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Common Characteristics

Common Characteristics

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Common Characteristics

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  1. Common Characteristics During the 2013 ACSI Leadership Conference Private School Funding was discussed Nationwide Private Christian Schools remaining financially healthy share some common characteristics. They do not share every trait but seem to possess at least one. • They have or raise a tremendous amount of money through Annual Fund Drives • They implement some form of tuition assistance program. It is highly recommended that tuition assistance programs be needs based and not tied to skills or ability. • They are tied to a financially healthy church. The school can share the same property or be on different properties

  2. Points to Consider • SCA is providing a Christian Education and we need to decide how much it is worth. • Value is determined by what the consumer is willing to pay. • We have to determine if we can offer the education the consumer wants at the price they are willing and able to pay. • We need to make sure we are being faithful with what we have been given.

  3. Variable Tuition It is a financial aid program designed to make SCA affordable to anyone really wanting a quality Christian Education. Needs based assistance to ensure families have the opportunity to help their children receive a Christian education. Establishes and adheres to an objective based process which considers concrete variables (family income and expenses) when determining what a family can afford to pay. Needs Based.

  4. Families are required to apply every year to receive this needs based assistance. Students who excel in sports, the arts or academics are not given special consideration. It is completely based on the families financial needs and students must meet specific entrance criteria. SCA has students who based on their family’s financial situation receive money from the Florida Grant program “Step Up for Students Scholarship.” Athletes and non-athletes can receive this assistance and they can qualify for Variable Tuition. It is completely needs based.

  5. SCA is looking to fill empty seats but we will not give away tuition and we have not lower our acceptance standards to fill these seats. The students being granted Variable Tuition meet every entrance requirement criteria of behavior and academic standards, they simply have a financial need. It is completely needs based.

  6. Variable Tuition is the means by which families who demonstrate financial need and want their children to have a quality Christian education can meet this goal. This process is completed annually. Families are required to provide financial documentation every year. This process is separate from the enrollment process so we are not jeopardizing the integrity or quality of the educational services being offered by SCA.