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Ganesh: Multiple Industry Application PowerPoint Presentation
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Ganesh: Multiple Industry Application

Ganesh: Multiple Industry Application

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Ganesh: Multiple Industry Application

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  1. Multiple Industry Application

  2. Across the Spectrum • Ganesh Machinery offers a wide range of machine tools. • The possible applications aren’t limited to a certain set of industries. • Indeed, Ganesh has provided high quality machine tools for diverse industries with varying needs and specifications.

  3. Aerospace Solutions From engine parts to airframe to landing gear, the high performance capacity of Ganesh machines allows for extreme precision.

  4. Medical Solutions Laboratories and hospitals need sophisticated implants and components for operations and other delicate procedures. With health on the line, quality and precision are imperative.

  5. Farm Implement & Construction Equipment Solutions Equipment used in farm and construction applications often require larger and higher capacity machining solutions with greater than normal length-to-diameter ratios.

  6. Oil & Energy Solutions The sophisticated needs of the oil, natural gas, and hydroelectric industries can be truly demanding. Ganesh Machinery offers machining solutions that meet these demands through exacting standards.

  7. Job Shop Solutions Ganesh provides the kind of versatility that is critical for job shop operations of all varieties.

  8. Automotive Performance and Aftermarket Solutions The automotive industry requires high accuracy and reliability. The durable machining centers and lathes from Ganesh provide the needed flexibility for quick and efficient parts manufacturing.

  9. Fluid Power & Fitting Solutions Narrow tolerance fittings and seals are essential in the fluid power industry, and the highly stable machining solutions provided by Ganesh help ensure low dimensional variation.

  10. Research & Development Solutions In every industry, research and development are the starting points for future investment and growth potential. Ganesh offers versatile high capacity machining capabilities.