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Technology Reminders/Updates PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology Reminders/Updates

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Technology Reminders/Updates
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Technology Reminders/Updates

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  1. Technology Reminders/Updates Sheryl Priester Technology Trainer 239-377-0417 (phone)

  2. EZ Stub Direct deposit receipts will only be accessible through EZStub. EZStub provides online access to an employee’s current and past pay information. Logging in to EZStub…. Your initial USER ID is: the first six letters of your last name + the first two letters of your first name + the last four digits of your social security number. For example, if your last name is Johnson, and your first name is William, and your social security number is 123-45-6789, then your USER ID is: johnsowi6789; if your last name is Jones, and your first name is Donna, and your social security number is 987-65-4321, then your USER ID is: jonesdo4321. Once logged in make sure to update/change your email information. An email assures you of unique messaging features or delivery options such as the ability to reset your own password. Additional Information about EZStub.

  3. Security Reminders Lock your computer before you step away from it. Do not substitute locking your computer for shutting down/logging off at the end of the day. CCPS computer systems are for … BUSINESS USE ONLY!!!

  4. Passwords Your passwords are the keys to our computer systems. Keywords: secret, multiple, change, memorize To change/reset your password make sure that you have answered the challenge questions in your profile. This will enable you to change/reset your own password.

  5. E-mail Outlook Migration Project • Outlook Migrations are under way. • Facts about the Migration: • All of your personal folders, sent items, deleted items, calendars, and contacts will be transferred to Outlook during the migration. • The Migration does not affect your email address, novell login, TERMS, Gradebook, etc. It’s just new email software (i.e. a new way to access your email). • Training will be provided to all locations prior to the migration. • Additional correspondence will follow. • If your school/location has migrated to Outlook … send me a list of all new hires/returning individuals that have not been migrated. My email address is: GroupWise User vs. Outlook User • GroupWise User = GroupWise icon/GroupWise Webmail • Outlook User = Outlook icon/Outlook WebAccess

  6. E-mail How do I know if I am an Outlook User or a GroupWise User?

  7. E-mail BUSINESS USE ONLY !!! Your email account becomes a part of District Archives , therefore be cautious of the content of your messages (new email message, reply, forward, etc.)

  8. Upcoming Events Security Awareness Program Outlook Migration/Conversion Workshops and Additional Training

  9. Need Assistance • Consult the Technology Training Library Topics. • CCPS Work Order System • Email the HELPDESK • Lastly, call the Help Desk (239) 377-0445 • Example: Password resets #1 call this week. This could have been eliminated if people would have completed the challenge questions in their profile.

  10. Training Technology Training information can be found on the Technology Training website. Where is it? ask