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Fire Up Your Leadership Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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Fire Up Your Leadership Skills

Fire Up Your Leadership Skills

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Fire Up Your Leadership Skills

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  1. Fire Up Your Leadership Skills California Eastern Star Leadership Training 2012

  2. AGENDA • Agenda, Goals & Ground Rules • If Enough People Cared • Module 1: Community Service • Module 2: Membership • Module 3: Respectful Communication and Conflict Resolution • Wrap-up and Farewell

  3. GOALS • Importance of having a plan and setting goals for your chapter • Community Service – What can OES do in 2012? • Fire up our Membership • Respectful Communication • Verbal • Written • Electronic • Managing conflicts

  4. Let’s Get FIRED Up!! Ice Breaker Activity • Bingo • Beach Ball • M & M’s • Common Ground


  6. IF ENOUGH PEOPLE CARED • Video featuring Lou Holtz • Former Norte Dame Football coach • Key Highlights in Video Presentation • Have a PLAN • Stick to the FUNdamentals • Create GOALS • Choose your ATTITUDE

  7. KEY HIGHLIGHTS • Have a PLAN • Stick to the FUNdamentals • Create GOALS • Choose your ATTITUDE • Have NEXT STEPS • TEAMWORK • STANDARDS • SELF IMAGE • LOYALTY

  8. IF ENOUGH PEOPLE CARED What are the FUNDAMENTALS of OES? How can you incorporate the Fundamentals of OES into your chapter goals?

  9. If your chapter accomplishes all the goals that they have set: Are your members treated with respect? If there are conflicts in your chapter are they easily resolved? Does your community know about OES? What are your members doing? What are your members saying? How are your members feeling? What positive outcomes have you seen?

  10. IF ENOUGH PEOPLE CARED “If you are in it for only the glory, you are in it for the wrong reason.”

  11. IF ENOUGH PEOPLE CARED “ You can’t have a better tomorrow if you’re always thinking about yesterday.” - C. Roth

  12. Community Service & Fundraising

  13. Goals What can OES do in 2012? Awareness of our Charities and Funds Planning Community Service Activities Quick legal tips on Fund Raising

  14. Community Service A donated service or activity that is performed by someone or a group of people for the benefit of the public or its institutions.

  15. Tangible Benefits of Community Service Satisfaction of incorporating service into one’s life Excellent citizenship – civic engagement Making a difference in one’s community Making a difference for another human being Raising money for a worthwhile cause Allows for Eastern Star to be known in one’s community as willing helpers to the service of humanity Possibly obtain new Eastern Star members

  16. Intangible Benefits of Community Service Personal pride Personal accomplishment It feels good Develops additional people skills Possible gain in work experience and career advancement Looks good on a resume Possible networking for a future need for yourself, family or friend

  17. What can Eastern Star do in your Community? • Conduct a community needs assessment • Appoint a committee to determine what services are currently available • Determine what services are most needed

  18. What can Eastern Star do in your Community? • Compile a list of potential partners • Other fraternal organizations in the community • No expectations of membership gain • Positive encounter • Other service organizations in the community • Social service agencies • Government agencies • Elected officials

  19. Determine Ability & Interest of Your Members • Present results to members of your Chapter • Make recommendations • Passive or Active Service • Allow time for all members to discuss recommendations • Get consensus to select specific project; ensure members have a sense of ownership

  20. “OUR CHARITIES AND FUNDS” • California Eastern Star Foundation • Home Endowment Fund • Relay for Life • Special Projects of WGM & WGP • PAWS For Purple Hearts • We Care • Festival

  21. CALIFORNIA EASTERN STAR FOUNDATION Benevolent Fund Cancer Research Fund Disaster Fund ESTARL (Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership) Gerald P. Cashion Fund Grand Chapter Heart Fund J. Clifford Lee Memorial Cancer Fund Marguerite Rennie Memorial Fund Medical Research Fund Eastern Star Patient Comfort Program Fund Scholarship Fund Scholarship Endowment Fund

  22. YOU HAVE THE LIST… SO NOW WHAT? • Purpose of charities • Listed in our C & L • WM & WP Manuals • State Chairpersons • Roster has contact information • Consider inviting Chair to the meeting as a guest speaker

  23. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT INFORMATION? • Start raising funds for the charities • Refer to State Roster for the “charity of the month” • Have a themed meeting based on the charity • Have an informational program • Topic of discussion by WP • Topic of discussion by a member • Activity in the Dining room • Coin March • Attend a fundraiser sponsored by another Chapter or Association

  24. OES CHARITIES Tips for planning events for our special projects are included on your take-home CD: PAWS for Purple Hearts We Care Relay for Life OES Charities

  25. Say “Thank You” • Send out “Thank You” cards • Members • Partnering Service Clubs • Volunteers who took part in the success of the community project • Invite them to your next upcoming Chapter event

  26. FUNDS TO BE USED FOR CHAPTER EXPENSES REQUIRED Without these words in your fund-raising communications, all money raised must go to a Masonic charity. 10 BUZZ WORDS “PROCEEDS WILL BE USED TO SUPPORT THE SPONSOR’S FRATERNAL PURPOSES” 


  28. MEMBERSHIP Let’s Get FIRED Up!!

  29. Listen…it’s a 911 Call! It’s an EMERGENCY

  30. We Need GREAT Members! • Is your phone ringing? • Are you even listening? • Are you ready to respond? • What are your member’s needs? • Do they know who to call? • What do you know about your ‘beat’….. your members? • Who they are? • How are they?

  31. GOALS • Take a Good Look at our Members • Working with your Membership Committee • Member Retention • Current Members • Revitalizing the Members • Membership Growth • New Members


  33. LOOKING AT OUR MEMBERS -DO WE REALLY KNOW OUR CURRENT MEMBERS? Ice Breaker Activity • Bingo • Beach Ball • M & M’s • Common Ground • Samples on the CD to take back to your Chapter

  34. MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONS • Do you talk to your friends about Eastern Star? • How many people have you asked to join OES? • How many of them have joined? • What keeps them from joining? • Likes and Dislikes

  35. YOUR MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE • Does your Chapter have a Committee? • Who is on the Committee? • How can they help? • Is your WM or WP here? • Is your current line here? • Is your Membership Committee here? • Take it back to your Chapter and start working on a plan

  36. MEMBERSHIP GROWTH - THE PLAN • What is the plan? • Recruitment goals • Attracting New Members • Bringing back (Revitalizing) Members • Current Active Members

  37. CURRENT MEMBERS • Still interested • May need some fresh fuel to really light up • Let’s Put Our Crew Together • WM,WP, Line Officers, PM and PP • Membership Committee • Members • What would you like your chapter to be?

  38. Current Members: Suggestions • Respectful • Feeling of family • Fun, efficient and interesting meetings • Time of social enjoyment • Great food • Great activities • Involvement in the community • Activities with the lodge • Activities with youth groups • Keeping all in the “information loop”

  39. REVITALIZE MEMBERSHIP • Get the home fires burning again • Our smoldering embers! • They were fired up: What happened? • Why did they leave? • Did they get burned or burned out?

  40. Let’s Put our Crew Together • WM,WP, Line Officers, PM and PP • Membership Committee • Members

  41. Do you know how to get burned out members back into the heat of things? Check Your Membership Register • Track those that have stopped attending • How long has it been? • What stopped them from attending meetings or activities? • Have they been contacted?

  42. Revitalizing Members:Where are our Members? • What are their concerns? • Length of meetings • Transportation • Child Care • Special Needs • Conflict

  43. Revitalizing Members:CHAPTER GOALS • Fire Up Your Membership Committee • Contact everyone in your roster • Phone Calls • Communication blast • Newsletter • Email • Trestleboard • Social Networking • Home Visits

  44. Revitalizing Members:A Questionnaire • What can we do to encourage you to return to chapter? • Act on the responses • Transportation • Child Care • Areas of interest

  45. Revitalizing Members:Plan Activities • Birthday Night • Coming Home • Let’s get Re-acquainted • Small group at a member’s home

  46. NEW MEMBERS • We have to keep our flames shining brightly • You are the crew • You can sell OES – Elevator Speech • Vision Statement • Good people • Good attitude • Good ritual • Good programs • Good food • Good presence in the community • Good presence in the Masonic community

  47. New Members: Areas to Consider • Co-Workers • Church/Temple members • Family • Friends • Members of Masonic Family

  48. New Members: Goals • Plan an event • Consider • Meet and Greet • Info Night • Community Service Activity/Event • Relay For Life • Holiday Party

  49. CURRENT MEMBERSHIP:Breakout Exercise • Develop a plan to keep your current membership active and interested in your Chapter. • Identify why your current membership is taking a “time out” and what you can do to prevent this from happening. • Goal: Keep current membership aware of “happenings” of chapter.