowing needs on forms during youth weeks to identify partners

  14. Leader to Leader • Hosted in partnership with Frank Julie and Associates. Focus is staff/volunteer development in YPW and building capacity of NPO leaders. • Strengths • After many postponements we eventually launched; group got together/first session; guest speaker (DenzilSmit); info relevant; participants are in senior positions; fully worked out programme; promote staff/volunteer development; provides quality to our work; promotes networking. • Weaknesses • Timing for volunteers (morning on a Wednesday); maybe shift to Friday mornings; frequency reviewed (once per month instead of once per week); more local people/leaders (in Bishop Lavis to be targeted)

  15. Internal analysisMarketing/Branding Strengths Facebook strong presence (1200 likes so far); Bulk SMS; pamphleteering/door to door; t-shirts; workshops/outreach/CIS; Website; exhibitions; online training; newspaper (Tygerburger); Radio 786; CCFM; CTV (develop advert); Bulk emails (but response not so good) Weaknesses Categorise bulk sms; website update/technical errors sort out; exhibitions must be coupled with online training; targeting stations/parking areas/mobilise teams during the week and weekends; day hospitals/clinics; taxis/ develop a permanent poster for surgeries; info board at ATMs; posters with address stickers on it; church announcements; target schools with letters addressed to pupils; shift CIS to schools; upgrade email database for YPW; develop capacity for Mail Chimp;

  16. Networking/Partnerships Strengths Our current partners Good partners with the Youth Weeks; Rlabs, Career Planet, Dreamworker, UWC, Jobstart, Department of Labour, CT Activa Adriaanse library, Bishop Lavis library, Kensington library (access to computers and Internet) Radio’s; Adonai Life (free training and office space), CTV (airtime) Surplus People’s Project (Land issues/how to create employment) People First Foundation (access to training) Professionals (fundraising and expertise) Weaknesses Consistency of partners (Youth Weeks) Uncertainty over marketing of YPW by our partners? We need to work on this! Check if they market our work? Quarterly thanksgiving breakfast/lunch for partners to be launched in 2014. Mural at the training centre Branding/banners/business cards/Facebook/twitter/letterheads – access funding for this.

  17. Fundraising Strengths SPZA – funded 3 times so far/covered overheads and training; Computer income is a big potential; Rummy sale (developing youth clothing shops); Facebook has lots of potential (repeat donors) to be cultivated; we have low overheads; volunteer labour helps to keep costs down; income generating strategy completed; 2 free laptops received; CT Activa (USB sticks received); individual giving via Facebook is strong! Free computers from MHG; discounts; Freda – free bookkeeping; Gary Van Dyk from Tygerburger – saving on adverts (free articles) Fundraising strategy; diversifying of computer training; HCI Foundation gave R50 000; DVD sales; relevant on donors/experience/capacity Weaknesses Leverage free workshop for material donations from students. Audit report prevents us from accessing big donors (to be addressed); volunteer s and workers pledges; board giving can increase/also expertise to be availed (Marilezewith admin and training skills) (Ronald with organisational skills)

  18. Finances/Systems Strengths Low overheads (currently we have an average R6000 p.m. x 12 = R72 000 p.a.) A future growth can lead to R20 000 p.m. x R240 000 (R500 000 p.a.) (Target for 2014 is to raise R1 000 000 in funding and pledges) We can account for income/expenses; auditor/bookkeeper; access to capacity; recording of source docs; transparency (we report on a weekly basis in our planning meetings; Financial projections in place to monitor expenses and income (up to Jan 2014). Weaknesses Volunteer bank accounts needed; stipends are to small; monthly written reports to be submitted (excel format preferred) – prepare reports to bank reconciliation; assets register is weak; control systems to monitor access to resources (e.g. computers) proper training in accounting; trial balance; UIF registration to be done in 2014.

  19. Administration (Bulk SMS/CV Bank) Strengths We are doing a lot with the minimum resources; Good stock control (stationery) Regular capturing of cell phone nr’s Regular attendance registers at workshopsto monitor our work Weaknesses Lack of space and equipment; don’t have our own printer and scanner; fax machine; we need a landline (Neotel cause problems); no proper reception; absence of Wi Fi; Staff to be allocated for admin duties; develop a requisition for library training; loss of assets; access control; Trainers not proper record keeping; CV bank can’t upload CVs; notifications of CV downloads to track CVs; develop separate CV bank per community; low response rate re: bulk SMS; better segmentation of groups; email database needs upgrading; telephone enquiry book to be developed; filing for correspondence – hard copies; flash; and folder;

  20. Staff/Volunteer management/recruitment Strengths Contracts in place; volunteer commitment is very high; consistent training/capacity building/opportunities to learn; developing experience; access to extra capacity (e.g. RLabs); volunteers do find jobs; core staff available for continuity. Portfolios being developed. Weaknesses Low pay/stipends; rapid overturn of volunteers; we are to to lax with recruitment criteria; Need more strict criteria; Signing of register to record time not consistent; Lack of accountability for absenteeism/late coming; site registers; volunteer development plan/portfolio evidence

  21. A model of staff/volunteer management based on situated learning Strategic advisors/supporters Potential volunteers Permanent volunteers Core staff

  22. The model explained • Core staff – key strategic tasks; job contracts; allow for continuity; more experienced; being shadowed by volunteers • Permanent volunteers – can progress to core staff; continuous training; job contracts; support core staff with tasks; can access other jobs when available • Potential volunteers – in the process of entering YPW; must be interviewed; needs a criteria; low level involvement; attend workshops/community investment slots; can access jobs or graduate to next level • Strategic advisors – provide expertise/advice; support the model

  23. Risk management • Funding • Funding strategy/audit urgently to be addressed (Frank) Marketing to be increased to fill up computer classes to maximise income • Access control • Sliding doors to be investigated; get quotes • Volunteer/staff retention • Always have second layer/skills transfer; multi-skilled • Life skills / Frank • Frank to prepare back up persons for life skills

  24. Action points for 2014 • Standardise training (before 20 Jan 2014) (Shirley) • Marketing – pamphleteering before 18 Dec (Frank) • Audit – to be completed asap (Frank) • Selecting 3 G (Frank to check out various options) • Access control (Shirley to check out quotes) install by end Jan 2014 • Review financial projection (Frank/Shirley) • Volunteer tasks allocation (Frank to develop a guide) • Funding proposals to at least 3 donors including SPZA (Frank) • Implement income generating strategy (team) • Youth Clothing Shop to be launched in Jan 2014 (Frank/Jayson) • Review employment agency/trade union for youth and set clear targets (Frank/Ronald and team)

  25. Continue… • Youth Empowerment Weeks for 2014 (coordinated by Frank supported by volunteers) Proposed areas: Mitchells Plain (Feb) Khayelitsha (April) Mfuleni/Guguletu (July) Belhar (September) Ravensmead (October) Network breakfasts to strengthen partnerships (Frank/Shirley) March-July-October Newsletters: (Frank/Allistair) January – April – August – November

  26. Continue… • Planning meetings (once per week on a Friday) (team) • Board meetings (every 3 months) (chairperson) • Community Information Sessions (based on requests) (team) • Train the Trainer (2 per annum) (Frank/Yolanda) • Leader to Leader (2 per annum to be spread over once per month sessions) (Frank) • Computer and life skills classes (3 courses per annum) (facilitators) • Volunteer recruitment (based on need) (Frank/Shirley) • Rural outreach (depends on funding or minimal logistical costs) (Frank) • Job shadowing (external) (3 per annum) (internal – continuous) (team and strategic partners)