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My so-called Life PowerPoint Presentation
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My so-called Life

My so-called Life

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My so-called Life

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  1. My so-called Life By Annette Charboneau Dickens

  2. My Childhood • My childhood was all right, high school sort of sucked (except for sports), the military was painful yet educational, but college was pretty awesome! • I grew up in “Small Town, Oklahoma” (Fairview) but got to live in Washington D.C. for almost five years before moving back to the Oklahoma City area. Guess I’m just Sooner born & Sooner bred!

  3. Growing Pains

  4. We are Family • Actually, my best friends are the members of my family. I’m proud to say that my favorite people to spend time with are my husband David, my daughter Tawny, and my parents J. N. & Wynema (especially on vacations).

  5. Edith Briggs Bertha Nikkel Henry C. Schroeder Emma Doonan James H. Sumpter Marie C. Fleming George F. Harder James N. Charboneau Merle James Charboneau Helen Grace Schroeder Goldie Inez Sumpter Arthur George Harder Wynema Marie Harder James Newton Charboneau Family Tree Annette Kay Charboneau

  6. My Favorite Daughter

  7. Dreams Dreams Pretty much all my dreams have come true: great family, friends, church, career, and new house in the country. But, some future goals would be a masters’ degree from OU, publishing a book, buying a few toys (boat, motorcycle, jet skis, etc.), restoring an old two-storied Victorian home, traveling to Europe, and of course, someday actually meeting . . . . . . . . . . . . THE ROCK! Dreams

  8. School is Cool Naturally, I like school because I enjoy teaching, coaching, and seeing most of the students every day. However, I don’t like giving out detentions, doing lunch/bus duty, or faculty meetings (too early)! But Summer Rulz! School Daze Yuck!

  9. HOBBIES: Reading Writing Running Basketball OU Football Road-tripping Movies!! FAVES: Food – Spicy! (Mexican, Cajun, Chinese, etc.) Ice Cream – Cookie Dough Color – Crimson Music – Everything, but mostly Rock! Bands (older) – ACDC, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Aerosmith, Eagles, & Bon Jovi (yeah, so what?) Bands (newer) - Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, & Red Hot Chili Peppers Singers – Janis Joplin, Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill, Paula Cole, Alanis Morissette, & Gwen Stefani Actors – Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Robin Williams, Richard Gere, Matt Damon, Ben Stiller & Jack Black Hot Actors – Duane “The Rock” Johnson, Brad Pitt, Ed Burnes Books – Interview With a Vampire, The Awakening, & How Green Is My Valley Animal – Anything Feline & little monkeys Movies – (See next slide …) Hobbies & Favorites I love Cats!

  10. More Favorites . . . . Movies: Epic – Lord of the Rings, Troy, Titanic, Memoirs of a Geisha, Far & Away Action – The Rundown, The Bourne Identity, Underworld, Desperado Drama – Legends of the Fall, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Mona Lisa Smile, Thelma & Louise, A Time to Kill, Mystic Pizza, Forest Gump, Goodwill Hunting Romance – The Notebook, Love & Basketball, Pride & Prejudice, You’ve Got Mail, Reality Bites, City of Angels, The Cutting Edge Comedy – Office Space, Saving Silverman, Mean Girls, Meet the Parents, The Wedding Singer, Just Friends Family – Father of the Bride, The Family Man, Harry Potter Musical – Grease, The Sound of Music 80’s – Star Wars, Footloose Classic – Gone With the Wind, The Quiet Man Animation – Beauty & the Beast, Pocahontas, Beavis and Butthead Do America I love MOVIES!

  11. THE END