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FIVB 2010-2012 Beach Volleyball Partnership opportunities

FIVB 2010-2012 Beach Volleyball Partnership opportunities. (Updated on 16.07.09). CONTENTS Candidature procedure The Goals of the 2010-2012 FIVB Organisers’ Partnership A Sport for the Media Sponsors’ benefits FIVB Sponsors’ reserved product categories

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FIVB 2010-2012 Beach Volleyball Partnership opportunities

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  1. FIVB 2010-2012 Beach Volleyball Partnership opportunities (Updated on 16.07.09)

  2. CONTENTS • Candidature procedure • The Goals of the 2010-2012 FIVB Organisers’ Partnership • A Sport for the Media • Sponsors’ benefits • FIVB Sponsors’ reserved product categories • FIVB Beach Volleyball Events: from the World Championships to the grass roots • 6. SWATCH-FIVB World Championships • 7. SWATCH-FIVB World Tour • Grand Slam • Open • 8. SWATCH – FIVB World Championships Youth and Junior • 9. Challenger and Satellite • 10. Other Type of Events

  3. Candidature procedure • Step 1 • By July 31, 2009- The organizers (the ones bidding for the first time for an event) to send to the FIVB the complete candidature file including: Entry fee (if applicable), WT/04, WT/21, WT/22, WT/23, formal commitment of the hosting NF to stage National circuit, lay-out of the venue/location, pictures of the location, tentative budget, sand approval, PR company for World Championships and whenever requested for Grand Slam. The FIVB may request at its discretion a bank guarantee or an advanced payment of the prize money. • The organizers having an existing agreement to send to the FIVB the Entry fee (if applicable) and the WT/21, WT/22, WT/23 forms, sand approval (if different from the 2009 season) and lay-out of the venue/location (if different from the 2009 season). All organizers having a contract in force with the FIVB should have been already received the invoice for the entry fee and for this reason, you are kindly requested to make the concerned payment by the deadline. • The above candidature file shall be sent to the FIVB via fax (+41 3453548) or/and email beach@fivb.org and mandatorily the original copies through air courier to the new FIVB address (FIVB Att. Beach Volleyball Dept. - Edouard-Sandoz 2-4, 1006, Lausanne)

  4. Candidature procedure continued Step 2 By September 15, 2009 – The FIVB and the new organizers to undersign the 2010-2012 agreement. Step 3 On October 17, 2009 (to be confirmed by the FIVB) – To participate at the Beach Volleyball World Tour Council in Lausanne. Only those organizers that have sent to the FIVB (by July 31st, 2009) a 100% complete candidature file and sign an agreement (Step1 & 2) will be eligible to participate at the next Beach Volleyball World Tour Council meeting (October 17). Please note that organizers signing for the first time an agreement are requested to submit by the Beach Volleyball World Tour Council meeting Appendix E duly signed by the Host TV Broadcaster while for the others such a document must be sent to the FIVB by January 2010 at the very latest. More detailed information about the 2010 requirements and FIVB TV plan will be provided on the occasion of the World Tour Council  Step 4 By mid November, 2009 (Latest by November 30) – the FIVB to issue the 2010 official calendar and the tentative 2011-2012 calendar.

  5. The Goals of the 2010-2012 FIVB Organisers’ Partnership The main objective of the Growth Plan is to give a strong message to the world of what Beach Volleyball stands for in terms of commitment, fair play and unity. Moreover, the Growth Plan is meant to reach the following objectives: ► Establish Beach Volleyball as the first summer sport all over the world by 2012; ► Maintain Beach Volleyball as a primary sport at the Olympic Games in London 2012; ► Strengthen the leadership of the FIVB aiming to stage first class events and at the same time prevent organizations to develop their own properties internationally by creating ambush marketing; ► Continue to develop the FIVB events in the FIVB events’ structure. Each event should be tied to the one above and/or to the one below in the structure, providing a tremendous and unique opportunity to promoters to grow further; ► Develop professional athletes; ► Generate sponsorship opportunities internationally, nationally and locally; ► Increase TV exposure worldwide through international Broadcasters; ► Increase live and live-delayed TV distribution through an efficient planning; ► Implement powerful worldwide partnership programs granting a Return of Investment to the hosting cities, sponsors, broadcasters, etc.

  6. The Goals of the 2010-2012 FIVB Organisers’ Partnershipcontinued ► Develop through the NFs and their Promoters successful National Tour or National Championships. ► Provide to the NFs and the Promoters the tools and experts to develop the Beach Volleyball movement in their countries as a whole including grass roots activities, set-up of permanent venues, education of officials, registration rules, events, etc. ► Set-up thousands of Permanent courts in major resorts all over the world for the enjoyment of the people of different races, religions, customs, etc. ► Create concrete opportunities for the implementation of events at all levels, teams’ participation, sponsorship programs, media coverage, merchandising, video game, web site, etc. ► Allow an easier and quicker progress in the World Ranking for new and competitive players through an Open participation system

  7. Number of Events and Prize Money Overall Prize Money & Bonus Pool Number of Events

  8. Broadcasting strategy: Programming • The FIVB ensures that the following are covered by TV: • ►Minimum Match coverage • Semi-finals • Bronze Medal match • Final • Awarding ceremony • ►14 highlight shows of 52 minutes each in 2008, featuring: • Match footage • Cities and venues • Interviews • Sponsor integration • Custom-made graphics and music • State-of-the-art image and sound editing • ►News • ►Unilateral transmission on demand

  9. Broadcasting strategy:Production • ►World Championships (every 2 years): • 10 cameras, including 1 super slow-motion for all days min. 4 matches • 1 ENG crew for FIVB use (for all days) • Fully produced international match coverage • Extensive domestic match coverage, highlights and news excerpts • Daily News production and distribution • Mandatory broadcast of at least the semi-final and final games • ►World Tour Open events: • 6 cameras for the final day of each gender’s event • Fully produced international match coverage • Comprehensive domestic coverage • One full day of an ENG crew for FIVB use

  10. Broadcasting strategy:Production • ►World Tour Grand Slam events: • 8 cameras, including 1 super slow-motion mandatory for semi-finals and finals games plus • 2 additional matches per gender’s event • 1 ENG crew for FIVB use (for all days) • Fully produced international match coverage • Comprehensive domestic match coverage and highlights • Custom-made graphics and music • State-of-the-art image and sound editing • Daily News production and distribution • Mandatory broadcast of at least the semi-final and final games

  11. 2008 SWATCH-FIVB WORLD TOUR Licensee

  12. International distribution in 2008

  13. International distribution in 2008

  14. International distribution in 2008

  15. A Sport for the Media The SWATCH-FIVB World Tour 2008 achieved new broadcasting records, as of October 3rd : ► Distribution of primary footage to over130countries; ►Potential primary audience of 604,630,660 TVHH; ► News distribution to 200+ countries, over 1 billion viewers. ► Beach Volleyball and Volleyball recorded best TV viewer/hours (3.5 Billion) at the Athens 2004 ►Increase of 77% of TV audience. ►Increase of 11% of number of hours on TV

  16. More Broadcasters…

  17. INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION Comparative Overview #1 – Hours of Programming

  18. Additional coverage

  19. 72 hours of televised action to five continents; featuring “live” daily coverage to 180 territories and a potential of 2.3-billion viewers; 42 broadcast right owners as compared to 24 in Gstaad 2007; • A list of television outlets broadcasted the 2009 World Championships in Stavanger centre court matches “live and/or delayed” is: NORTH AMERICA: United States - Universal/NBC SOUTH AMERICA : Brazil - TV Globo; PAN South America, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Equador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Spanish speaking Carribbean - DirecTV • ASIA• China - CNS• Hong Kong - PCCW• Malaysia/Brunei - MEASAT• Vietnam - TKL International distribution for the 2009 swatch fivb world championships

  20. A list of television outlets broadcasted the 2009 World Championships in Stavanger centre court matches “live and/or delayed” is: MIDDLE EAST/AFRICA• ASBU• UAE - DUBAI TV, UAE - Abu Dhabi TV• Egypt - Egypt TV• Kuwait - Kuwait TV• Saudi Arabia - Saudi TV Note - The Middle East territories covered by the above broadcasters: Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Mauritania, Yemen, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia EUROPE• Austria - ORF• Cyprus - Lumiere• Czech Republic - Czech TV• Denmark - Viasat• France - MA Chaine• Germany - DSF• Greece - OTE• Italy - Dalia TV• Poland - Polsat• Portugal - Sport TV Portugal• Spain - TVE• Switzerland - Star TV• Turkey - D Sport • News access: Reuters, SNTV and EBU

  21. In addition to the on-site television coverage, IMG Sports Media produced highlights of the 2009 SWATCH FIVB World Championships. They were distributed like its weekly SWATCH FIVB World Tour highlight show and scheduled by the following outlets. AFRICA - South Africa, Sub Saharian territories, Benin, Botswana, Burundi, Cameron, Central African Republic, Chad, Comores, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lesoto, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Reunion, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, St Helen Island, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbawe - Superspot. ASIA/AUSTRALIA - Hong Kong - PCCW, Australia - Fox TEN, New Zealand – SKY EUROPE - Austria – ORF, Denmark – Viasat, Sweden - TV4, Germany – DSF, Italy – SKY, Poland – Polsat, Belgium – RTBF, Portugal - Sport TV Portugal, Switzerland - Star TV, United Kingdom - Channel 4, Ireland - Channel 4, Czech Republic - Czech TV. 2009 swatch fivb world championships highlight coverage

  22. Continued improvements New graphics were introduced in 2004, developed by the same creative team as promotional material for SWATCH FIVB Senior World Championships and World Tour. The graphics were also revised and further improved in 2009.

  23. New TV & New media strategy • ►Improve the TV & New media products: • Increase the live streaming coverage (possibly all events’ Semifinals + Final) on FIVB.org • More clips for each event (collaboration with Freecaster.TV) • Highlights and/or Magazines • ready within a few days after the event to catch the event momentum and increase the audience interests • reduced to 26min format to become more attractive and more useful and easy to include in the broadcasters programming

  24. New TV & New media strategy CONTINUED • New media opportunities / tools to: • provide content making it available to the constant fan’s requests • drive more traffic on our website making it profitable • educate the audience to reach contents on a specific an dedicated place • increase audience by developing an extra and parallel content distribution • create affiliate program and content sharing: • WT/WCH TV (live stream, weekly clips, VOD) • New distribution partners (e.g. Web portals)

  25. Viewers’ profile in Europe Beach Volleyball profile A younger… 2008 Management +31% 14-39 years old 2008 +25% 2005 2005 … more female Top Management 2008 Women 2008 +57% +24% 2005 2005 Source: AGF/GFK, BARB, CKO-Intomart, MMS, Gallup, Sofres, AGB Polska, Arma/GFK Romania For each year so far: from first broadcast of the season to 21/09 of each year 20 19

  26. Europe France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Pan-Europe (Eurosport, Euronews) Americas Brazil, USA Asia / Pacific China, Japan 2008 TV Figures 2008 SWATCH – FIVB World Tour interim report by IFM Base: Beach Volleyball Swatch World Tour 2008 / Preliminary data, excluding Desk Research Countries / Monitoring completed till July 31, 2008 - remaining period uncompleted. IFM-Event-Index calculated on broadcasting time and audience rating per broadcast item.

  27. Beach Volleyball in the Press Coverage in major newspapers & magazines around the world

  28. Sponsor benefits for promoters • EXAMPLE OF LOGO BRANDINGS ON : • Panels on centre court (static or rotating) • Panels on side courts • Visual incorporating titles and sponsors • Net bands • Referee’s chair padding • Athletes’ and staff uniforms • Flags • Composite signage and billboards • Inflatable displays • Venue signage exposure • Stadium entrance • Scoreboard publicity on centre court • Outside courts scoreboards • Backdrops and podiums (interview, awarding ceremony, etc.) • FIVB website association to the event • Official tournament programme cover • Advertising pages in official tournament programme • Official tournament poster • Accreditation passes • Promotional materials • Promoter press releases • Umbrellas For more details about OTHER OPPORTUNITIES AND COMMERCIAL RIGHTS such as TV commercial rights exclusivity, Product category exclusivity etc. please contact the FIVB at: beach@fivb.org

  29. Rotating Panel Configuration

  30. Static Panel Configuration

  31. The new 2009-2012 SWATCH FIVB Visual

  32. EXPOSURE OF THE INTERNATIONAL TITLE SPONSOR AND LOCAL TITLE SPONSOR Titles onto the visual= • World Championships and Grand Slam: 50% to SWATCH FIVB WT title and 50 % to the local title • Open events: 60% SWATCH FIVB WT title and 40% local title, etc. The local title has to be always used together with the international title. The global exposure of the local title sponsor can never overcome SWATCH and vice versa on centre court, side courts, etc

  33. THE FIVB EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT CATEGORIES IN 2009 • Timing services: watches, clocks, timepieces, scoreboards, speed devices, timing-keeping devices, jewels, access equipment and services – Exclusive • Balls – Exclusive for balls • Sportswear – Exclusive official sportswear supplier for athletes (tops), FIVB Delegates, referees, line judges and Scorers for all Open events; court personnel and staff for all Grand Slam. Sandals are an exclusive product of the FIVB. • Betting & gambling - Exclusive • Video games associated to the FIVB properties (retrieved on all means) – Exclusive right for any form of Video game and Gaming platform

  34. THE FIVB EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT CATEGORIES IN 2009 • Food chain/Restaurant chain and coffee – Exclusive • Hotel chain – Exclusive • Merchandising – Any sort of exploitation in exclusivity on the worldwide territory of the Official merchandising associated to the FIVB marks (official uniforms and/or official product line) implemented with or without the cooperation of its sponsor(s), partners and suppliers. • New Media Party Rights (as per pg. 97 of the 2009 Beach Volleyball Handbook)

  35. SWATCH SWATCH will also have the right to place a SWATCH video truck, SWATCH Experience and SWATCH Point of sales in some designated events. - Additional promotion will be realized through SWATCH shops, point of sales worldwide and the sale of 2 Beach Volleyball watches. - SWATCH will support the promotion of the FIVB properties on major broadcasters. SWATCH through Swiss Timing will provide the official TV graphics to all Host Broadcasters.

  36. PR/ AdvertisingSummer Sport Collection CatalogueCirculation: 320‘000 pcs

  37. FIVB BEACH VOLLEYBALL EVENTS … from the World Championships to the grass roots Note: The FIVB reserves the right to modify the content of this document at a later stage


  39. SWATCH-FIVB World Championships presented by (promoter’s sponsor) ► Staged every 2 years; ► The best Men’s and Women’s Beach Volleyball teams, compete for the World Championships crown. ► Excitement, entertainment, emotion & energy come together in magnificent locations for an event that catch the attention of the most important global media. These elite players earn the highest prize money of 1 million dollars & World Ranking points. This event counts towards the Olympic Qualification process. Possibility of staging the preliminary phase in various locations ► The World Championships being the major FIVB event in the calendar has a different concept from the Word Tour (different promotion, different visual, etc).► The next available edition is in 2011 (subject to FIVB confirmation) and 2013. Applications to stage the World Championships in 2011 and 2013 event are still open & will close by July 31, 2009 and July 31, 2010 respectively. Apply using the forms , WT04, WT/21, WT/22, WT/23 and WT/05

  40. World Championships: organisers’ benefits • Guaranteed participation of top ranked Men’s and Women’s teams • Guaranteed worldwide promotion of FIVB & FIVB partners through all means • Worldwide large media, new media and TV exposure provided by the FIVB through live and live-delayed broadcasting, news and dedicated highlights program. Promoter can acquire from the FIVB a customized package with the inclusion of the sponsors logo or/and event’s logo. • To exploit the commercialization rights as per Marketing chapter of the Handbook. • Rights of a presenting sponsor and the possibility of developing a tournament title/logo to be incorporated in the Visual with FIVB approval; • 100% of sales of hospitality packages • 100% of private and government contributions and subsidies • 100% of national broadcasting rights sales • 100% of ticketing (VIP and grand stand)

  41. World Championships: organisers’ benefits • To have the exclusive right to appoint local Sponsors as per FIVB/NF-Promoter’s Agreement and to retain all consideration paid in respect of such appointments; • Right to develop with the FIVB a logo to incorporate the SWATCH-FIVB World Championships & the presenting sponsor; • to use a common visual identity for all marketing items enlisted in Appendix B Commercialization Rights, in the agreement, Marketing kit and in the Marketing chapter of the Handbook; • Use of the visual in all communications, billboards, backdrops, etc • Use of official graphics on all communications & integration of the presenting sponsor in the title of the event • Olympic Games qualification tournaments (from January 1, 2011 until July 2012) where higher World Ranking points than an Open or • Grand Slam will be awarded.

  42. World Championships: organisers’ benefits continued • Exclusive date in the calendar – no clash with major continental or intercontinental events • Full exclusivity for all major events in the host country during the term of the agreement and first right of refusal for other types of event in the same country • Exclusive use of its sponsors’ categories; • FIVB sponsors will supply their services and materials as per contract (e.g. 2 electronic scoreboards and speed serving devices on the centre court, uniforms, etc.) • BVIS results system for the prompt distribution of team participation, ranking, results etc. • 2 seats at the World Tour Council, 1 for the promoter and 1 for the national federation • Organization of SWATCH kids’ camps and environmental & development programs (if any). • to have the possibility to sell at the venue merchandise products produced by the FIVB sponsors and/or partners/suppliers, upon obtaining their written agreement/license.

  43. World Championships: organisers’ benefits continued • To have the exclusive right to sell official event’s programs on-site during the event and to keep any consideration paid thereafter; • Commercialization rights for national sales of on-court advertising exposure, on site events, printed materials, and hospitality programs available in accordance with the promoters’ product categories; • On-site composite signage (panels for local sponsors, flags, outside court scoreboard, inflatable, accreditation cards, exposure on uniforms, stadium entrances, billboards and backdrops, referee chair padding, awards ceremonies, podium, panels on side courts, umbrellas, venue signage exposure, etc.). All advertisements within the court area as described in the Marketing section (including the net bands); • Public access announcements and scoreboard publicity on Center Court • Tournament title and presenting sponsors’ appearance on the FIVB website, official tournament program cover, advertising pages in official tournament program, official tournament poster, promotional materials, press releases, etc.; • Trade village and sale tents;

  44. World Championships: FIVB participation • Coordination and implementation from the Beach Volleyball Department of the event master plan. • Set up of the Calendar • Organization of meetings with Promoters and preparation of World Tour Council and Beach Volleyball commissions meetings. • The FIVB will give to both genders a Bonus pool (additional to the Prize Money) • International media, new media and TV exposure with a dedicated plan to promote the competition internationally and sell FIVB rights worldwide • TV coordination, TV news, TV graphics, production of a highlights program and acquisition of commercial time on major broadcaster • Special nets free of charge featuring SWATCH on the mesh and promoter’s sponsor on the bands • Commercial rights reserved for its inventory for products in FIVB reserved categories, including the title sponsor of the event, panels, flags, inflatable etc in dedicated space • Assignment of the most experienced FIVB delegates, neutral referees and FIVB personnel on-site to assist the organizers. • FIVB to cover the costs of the doping controls.

  45. World Championships: FIVB participation • Transport of FIVB sponsor materials to the location of the event through the FIVB sponsor budget • Monetary compensation as per mandate or flat fee for 1 Press Delegate, TV Coordinators (if any), 1 Medical Delegate (if any), 1 Technical Supervisor, 1 Referee Delegate , 1 photographer and film crew (if any). • Costs through FIVB sponsors of their respective panels, flags etc • Inclusion of information & pictures related to the event in FIVB publications (Handbook, final report, media guide, Press kit, rules of the game) • Implementation of officials’ training program & seminars • Free access to videos, pictures & players’ biographies in the FIVB archives for promotional purposes • Distribution of press releases, invitation of journalists

  46. World Championships: FIVB participation continued • Realization of a visual & its application in cooperation with SWATCH (Marketing Kit) • Production of medals, FIVB flags & trophies • Coordination of the calendar & its worldwide promotion in order to avoid clashes with other Beach Volleyball events • Implementation of the FIVB rules of the game to create a spectacular sport • Beach Volleyball MIKASA balls • Organization of Gala event (if any) • Exposure of the event through the FIVB website • International travel of FIVB photographer • Implementation of organizational and promotional tools such as Media Guide, web site platform, refereeing resources, etc. • TV data collection through mandated agencies. • Implementation of competition regulations (withdrawals request, players’ eligibility, sanctions, etc.). • Controlling and sanction of non-authorized Beach Volleyball events

  47. World Championships: organisers’ participation • Venue of min. 8,000 seats including roofed VIP section for 800 people and a second recommended stadium of minimum 2,000 seats • Facilities as per the FIVB Handbook • Venue requirements. The organizers have the following options: • a. 2 official playing courts (+ training and warm up courts) • b. 6 official playing courts (+ 2 warm up courts) • The number of courts may vary depending on the competition schedule and total number of participating teams. • Minimum of USD 500,000 Prize Money both gender’s, net of any deductions & distribution of trophies for the top 3 teams. • Minimum of 6/10 days with 48 men’s and 48 women’s teams (12 groups of 4 teams qualifying the best two ranked teams in each pool plus the 8 best ranked 3rd teams) for a 32 team’s single elimination phase. • As many days of competition as required to accommodate the competition format in 2/6 courts • Competition criteria: Pool play + Single Elimination • No qualification tournament

  48. World Championships: organisers’ participation • Production of branding around the playing courts, outside court scoreboards, participating country flags, promotional material, platform, commentary position, etc • Board & lodging in a 4 or 5 star hotel for 48 for each gender (teams to leave the day after their elimination), for all FIVB delegates & local officials during the event. It is recommended that the promoters cover the board and lodging of the finalists (e.g. in case of a staggered event) for media purposes. • 1 major TV host broadcaster to produce the basic feed (minimum 8 matches per day), with minimum 10 TV cameras, 1 super slow-motion, 3 slow motion, a troupe ENG and news facilities for all days • Mandatory minimum broadcast of semi-finals & final games • A contract with the host broadcaster must be signed at the same time as the FIVB/organizer agreement • A fee (TBC) to be paid to the FIVB for the marketing & TV rights • Obligation to promote the event through its approved title • Rotating paneling system highly recommended on the centre court. Timing to be in accordance with FIVB marketing regulations • Insurance to cover risk of damage to people at the venue • Unas Media interned dedicated line • Host Broadcaster to cover satellite uplink SNG costs for all produced matches

  49. World Championships: organisers’ participation continued • Professional organizational structure, with long-term experience in managing, promoting & marketing successful Beach Volleyball Grand Slam tournaments • Organizing chart with an active, full-time, dedicated structure working in an equipped office at least two years before the start of the event • Promoter to provide on site catering for all accredited journalists (at least sandwiches and drinks) and set-up adequate internet wi-fi fast connection which may allow high traffic of information in the Press working facilities and stands. • Flat fee (USD 800 each per week) for 10 FIVB international referees and a minimum USD 50 fee per day for 14 local referees, court personnel and auxiliary officials. • All referees involved should be international Beach Volleyball referees and/or candidates, and in case the local Organizers wouldn’t be able to secure their respective quota in the above conditions, then they would have to cover the full costs (international transportation, board and lodging, local transportation and per- diem) of the eventual foreigner extra referees assigned by the FIVB to cover these local quota positions. • Moreover, should an Assistant Referee delegate be assigned, the promoter • must absorb the same expenses as for the Referee delegates • (local transportation, board and lodging) as well as the flat fee.

  50. World Championships: organisers’ participation continued • 2 inspection visits by 1 FIVB TV coordinator/FIVB Technical Supervisor including international & local travel expenses, board & lodging + a flat fee (USD 300) to the FIVB Technical Supervisor only. • Selection & training of the host country referees (minimum 14), auxiliary officials and court personnel • In the secondary courts an announcer and a small entertainment will be required as well as live scoring and statistics of the players. • International travel for all FIVB delegates (1 Press delegate, 1 Technical Supervisors, 1 Referee Delegate, 1 Medical Delegate (if any), 10 neutral International Referees, 2 TV Coordinators & 1 photographer) • Local transport for all FIVB officials, sponsors, consultants & Main Draw athletes • The FIVB through its promoters shall provide free local transportation to SWATCH representative (1 or 2 persons), Swiss Timing (2 or 3 persons), Descente and Mikasa from/to the closest international airport (as per Event’s Regulations) and to/from the Official Hotel(s) of the EVENT. • Responsibility for all taxes & duties on prize money, materials etc • Mandatory use of FIVB sports equipment: net, uniforms, balls and • approved sand. • Lighting system in accordance with FIVB rules for night matches.

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