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Architectural Engineers

Architectural Engineers. By Courtney Kitts. What is Architectural Engineering?. the application of engineering principles and technology to building, design and construction. What do Architectural Engineers do?.

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Architectural Engineers

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  1. Architectural Engineers By Courtney Kitts

  2. What is Architectural Engineering? • the application of engineering principles and technology to building, design and construction

  3. What do Architectural Engineers do? • Contrary to popular belief, an architectural engineer very rarely actually builds or sees the building being constructed. • For the most an Architectural Engineer design a building, certifies it, draws a blue print, edits blue prints, and checks for flaws in designs.

  4. Why are they important? • Without an Architectural Engineer, a blue print could not be drawn correctly, therefore buildings would not be built correctly. • Without them, buildings would also be structurally unstable and people could end up getting hurt.

  5. What Education is Required? • To become an Architectural Engineer, you are required to have completed Algebra 1 and 2, along with a college degree in Architectural Engineering. • Taking Geometry and Technical Physics is recommended.

  6. Where can I get my degree? • Penn State • Delaware Area Career Center • Harvard • University of Miami • Lincoln University • Pennsylvania Institute of Technology • Etc.

  7. How long do I have to go to college? • Although the time could vary depending on your schedule, but generally, it takes you Five years in college to get your degree.

  8. What jobs would I be qualified for? • Architectural Business Development • Electrical Engineer • Senior Electrical Project Engineer • Project Engineer • Construction Management • Etc.

  9. What are some companies I could work for? • Hager Engineering • Ryan Engineering • Blue C Developments • KEO • Architectura Inc. • Robersoin’s Inc. • Etc.

  10. Where could I work? • There are constantly jobs opening up for Architectural Engineers all over the country. • For Example; • Electrical Engineer - Rockville, MD • Plumbing and Piping Design Engineer - Mukilteo, WA • Etc.

  11. What is the Average Salary? • Depending on where you work, how long, etc., you could make a salary between $43,974 and $92,722 a year. • You could also make a money at a rate of between $15-$125 an hour, depending on you particular job.

  12. What is the average Income? • The average income for an Architectural Engineer with a degree in $71,009

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