diversity and multiculturism in education n.
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Diversity and Multiculturism in Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Diversity and Multiculturism in Education

Diversity and Multiculturism in Education

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Diversity and Multiculturism in Education

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  1. Diversity and Multiculturismin Education Jessica Gillson Educ 2201/03 Beth Marks October 22, 2002

  2. Diverse and Multicultural Education? • Life is diverse, if students are taught real life then diversity should naturally be an intrinsic part of the classroom.

  3. Diversity and Multiculturalism Cont’d. • Diversity is differences, and no one is like anyone else; therefore, it is important to emphasize individuality. • Children see diversity and multiculturalism from an early age, in many places; they are used to it • home • the playground • television: Barney, Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, and Caillou

  4. Having a multicultural class means the teacher and students should all wear different hats.

  5. Foreign speaking children deserve the right to quality education. Public Education is free and, therefore, is our responsibility as a society to offer this to everyone equally (Brown v. Board of Education). In addition to the responsibility to non-English speakers, this offers English speaking students the benefit of experiencing first hand the wonders of another culture. The Necessity of Bilingual Education:

  6. On the other hand, as the world is slowly becoming smaller, it is also vital that students learn another language and culture. With the increase of the global market it is vital that students be prepared and trained to succeed within it. “The more one knows about the other language and culture, the greater the chances of creating the appropriate cultural interpretation of a written or spoken text” (Teaching Language in Context p39). Foreign language education = acceptance of other cultures. Bilingual Education Cont’d.

  7. Reducing the effects of Racism in the classroom: • any form of “teasing” will not be tolerated and will be met quickly with firm discipline • children will be expected to treat each other with respect • no derogatory language will be tolerated • As a teacher I will try to educate students about diversity and promote acceptance and celebrate individuality

  8. Differences within Students: How will I stay aware? • Respect each student. • Look at each student as an individual. • Don’t make generalizations about any student. • Take an interest in each student personally. • Celebrate individuality!