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My So-Called Life

My So-Called Life

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My So-Called Life

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  1. My So-Called Life Natalie Rodriguez

  2. Bio Poem Natalie Nice, funny, weird, shy at times Mariana, Sarah, Laura, Rosario Abel & Laura Rodriguez Who feels great after a long nap and who feels terrible after crying, I hate crying. I like elephants, funny people, and I like the idea that I'm still living. I fear getting one of my parents mad, getting stuck in the middle of a ride upside down, and seeing somebody that’s important to me die. Who would like to see a beautiful sunset at the beach, who would like to see all the wonderful wonders of the world, and who would like to see lanterns rise to the starry beautiful night. I live in Phoenix Rodriguez

  3. Personal Inventory School Subjects: • I like Science • I do not like Social Studies • I am good at Math • I am not good at P.E. • I am good at Language Arts, but I do not like it. • I am not good at P.E., but I like it. Activities: • I like swimming • I do not like soccer • I am good at bad-mitten • I am not good at volleyball • I am not good at Basketball, but I like it. • I prefer being involved in individual activities. Relationships with Friends and Adults: • I am generally well liked • I have a group of friends • I prefer having one or two friends. • I am a follower. • I prefer people who like the same things I like. • I prefer people who like different things, too. • I have the support of significant adults in my life. • I also have the support of a group of peers. Food Preferences: • I do not like to eat fish and bananas. • I do not eat a balanced diet. Relaxing: • I relax by reading, • I like relaxing alone, most of the time. But when I m in the mood I like to relax with others.

  4. Top Three Three words that describe how others view me: • Honest • Trusting • Caring Three things for which I am often complimented: • How silky my hair is • Smile • Shoes Your three worst qualities: • Quiet • Shy • Eating habits Your three best qualities: • Outgoing • Funny • Nice Three qualities you look for in a friends: • Honest • Hilarious • Can be able to have an ongoing conversation. Three inventions I cannot live without: • Computer • Refrigerator • Cell phone

  5. A Case That Suits Me My suitcase: a pink suitcase with light pink polka dots. I want to make sure all the contains stay in the suitcase, will not be ruined and will stay in place. Items Inside the Suitcase: Book-to fill my curiosity and to increase my vocabulary. Camera- to take multiple pictures of a great vacation, trip, anything exciting that can keep me satisfied. Yet to remember all those wonderful times.. Duct Tape-someone who holds things together, but sometimes tears.

  6. Three Doors • An opportunity- this door is a hardwood brown sort of color with a very nice golden knob. Behind this door an opportunity to go to an university with great culinary arts class and a great marine biology class as well. • A challenge- this door is open all you can see inside is pitch black. Behind that door lies a challenge to skydive. This will see if I have courage to do anything I want with no fear. • A reward- this door is golden and not locked. Behind this door is 1,000,000,000 dollars and a 2013 Escalate from Cadillac.

  7. Rules to Live By As I continue my life, I am going to live by three rules. These three rules will be my focus for making me a better person. One of the rules that would help me become a great person would be to not lie because of course lying is bad and you should always be honest no matter what. Another rule that would help me as well would be to treat others like you want to be treated. This a very important rule because nobody wants to be treated bad on the contrary you want to be treated in a good way, and to be treated nicely you have to do treat them nicely as well. The last rule would be very respectful no matter what. Being respectful is a very good trait that every human living I this world should have, we might not use that trait constantly. But I will because it would be a rule to live by. Those three rules that I chose would hopefully make me a great person.

  8. The Meaning of Life Life Energy, Happiness Growing, Learning, Communicating Growing up, Growing old Dying, Passing, Hearse, Coffin Death

  9. “Here’s Looking at You, Kid” • I like to wear the color Navy blue • I would like to own an elephant • My lucky number is 21 • A smell that makes me pause is cookies • A taste that makes me melt is chocolate • A hobby that occupies my time is coloring • I don’t like watching sports • A sport I enjoy playing is bad mitten • A city I would like to visit • A country I would like to explore would be Australia • My favorite meal is spaghetti • A delicious dessert I often order is anything with ice cream • A book I would strongly recommend is the series of The Lightning Thief • An author who has affected me is JK Rowling • I don’t read magazines • I like to listen any type of music when I'm alone • The singer I currently listen to the most is Ed Sheeran • The movie I watch over and over is • An actor whose performance I admire is Channing Tatum • An actress whose performance I admire is Emma Stone • A TV show I watch regularly is Adventure Time • An artist I highly respect is • I wouldn’t change anything about my life • If I would change anything about myself it would be my focus • I would like to retire at age 60 • I usually have different dream ever night • The emotion I tend to hide the most is sadness • The emotion I seem to experience the most is happiness • I would jump up and down and shout with joy if someone told me I would win 1 billion dollars • My best birthday was when I was 7 • A routine I remember when I was younger was riding my bicycle every morning • My greatest fear is death • In social circumstances, I tend to be sarcastic yet fun • My friends tend to be hilarious • I become irritated when people ask me • If I had more time alone, I would read • If I could visit any time period I would choose the 80’s • If I could I would spend time with • If I could be famous I would like to be famous for having the cure for cancer • If I could be a plant I would be a tree. • The best word to describe my life right now is pressure • My biggest obstacle right now is

  10. An Early Memory Backyard Running around with a water hose Having the time of my life Spraying my sisters and my dog with water Great

  11. If You’re Looking For Me If you’re looking for Natalie Rodriguez, I might be home watching How I met Your Mother or reading the Immortal series. I’ll probably be wearing my sweats and no shoes, just socks. Or I may be on my computer, reblogging pictures on tumblr. But… If your serving pasta or cake even maybe some ice cream, Be sure to call my name!

  12. Psyche • My name spelled backwards is eilatan. • Something that has been on my mind lately: • Grades • End of the year projects • Homework • What people think of me • Something that has been on my mind a long time: • Summer • Last day of school • World-basically what's going to happen, what's going to be going on • A period of time I felt protected: Everywhere I go with my parents when I’m not with them I fell unprotected. • A period of time I felt overprotected: when I went to my 1st sleepover when I was 8 and my parents kept calling and calling my friends parents if I was alright • A period of time I felt unprotected: 1st time riding a bicycle and a rollercoaster • 1st time I discovered power: turning off and on the light. • A book that has affected me the most was A Child Called ‘It’ • The author that has affected me the most was J. K. Rowling • The piece of music that has affected me the most was Ed Sheeran’s music • The movie that has affected me the most was The Pursuit of Happiness. • The event that has affected me the most was when my mom had surgery and then later after the surgery was gone for about 3-4 months.

  13. Postcard From The Edge • Disney World is my favorite place in the world. It is where I spent my summer 2 years ago. It’s where you have like the best childhood adventures, where you see all your favorite Disney characters with some fun rides. I spent that time with my family & I truly love that place. Map of Disney World

  14. I Am I am funny and outgoing I wonder how long I would live I hear birds chirping along the way I see the sun brightening up my face I want to ride my horse I am I pretend to be in Mexico I feel the sand going across my face I touch my horses mane I worry that this is just a dream I cry when I realize it I am I understand that I cant be there with my horses I say that he is still living here I dream that he is still here with me I try to forget, but I just cant I hope to have him here with me one day I am

  15. When I Grow Up • The following is a list of my fantasies about what I thought I wanted to be when I grew up. The lists starts with my earliest wishes, ass impractical and whimsical as they may be, and continues up to including my current dreams. • Veterinarian • Dancer • Pediatrician • Business Owner • Scientist • Chef • Marine Biologist

  16. Seeing Myself Through ????’s Eyes • Sabrina Woo • Sabrina is dressed in a regular t-shirt with always some type of funny character with a comment with. She is also wearing some boot cut jeans with a rip by her knees, with some sneakers to top it off. • Sabrina is laughing at some idiotic joke from a friend, and unable to catch a breathe from laughing so hard. • Once may name is mentioned, she turns around to look at me and listens to whoever is mentioning my name. • Sabrina thinks I’m funny and pretty weird, she thinks of me as a very nice person.

  17. What It All Boils Down To… • I'm very adventurous, but I like to be cautious • I'm athletic but I like to be lazy • I'm intelligent but gullible • I'm a risk taker but I don’t gamble • I'm honest but ill keep a secret. • I'm independent but I like to work with others • I'm spectators but I'm in on the action • I’m a planner but I love surprises • I'm funny but I like to be quiet • I have to do my work but I like to procrastinate • I'm an extroverted but I like to keep to myself • I like to go out but I love to read • I’m unique but sometimes I want to be like others • I like to be on the computer/phone but I need to sleep “What it all boils down to my friends Is that everything is just fine, fine, fine” Even though I haven't got it all figured out just yet.

  18. Seasons • I am Summer, confident in my education, completing things with a smile on my face. • I am Autumn, ready to begin a new chapter in my life, new school, new everything. • I am Winter, worried of my beginnings, hoping everything will be fine although there are so many problems. • I am Spring, with a complete smile on my face, so bright everything is perfect. • I am all the seasons; Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. But most of all I am either summer or autumn.

  19. Breaking the Routine • A typical routine of mine consists of waking up, snoozing, getting up, getting ready(brushing hair, teeth, changing clothing, etc.), eating breakfast, heading to school, working, get home, procrastinate, do homework, procrastinate again, take a shower, go to bed. • A few changes I’d make: stop procrastinating, go to bed earlier, and wake up earlier. • A few habits of mine: biting my nails, touching my hair consistently, messing up my bedroom. • A few changes I’d make: stop making messes in bedroom, hair gets greasy once touching it, stop! And somehow find a way to stop biting your nails.

  20. Mirror Image • Age: 14 • Sex: Female • Height: 5’4 • Weight: almost 100 • Body Build: • Hair color: Dark brown • Hair texture: Straight • Hair style: To the side-w/ or w/o bobby pin • Face shape: round • Eye color: brown • Eye shape: round/oval • Eyebrows: dark brown • Nose: long • Ears: petite • Hand shape: regular • Arms: regular • Torso: regular • Mouth: small • Neck: small • Fingernails: short • Legs: regular • Foot size: 7 • Foot Shape: regular • Distinguishing marks: 3 scars on my right thigh & a birthmark on both arms.

  21. I’m So Vain The pimple Unannounced yet crystal-clear Carves and defines Immediately My face

  22. Emotionally Speaking Jealousy Jealousy is like the fiery sun that torments the Sahara It sounds like the angry wind And tastes like asparagus juice with a tablespoon of salt It looks like a pyramid, steps and steps that aren't able to stop just keeps on coming with more comments.

  23. Hey, Mr. Postman • Marla • Best friend • Curly hair, and an unique chin • Super funny always has something to talk about always cares about others, especially when something’s not right. She tries and tries to help out • Positive • Classroom • I thought she was very quiet and so not the type of friend I would have • Fell off the swing in the playground and made a project together for the egg drop • Fun and nothing can compare the relationship we have together • Marla is very important tome because she was there when I needed her and I wouldn't have had experienced those crazy adventures, I just think she was the best-est friend I have ever had. • Always inspired me with her crazy ideas

  24. A Blessing in Disguise Who What Where When Why Problem The obstacles I had to overcome were The frustrations of the problem were The process I went through to overcome those obstacles and frustrations were This was a ‘blessing in disguise’ because

  25. The Hungry Mind Who? Natalie What? I'm thinking about how I plan to “feed” my hunger Why? I'm completing an in-depth study of myself Where? Deer Valley Middle School When? 2013 How? Investigating my past to help me discover who I really am • To feel empowered I breathe the freshness of a new book • To feel productive I think about all I have accomplished • To feel inspired I put my body in exercise • To feel enterprising I imagine myself graduating • To feel creative I remember projects I remember • To feel innovative I picture ideas that I can create

  26. ABC Anecdote • A • B • C • D • D • E • F • G • H • I • J • K • L • M • N • O • P • Q • R • S • T • U • V • W • X • Y • Z

  27. The One Thing That Really “Gets My Goat” Is???? One thing that really gets my goat is procrastination! It also comes in form of: • Laziness • Distraction • Wait • Delay • Postpone • Carelessness However, the one thing that really gets my goat is procrastination.

  28. Thou Shall Not Wine I have a power-point due in science, and I have to present someday this week The teacher announced a unit test in social studies I have to memorize 10 words in language arts 16 problems in Algebra 1-2 were assigned for homework tonight This day is endless I am so tired, and I want to sleep I have to get on the bus afterschool I need to get home early to do my homework Delayed students, making the bus to stop, I have no time! 2nd bus stop and its taking forever to get here Now walking home with the sun glazing on my skin This day is endless I am so tired, and I want to sleep I have to do my bed once I get home After I have to do all my chores Can’t you see I have homework tonight? Then I have to take a shower This day is endless I am so tired, and I want to sleep I have to rush now, it’s getting late There’s another phone call but I’m feeling fain I’m overwhelmed and overworked I need to relax and I want to sleep. This day is endless I am so tired and I want to sleep

  29. Handwriting Analysis • Natalie Rodriguez • Optimistic • 1 • Bright colors • Not all the time • Concrete • Pretty observant • Both • Visual • Team player • Some

  30. Family Affair • Dad: 45, Mom:40, Mariana:18, Sarah: 12, Laura:10, Rosario:3 • Grandma, other Grandma & Grandpa, Auntx8, Unclex10, Jonathan, Jennifer, Adriana, Luis, Sebastian, Emiliano, Roger, Arnold, Andrew, Cecilia, Sofia, Marissa, Hector, Ariana, Janet, Ashley, Jasmine, Monica, Magda, Adrian, Carmel, Edith, Jorge, Manuel, Jorge, Ana Karen, Jessica, Christina, Juan, Aldo, Daniel... And many more but I cant remember at this time. • My dad’s side of the family are very uncommunicative like secretive, we don’t get along much. Oh, but I love my moms side of the family we all have a lot of fun when we have reunions together, its just like a big party.

  31. Never Predictable, But Always Capable • The one thing that I would like to change about the world is: budget crisis • The one thing that I want the most right now is: money • At the moment, I am most grateful for: my family and friends • The strongest opinion that I hold is: honesty • The most difficult problem that I have had to solve is: to choose my friend over a project • The single word that bests describes me is: nice • The person most able to make me laugh is: Sabrina, Cole, and Roger(cousin) • The valuable thing that I own is: My grandmas bracelet • The subject that I would like to learn more about is: marine biology • The worst punishment that I have ever had to endure is: staying in when it was my best friend’s birthday party • The manner which I tend to waste the biggest chunk of time each day or week is: watching TV • The thing I am most naïve about is: trusting people • The biggest accomplishment of my life thus far is: is getting really good grades • The most difficult choice that I have been forced to make thus far was: to study or go to the mall • The experience that has made me wisest involved: school • The most common problem among friends my age is: Drama • The most valuable quality I look for in friend is: Someone who I can never stop talking with • The best toy I have ever owned is/was: Littlest Pet Shops • My strongest emotion is: happiness • The one thing that I am proudest of in life is: living • The one thing that I would most like to have happen to me tomorrow is: to have no pimples or weird thing on my face • One thing that I have lost that I would most like to retrieve is: my dog • I have the most difficult time telling the truth when: I did something bad and I’m not proud of it at all • The single most important thing that I have learned is: to never give up • The thing that I am the most underappreciated for is: • The one thing in life that I care the most is: my life and education • I tend to become judgmental when: someone talks about me, especially when it’s something embarrassing • The thing I look forward to most about growing old is: having my own house and family • The thing that I dread about the most about growing old is: being old, wrinkles, white hair, no teeth, and gross skin. • The thing that I fear the most is: death • The thing that I am most interested in right now is: marine biology and baking • I think the most difficult thing about being a teenager today is: seeing that life is getting difficult • The news that I fear hearing the most is: that I am going to die • The one habit that I would most like to give up is: biting my nails • The most over used word in my vocabulary is: seriously • I rely on my parents most when: I’m not sure about something • The way in which I am most unique is: I am weird, normal is boring • The silliest thing I own is: silly putty • My most treasured possession is: my grandmas bracelet • The weakest excuse have ever used was: “she did it!”, and “I didn’t know?!” • The hardest test that I have ever taken was: a social studies test • The most important duty that I perform on a regular basis is: doing my homework. • The hardest question that I have ever had to answer was: Do you like me?

  32. What A Character! • If I Were A/An-I’d Be An… • Tree: Red Bud • Gem: Diamond • Animal: Elephant • Bird: Peacock • Place: Beach • Insect: Bee • Car: Escalade • Musical Instrument: Piano • Type of Material: Leather • Shoe: Uggs • Color: Navy Blue • Food: Ice Cream • Geometric Shape: Parallelogram • Genre of Music: Any • Genre of Literature: Mystery • Genre of Art: Contemporary • Type of Weather: Rainy • Store: H&M • Planet: Mars • Fish: Beta • Pet: Shiba Inu • Fragrance: Any • Fairy Tale: Little Mermaid • Time of Day: Night • Toy: Any • Inanimate Object: Wall • Character from Literature: Annabeth • Famous Living Person: Beyonce • Famous Deceased Person: MLK • Member of the Opposite Sex: President • Occupation: Student • Cartoon Character: BMO or LSP • Dance: Any • Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla Bean • Appliance: Fridge • Type of Furniture: Couch • Word: Happy

  33. The Conversation Piece

  34. Dictionography

  35. The Things I Don’t Understand

  36. Letters A is for...Adventurous B is for...Blessed C is for...Caring  D is for...Delightful E is for...Extroverted F is for...Funny G is for...Gullible H is for...Happy I is for...Ingenious J is for...Joyful K is for...Kind L is for...Lovable M is for...Motivated  N is for...Noble O is for...Open-minded P is for...Polite Q is for...Quiet R is for...Responsible S is for...Smiley T is for...Talented U is for...Uplifting  V is for...Victorious W is for...Whole X is for...X-iting Y is for...Young Z is for...Zealous

  37. The Most Important Thing About??? The most important thing about Natalie is her personality. She is spontaneous, unique, independent, funny, honest, and just amazing. However, the most important thing about Natalie is that she is her attitude. 

  38. The 10 Most Stressful Events in My Life Many things create stress in life. This make life more difficult and my optimism starts to fade. Dealing with the issues head on which allow me to on more positive less stress. • Procrastinating  • Finals • Bad Grades • End of the Year Projects • Promotion • High School • Family Issues • Grandparents Health • Homework • Future Allowing myself to focus on these stressful situations and finding a solution which will help me stay positive .

  39. The 5 People I will Meet In Heaven Are… • God, helped me with everything especially when I need him to talk, to understand those little things in life. • Mom, helped me understand that you need to think and worry about yourself first, then others. • Dad, helped me understand the great things in life, especially God. He also helped me understand to enjoy the little things in life. • Grandpa, I really didn't know him as much to have him help me understand anything, I was young when he died... • Mariana, helped me see that change isn't  so bad, it can actually make you a better person if it's the good type of change. 

  40. Talk, Talk, Talk • When  I was a little kid, my parents said:"Dont get off the sidewalk!" • "Dont be mean!" • "Dont worry about anything" Now that I'm in middle school my parents say: • "Dont get lower than a C or possibly a B" • "Dont do drugs" (Which I dont) • "Dont talk as much and pay attention" But when I'm a parent, I'll tell my kids: • "Dont do drugs!" • "Dont be rude, treat otheres like you want to be treated" • "Dont lie to me"

  41. And The Winner Is… I just won $25, 000, and they must be spent within a 24 hour period! I would buy: • Pants • Dresses • Shirts • Shoes • Disney World Tickets • Escalate • iMac's for each of my sisters

  42. Today

  43. Chain Reaction/ One Thing Leads To Another

  44. Someday…

  45. Self Esteem

  46. Autobiographical Teaching Quiz