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Olympic Games 1-5 Will, Bobby, Chris PowerPoint Presentation
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Olympic Games 1-5 Will, Bobby, Chris

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Olympic Games 1-5 Will, Bobby, Chris
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Olympic Games 1-5 Will, Bobby, Chris

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  1. Olympic Games 1-5Will, Bobby, Chris Showed Americans superiority Held back because of the cost of traveling Olympic raised money for expensive journeys

  2. Olympic Games • American support of the Olympics led the international Olympic committee. To award the nation • American had the opportunity to shine without traveling

  3. Olympic Games • Like why did Europeans nations stayed away from the games? • The International flavor wasn’t there during the Games • The idea of the Games was huge. It involved Albert Spalding, James Sullivan Teddy Roosevelt, Casper Whitney and Luther Guick which are huge names in history

  4. Olympics 6-10Tyler, Bryan, Rick, & Tiquan Underwood

  5. Olympics 1900-1909 1904 was the first Games in which gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded Archery was added to the Olympic program for woman's Olympics Boxing, dumbbells, the decathlon, and freestyle wrestling were introduced to the Olympics.

  6. Olympics 1900-1909 cont. In swimming Hungary's ZoltanHalmay beat American J. Scott Leary by just one foot in the 50-meter event In the pool, Halmay once again edged Leary in the second race. In track and field, the marathon provided incredible, if not comedic, drama Run on a very humid day with temperatures reaching over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the runners left the stadium and embarked on a dusty, unpaved course

  7. Olympics 1900-1909 cont. Americans demonstrated their prejudice in referring to the runners as the two “Kaffirs” The 1904 marathon held significance for being the 1st Olympic race to include the 1st 2 black Africans to compete in the Olympics, Zulu tribesmen Lentauw and Yamasani

  8. Olympics 1900-1909The 400 meter track • Final between 3 US runners and 1 Great Britain • Carpenter (US) won the race, but his victory was taken away by judges • Great Britain's’ judges rules a re run and Carpenter was disqualified so the 2 other US runners refused to run • Halswelle (Great Britain) won unopposed

  9. Olympics 1900-1909 • Distance runners were not popular • The Bristish were favored to win event • Italian runner, DorandoPietri, set a fast pace • Pietricollasped in the race • Officials gave him a shot of strychnine which gave him energy • Officials dragged him across the finish line

  10. Olympics 1900-1909 • Refused to disqualify Pietri • AOC officials in awkward position protested Pietri’s victory • British officials believed that the Americans were solely focused on winning • If British runner finished behind Pietri there would not have been an issue, as they would have honored his valiant effort • British stated that Hayes forfeited the chance to become a huge icon in Great Britain • As a result, there were no longer be negative images in American athletes that the British people held for Americans • British felt that real sportsmanship would speak for itself with no protests in the race

  11. Olympics 1900-1909 • After 1908, American started bragging that they won the last five Olympic Games. They stated that they have created the “greatest athletic nation in the world.” • The British were offended and started attacking the US therefore starting a back and forth battle.

  12. Olympics 1900-1909 • The US brought many different ethnic groups for their Olympic team even though it did not reflect the true American.

  13. Olympics 1900-1909 • American athletes dominated track and field events • America was declared winners although U.S.. Did not win total metal count. • Athenians created time frames s events wouldn’t last forever • Great Britain was the leader in sports and were the only completion for the us in the Olympics

  14. Olympics 1900-1909 • US and Great Britain’s rivalry grows with games being held on British soil • US wants to destroy the British to prove to the world they are better • 1908 London organizing committee sets new standards following the Greeks • London games held in Shepherd’s Buch Stadium

  15. Olympics 1900-1909 • The American flag was not shown at the Olympics held in Britain. • The British government claimed they could not find a suitable flag. • America decided to break Olympic protocol and not bow the flag down to British King and Queen. • Media war was started to try to show the superiority of the media’s nation. • Kyle,Jake,joey