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Electronic Catalogue PowerPoint Presentation
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Electronic Catalogue

Electronic Catalogue

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Electronic Catalogue

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  1. ElectronicCatalogue Content: • Product selection by machine and turret model • Product selection by WTO and OEM item number • Display product features, variants, machine references, accessories • Generate product sales drawings • Download of 2D .dxf drawings, 3D .stp and .stl CAD models • Generate machine specific catalogs with/without drawings • E-mail inquiry form for machine specific literature request • Basket to collect product and send e-mail inquiry • Excel Export from the selected tools • Product comparison

  2. Start screen Please type in the link you received by e-mailEnter your User name and Password

  3. Machine selection Click one category to select, either from the menu on the left or from the main menu

  4. Machine manufacturer selection Select the machine manufacturer: The list is in alphabetical order

  5. Machine category selection Select the machine model such as i.e. “NL/NLX 1500-3000“

  6. Product family selection Select the toolholder program

  7. Product selection 1. The toolholders are listed2. Select the product family

  8. Product selection Select the product

  9. Create a dimensional drawing Click to create a dimensional drawing

  10. Create a dimensional drawing Company logo Create the drawing in lower definition Click “start” to create the drawing

  11. Create a dimensional drawing You can print or save the pdf file

  12. Features/ Machine references The view “Features” contains information about the product All possible machine installations are under “machine references”

  13. Variants/ Accessories All products of the product family OD drill/milling unit are listed under “Variants“ All accessories of the selected product are listed as well

  14. CAD drawings To download a CAD-drawing click the right mouse button and save it on your computer

  15. Generate a catalog 1. Select the machine model to print a catalog 2. Start catalog printing

  16. Generate a catalog Select catalog section Press “start“ to generate the machine specific catalog

  17. Generate a catalog PDF catalog will be created…

  18. Generate a catalog Toolholder program Catalog cover

  19. Generate a catalog Tooling interference diagram Dimensional drawings

  20. Search with the part number Type the part number in the field above and click the search icon

  21. Search with the Sandvik number 1. Select “Machines“ or “Turrets“ 2. Click “Advanced Search“

  22. Search with the Sandvik number 1. If you have the whole part number select the equal sign 2. Type in the Sandvik part number and click the search icon

  23. Don’t have the whole part number?  Use the “Advanced Search”

  24. Advanced search Part of the WTO item number Part of the OEM item number or

  25. E-mail inquiry 1. Select the machine model 2. Click on “Customer Inquiry”

  26. E-mail inquiry Fill out the form

  27. Select products into basket Select into Basket Display Basket items

  28. View selected products in basket Select Item or for inquiry Customer inquiry Excel Export

  29. Create your own excel list

  30. Please register for updates Please register with your name, company and e-mail in order to inform you about updates. Enjoy the work with the WTO electronic catalog!