the yangtze gorges n.
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The Yangtze Gorges PowerPoint Presentation
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The Yangtze Gorges

The Yangtze Gorges

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The Yangtze Gorges

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  1. The Yangtze Gorges The Three Gorges

  2. From the walls of Baidi high in the coloured dawn To Jiangling by night-fall is three hundred miles, Yet monkeys are still calling on both banks behind me To my boat these ten thousand mountains away. Through the Yangtze Gorges

  3. The Three Gorges The Three Gorges, the most spectacular section of the Yangtze River, are filled with breathtaking sceneries. With Baidi City, Fengjie in Chongqing Municipality to the west end and Nanjin Pass of Yichang in the Hubei province at the east, the Three Gorges, Qutang, Wu and Xiling, total 192 km in length.

  4. The Three Gorges • The Qutang Gorge, known for its magnificence, is only 8 km long. • Wu Gorge, 44 km long, is famed for its deep valley and quiet beauty. Among the twelve peaks, the Goddess Peak is the most exquisite. • Xiling Gorge, extending 66 km in length and full of turbulent currents and whirlpools, is one of the most dangerous shoals.

  5. The Qutang Gorge

  6. The Wu Gorge

  7. The Wu Gorge

  8. The Xiling Gorge

  9. The Xiling Gorge • 秭归屈原故里

  10. The Three Gorges • Broad valleys, mild climate, fertile soil • Orange ripening in autumn, its sweet fragrance drifting to the boats on the river • Rich water resources--the most ideal section of the Yangtze for building large water conservancy projects for the comprehensive exploitation of the river

  11. The Yangtze River is home to some of China's most spectacular natural scenery, a series of canyons known as the Three Gorges China's biggest construction project since the Great Wall China's Three Gorges Dam

  12. The Chinese government is constructing the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River near the city of Yichang. When the dam is completed early in the 21st century, a huge lake will form behind it, raising the level of the river upstream and submerging more than 100 towns. The Three Gorges Dam

  13. The dangerous navigation channel will then be submerged in a placid lake. 高峡出平湖。 The Three Gorges Dam

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