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  1. IMAGE HAUS PACKAGES We do things differently at Image Haus. Your wedding day is a day full of moments; from when you start getting ready, to when you leave your reception and the cake has been eaten. We don’t do mock cake cuttings, or fake first dances, we want to be able to capture your first dance as it happens. Those moments are too special for mock anythings.

  2. REVIEWS Henrykbrings a calming quality to such a busy and nerve racking day! One of the things I loved was looking at the images for the first time and see the day from aspects that we didn't get to see like the look on peoples faces, and little moments James and I shared and shared with our guests, its like he didn't miss a thing. Every time we look through the images it's like watching the wedding happen all over again. You've always taken amazing photos and I'm glad that we had you preserve these memories for us.

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