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Reach Out & Read Literacy Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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Reach Out & Read Literacy Conference

Reach Out & Read Literacy Conference

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Reach Out & Read Literacy Conference

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  1. Reach Out & ReadLiteracy Conference David Jones, LMSW Jomael Young Visiting Nurse Service of New York Children & Family Services Division (212) 609-4986

  2. Children & Family ServicesMission • Founded in 1893 VNSNY is the largest not-for-profit home health care organization in the United States. • Provides expert & Compassionate care in all five boroughs of NY as well as Nassau and Westchester Counties. • CFS programs provide a comprehensive array of services to pregnant women, new parents, infants, toddlers and children with acute and chronic illnesses.

  3. Children & Family ServicesPrograms • Maternity newborn pediatrics • Early Intervention • Community Care for Children • Diabetes & Pediatric Palliative Care • Nurse-Family Partnership • Early Head Start • Fathers First Initiative

  4. Children & Family ServicesNFP • Nurse Family Partnership provides free, intensive, at-home nursing assistance to low income first time pregnant women and their infants in the South Bronx and on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. • Voluntary Program begins as early as possible during the pregnancy (by the 16th week and no later than the 28th week).

  5. Children & Family ServicesNFP Continued • Nurses visit women (family) on a weekly, b-weekly or monthly basis over a 2.5 year program cycle. • Nurses are professional registered nurses. • They link women to prenatal care and primary care for both mothers and infants. • Other services provided directly or by referral: Mental health, vocational, educational, domestic violence, early intervention, child development, and parenting. • The program has dramatic proven outcomes for these mothers based on nationwide research studies. • Funded by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

  6. Early Head Start (EHS) • Is a comprehensive child development program housed within the Early Steps Family Center, providing comprehensive services to infants and toddlers from 0-3 and their families. • Center-Based Option • Home-visiting Option • Funded enrollment 75 children

  7. Children & Family ServicesEHS • Services include: • Prenatal and postpartum nursing care • Childbirth preparation and doula support • Education and support groups for mothers • Home visits to enhance child health and development • Center-based developmentally appropriate child care • Funded b the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.

  8. Children & Family ServicesFathers First & Bronx Fatherhood Program • Our mission is to ensure that all fathers who wish to be involved in their child’s life get the chance to do so. We work with young fathers to show them that they are more than just a financial provider but educators and nurturers as well. • The Fathers First Initiative and Bronx fatherhood Program help young fathers understand the important role a fathers plays in his child’s life and that being a successful father means being a responsible fathers.

  9. Why Fathers They want to be involved It’s good for the children developmentally Attachment Bonding Story Time Survey Education Models reading Fosters Communication Individualized Culturally Sensitive relevant (Oral Tradition) Children & Family ServicesFF & BFP

  10. Children & Family Services • Staff Training and Support • Patient, thoughtful, and timely intervention • Male Outreach Team • Exploration of Paternal Past • Exploration of Motivations • Exploration of Dreams • Solid relationships precede focused interventions