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“ WondeR ”

“ WondeR ”

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“ WondeR ”

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  1. “WondeR” By r.Jpalacio

  2. Intro • “Wonder” by R.J Palacio is about a 10 year old boy, Auggie , who was born with a extreme facial abnormality. As he starts middle school after being home-schooled Auggie begins to get nervous. • This book is about Auggie struggling to cope with school,family and medical conditions.

  3. layout This story is told by five different people throughout the book, Auggie ,Summer (Auggies friend) , Via (Auggies sister) , Justin (Via’s boyfriend) and Jack (Auggies friend). All of these sections are then divided into different , short chapters. Each section begins with a inspirational quote.

  4. Characters • My favourite character was Summer. She didn’t care that Auggie had a unusual face it didn’t matter to her she decided to make friends with him and to see past his unattractive exterior. It didn’t matter to her that because of where his mouth he spat every where when he chewed she still sat with him at lunch. She didn’t care that people thought she was a loser for being his friend and even though she was told that if she left him she could join “the popular group” she ignored it and stayed Auggie’s friend. She didn’t feel sorry for Auggie and she didn’t treat him specially and that’s exactly what Auggie wanted.

  5. Character I didn’t likew • I didn’t like Julian. He was mean and spiteful and only saw what Auggie looked like. He made mean jokes. Talked about him behind his back. Julian is a cruel character and so is his mother. When the school photo was taken Julian’s mother photoshoppedAuggie’s face from the photo. They are a cruel family.

  6. Cover • I like the cover. It doesn’t give away his facial disorder, inside the book it doesn’t tell you exactly where all his features are on his face but you can work out whhat his face looks like throughout the story. Also the cover is bright it makes you want to read the book.

  7. Out of 5 stars I would give it 4/5!!!