pay for time not worked n.
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Pay for Time not worked PowerPoint Presentation
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Pay for Time not worked

Pay for Time not worked

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Pay for Time not worked

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  1. Pay for Time not worked Presentation

  2. Pay for time not worked • For an Employee it is the most desired yet unrecognized benefit • Employees receive their daily base pay for the TIME-OFF opportunities • Employers are forced to pay these due to regulations and Industry norms

  3. Holidays • In Pakistan employees are allowed upto 14 days holidays or annual leaves by law • Most employees don’t utilize them • Higher level Employees receive paid holidays too

  4. Vacations • Same as holidays but In the west it is considered a must even after 6 months as per our Book

  5. Jury Duty • When Employees are called in Service as Jurior • This is usually applicable in USA • Employees get their basic pay while performing Jury Duty – not necessarily for the organization

  6. Election official • Duties during Election • Teachers – Hospital Staff have to perform Election Duties and employers have to pay them for this time

  7. Witness in Court • If an Employee has to witness in court due to any reason Organization pay him/her the pay for that time

  8. Civic Duty • Some organization provide certain number of days to provide services in the society • Employees pay for the time while employee is working for community

  9. Military Duty • In some countries Employees have to pay either full or partial pay to employees who must attend mandatory Military duty • In Pakistan this is not needed in normal condition but during Wars it may be important for those who perform as civilian forces

  10. Funeral leave • Funeral Leave can be 1 to 5 days in case of demise of close relative of the employee Illness in Family Leave • When some close relative is seriously sick employee may be given time off to take care of family

  11. Marriage Leave • Upto 5 days are given to Employees who get married and plan to continue duty after marriage • In Pakistan this can go even upto 15 days

  12. Maternity LeavePaternity Leave • Leave given to Employees for child birth • Mostly given to Females only in Pakistan

  13. Sick leave • When employees gets ill he/she is given 1 – 5 days sick leave • Prolonged sickness may come into Disability benefits section

  14. Wellness Leave • Leave given to employees who give perfect attendance a half hour off • This is given to curtail absenteeism

  15. Time off to vote • In west people are given short break so they can vote during election • In Pakistan government announces it as a public holiday

  16. Lunch Rest – Wash-up periods • Breaks during work for Lunch usually 1 hour this also includes the prayer break • Some Employees need time to wash-up due to nature of their job hence some time is give for wash up after the normal working

  17. Personal Leave • Leave for ocasional personal work • This is also known as Casual Leave

  18. Subbatical eave • A leave give to Employees to serve the society Some organization pay the employees during such duties upto one YEAR • In Pakistan we still need to negotiate whether it is applicable or not