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LTE. Learning and Teaching Efficiently on the basis of Innovative Methods and ICT. Presenter: Marian Aleson Universidad de Alicante. www.lte-project.com. ICT. Innovation. Stress-reduced. Objectives. Contents and Objectives of National Curricula. Best Practices. Foreign-language learning.

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  1. LTE Learning and Teaching Efficiently on the basis of Innovative Methods and ICT. Presenter: Marian AlesonUniversidad de Alicante

  2. www.lte-project.com

  3. ICT • Innovation • Stress-reduced Objectives Contents and Objectives of National Curricula Best Practices • Foreign-language learning • to create a platform for existing and new projects DISSEMINATION

  4. Cooperation • Stress-reduced Learning • Innovative Guidelines • Surveys on Multimedia and IWB use interestedschools New Projects • Applications • Innovative Ideas • Support • Finding Partners • Conferences: Augsburg 2009

  5. LTE main FOCUS • Stress-reducedlearning • Innovation &Effective Learning • Multimedia • Interactive Whiteboards

  6. Stress-reduced Learning LTE conducts research in 15 European Countries 310 teachers with about 7000 students

  7. Constructivism DEVELOP & STUDY: • guidelines on innovative techniques/ strategies. • models of reflection • technology to promote interaction. INNOVATION: To produce something unlike anything done or experienced or created before To be ahead of the times in utilising advanced teaching methods. Multiple Intelligences Motivation Communication Collaboration Learning is a Process Achievement

  8. Best Practices Guidelines for Interactivity in Learning

  9. KEY THEMES • IT – Interaction for teacher trainees • IS – Interaction for students • RT - Reflection for teacher trainees • RS – Reflection for students • TS - Technology for students www.lte-project.com

  10. Teachers Involved • Choose 1 Guideline • Use it • Give us feedback CONTACT mt.morell@ua.es aleson@ua.es rvde@versateladsl.be

  11. ICT • Innovation • Widen participation, interaction • Increase engagement, motivation • Raising Performance • Quality of learning • Interaction • Administrative Work • Multimedia • Self-study, LLP • Attention to diversity,Learning styles

  12. ICT ICT as part of Language learning Curricula - per category

  13. Whiteboards • integrate ICT into lessons • encourages spontaneity & flexibility, • save and print the board • can share and re-use materials, • are easy to use inspires Innovative pedagogy

  14. Multimedia • Ideas • Short Films • Educational games • Digital Lexica • Virtual Museums • Interactive Ideas • Students producing • LMS – Learning Management Systems • Web 2 and Blogs

  15. Multimedia “A combination of several media types in a single digital object or collection, e.g. images, audio, video…” Digital Learners

  16. NEW PROJECTS Connected with LTE

  17. Language through content Multimodality IDEAS Vocational Education Vocabulary and VLEs Collaborative learning Learning to learn Reflexion and teacher training Students’ language creativity Development of Multimedia Materials The European Diet LTE VLE, Computers and Interaction Learning Awareness Pre-school and ICT The Ideal City Vocabulary & Second Life Second Life schools Stress & discipline


  19. THANKS for your ATTENTION!!!!!www.lte-project.com aleson@ua.es Marian Aleson University of Alicante

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