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  1. OMNIPOSTER PRESENTED BY ARSEN SHAMHALOV The easiest way to post news in social networks for online media

  2. PROBLEM Editor of online media wants to post his news to social media maximizing traffic to his site from social networks Editor of online media wants to do this with a single button MULTIPOSTER

  3. SOLUTION Easy news publishing web service Simple integration with CMS and popular admin panels The only service that is able to post news in Russian 2nd most popular social network “Odnoklassniki” MULTIPOSTER

  4. BUSINESSMODEL Paid Subscription: our main income source is paid subscription which gives additional features to users (publish rate and additional social networks) MULTIPOSTER

  5. KEY TO SUCCESS Ease of integration Focus on russian social networks Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, MyMir Just insert 5 lines of code into the site (like Google Analytics) and get additional traffic from social networks! MULTIPOSTER

  6. HOW DOES IT LOOKS LIKE? One button Easy to post just from the site Just use the Sharebutton that would make fast posting to all social networks! MULTIPOSTER

  7. MARKETING INSTRUMENTS Twitter Facebook Banners Ads Company Website Google Ads Targeted Emails Cold calls ONLINE OFFLINE MULTIPOSTER

  8. COMPETITORS Hootsuite–the market leader, everything for everyone, cumbersome interface, only web interface is used. We focus on online media as a target audience and meeting their needs. Feedman, SproutSocialand other services are oriented on social media managers. We focus on content managersof online media. MULTIPOSTER

  9. FOUNDER ArsenShamhalov 22 years old Content manager of “” online media 2 years of programming experience Project is build on RubyonRails MULTIPOSTER

  10. KPI TILL 30.12.2013 Monthly Active Users (MAU) 1000 50 Paid subscription number MULTIPOSTER

  11. STATUS AND NEXT STEPS We are currently developing MVP Optimizing media publishing (photo & video attachments) Developing widgets for popular CMS’s MULTIPOSTER