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2010 Volleyball

2010 Volleyball. Rules Changes Major Editorial Changes Points of Emphasis Rules Interpretations. 1st Day of Practice: -Sat., Aug. 2 Date of 1st Contest: -no earlier than Mon., Aug. 16th. Playoff Dates: 1st Round - October 23 2nd Round- October 26

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2010 Volleyball

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  1. 2010 Volleyball Rules Changes Major Editorial Changes Points of Emphasis Rules Interpretations

  2. 1st Day of Practice: -Sat., Aug. 2 • Date of 1st Contest: -no earlier than Mon., Aug. 16th

  3. Playoff Dates: 1st Round - October 23 2nd Round- October 26 District- October 28 Sectional- October 30 Regional- November 2 State- November 6

  4. Coaches working with outside organized club teams (USA) may not coach the team during the dead periods if any players on the team are from his/her school. • Also, coaches (head or assistant) working with outside organized teams are limited to no more than 5 players from their high schools.

  5. Reminders: • Dead Periods: -Winter Try Out Dead Period Nov.1- Dec. 1 -Spring Try Out Dead Period Feb. 14- March 15

  6. Reminders, cont. • There is also a dead period during the last 5 student days each semester. • The weight room must also be closed during the last 5 student days of each semester • Weight training/conditioning can take place during the dead periods (open to all and required of none). • Ind. Skill development and open facilities are not allowed during dead periods. • On a given day, an athlete is limited to skill development, open facility or wt. Training/con

  7. Varsity Competition:Regular season play and playoffs- rally scoring- best 3 out of 5 games, 25 pt. Games (no cap) and 15 pt. deciding game (no cap) • JV Matches: will be 2 out of 3. All games shall be 25 pts. (no cap) Tournament Play: (12)- 11 pt. games pool play (rally scoring) equals a match; (7)- 15 pt. games (rally scoring) equals a match; or the reg. 3 out of 5 games (rally scoring).

  8. Playoff Match Time: • Will be 7:00pm, unless agreed upon to play at 6:00 pm. Any earlier time must be approved by the NCHSAA. • Saturday game times may be earlier if mutually agreed upon. • Games may be played earlier than the assigned date if mutually agreed upon.

  9. NCHSAA EJECTIONS **On All NCHSAA Ejections** Both officials must notify the head coach of the player being ejected and the player’s number. One of the following seven offenses: 1) Fighting 2)Flagrant Contact 3) Taunting, Baiting or Spitting toward an opponent or official 4) Profanity directed to an official or opponent 5) Obscene Gestures

  10. 6) Disrespectfully Addressing an Official Note: Deliberately Contacting an Official is automatic expulsion for the remainder of her high school career. 7) Biting Observed by an Official Penalty for an ejection for the above reasons results in an ejection from the contest and the player must miss the next two contests at that level and all contests in the interim. Exception : The penalty for an ejection for fighting would be the player will miss the next 4 contests at that level and all contest in the interim.

  11. Reminders: • Sportsmanship: if student or coach is ejected or DQ’ed, must complete the STAR Sportsmanship course on-line before returning to competition in addition to serving the contest penalty. NCHSAA.org; bottom right corner of home page is link for STAR Sportsmanship • Coaching Requirement: All coaches must still attend a required meeting with athletic director to view a power-point presentation prepared by NCHSAA Staff.

  12. Reminders, cont.: • If a student receives head injury or suspected concussion, he/she cannot return to practice that day and/or must have the return to play form signed by Dr. licensed to practice medicine before returning to practice and/or play; form has been developed by SMAC and can be found online under sports medicine or forms • Non-participant Admission Fee: Increased from $3 to $5

  13. EAP and RTP • EAP(Emergency Action Plan): This is a required document; should be updated yearly or when necessary; should include phone numbers, names of responsible persons for certain actions; should specify location of AED and who is responsible for making sure it is available for each contest. • RTP (Return to Play) Form: required for an athlete to return to practice or play after sustaining a head injury or concussion. (Now part of the NFHS rules and regulations)

  14. Reminders, cont.: • Pre-Participation (Physical) Form:Any student-athlete requiring a new physical (once every 365 days) must use the new form found on the website under forms and Sports Medicine. • Playoff Declaration “Opt Out”: A school has the option to “opt out” of the playoffs, provided it fills out the Playoff Declaration Form found on the website, submits it and it is in the NCHSAA offices prior to the reporting deadline for that specific sport. Submission means the school will not be considered for either an automatic berth or a wild card position.

  15. Reminders, cont.: • Amateur Rule: Money or awards having utilitarian value may not be given to students for participation in athletics. A player may accept a gift provided it meets each of these conditions: -is available to every member of the team -is totally consumable and nontransferable or is labeled in a permanent manner -is approved by principal and superintendent

  16. Reminders, conti: • Revised for Clarification: Eight Semester Rule- -First entry into 9th grade -or participation as an over-aged 7th or 8th grader Previous 2 Semester Rule- (only if your School System allows) Tobacco Products, Alcohol Beverages and Controlled Substances- policy now applies to regular season, as well as, playoffs.

  17. Reminders, cont. • NCHSAA Board Approved Increases for Team Allowable Expenses at State Championship • Unpaid Fines: Schools that have not paid fines to the NCHSAA are not eligible to compete in the playoffs for that sport (i.e., volleyball fine would be specific to volleyball playoffs) unless the fine is paid two (2) days prior to the reporting date for that sport.

  18. Reminders , cont. Any fine not paid at the end of the fiscal year (June 30-’09-’10) will carry over to the following school year making all teams at said school ineligible for playoffs until the fine is paid in full. • All forms and brackets on-line • Visit the NCHSAA website often/daily

  19. REMINDERS • Noise makers are prohibited at volleyball matches • No Body Paint is allowed (spectators or players) • Promoting good sportsmanship is everyone’s responsibility. Coaches set the example and tone for their players and fans. Jewelry: Coaches, please discuss the jewelry rule with your players. Newly pierced earrings must come out and may not be covered. NO BANDAIDS OR PLASTIC STUDS

  20. Line Judges: Line judges-need to use qualified people, whether adults or students -do not change line judges during the match -if you use players from the JV team, have them change into street clothes -they must work the entire match -in the playoffs, if both schools mutually agree to use registered officials the fee is $65 (full fee)

  21. OFFICIALS • For all sports, in the first two (2) rounds of the state playoffs, officials will be assigned by the local booking agent of the higher seeded team. (host school) • NCHSAA will advise schools on assignments of booking agents for regional round. • Booking agents are not allowed to work games except in emergency situations. Notify when this needs to occur. • Only when approval is given by the registered booking agent can their officials assist in calling matches outside their assigned association. • Exam Date: August 16th– 20th (mid night)

  22. Non-registered officials are not allowed to work JV or Varsity matches (Booking agents, do not assume they are registered) • Registration Deadline: June 15 (if you have to have someone register after June 15, you must call to request) • Booking Fee: $125 per booking and $100 for each additional booking in that sport • Coaches must not criticize officiating in the media. If quoted, be prepared to pay $400 fine. • Scorekeepers: -must not be cheerleaders -coaches, have your scorekeepers attend scrimmages so officials can help with the training (libero tracker also)

  23. If same crew works JV Match and the Varsity Match on same day the fee is: $77.50 • Official’s Uniform: -all white, short sleeved collared polo shirt with the NCHSAA Volleyball patch (Honig’s 1-800-577-9229, midatlantic@honigs.com -Black slacks (no shorts allowed) no sweats, warm-up pants, wind pants or flare legged style -Solid black athletic shoes and black socks -No other patches on the shirt

  24. Professionalism • The way you look (neat and well groomed) makes a statement from the beginning. • Do not carry on conversations with players or show attention to one team (coaches or players) more than the other • Do not call players or coaches by first names (even if you know them)

  25. Non-team Members, Team Members and PlayersRules 2-5, 6-1, 6-2 and 9-1-1 • Revised terminology and definitions delineate the difference between non-team members, team members, teammates and players

  26. Substitution RequestsRules 7-1-2 and 10-1-4 • Procedure for substitution prior to the start of the set: • Lineup submitted, deadline for submission has passed and prior to signal for serve • R2 shall recognize request and permit the substitution(s) • after checking the lineup for the requesting team • R2 will administer substitution(s) requested following regular substitution procedure • R2, while checking the lineup, discovers the incorrect player is on the court and does not appear on starting lineup • R2 has the correct player enter the court and incorrect player leave the court without delay • A request for substitution may be made and permitted • R2 completes the lineup check for that team and then administers substitution following regular procedure

  27. Substitution RequestsRules 7-1-2 and 10-1-4 • R2, while checking the lineup, discovers the incorrect player on the court and the number of the player listed on the submitted lineup sheet does not exist (e.g. no #12 on team) • R2 completes the lineup check for that team and notifies the head coach of the violation for submitting inaccurate lineup • Confirms the problem/violation with official and visiting scorers • The original player on the court remains on the court • Notifies opposing coach • The offending team is penalized loss of rally/point for submitting an inaccurate lineup to start the set

  28. Informal Signals • Before turning the set back to the R1 to resume play, the R2 • confirms line judges and table officials are ready • confirms both teams are ready • moves to the receiving team’s side of the net and makes good eye contact with the R1 • gives the ready to play signal

  29. 2010 Volleyball Major Editorial Changes

  30. The BallRule 3-2-1 ALL-WHITE BALL WHITE-GREY-BLUE BALL RED-WHITE-BLUE BALL All panels of the ball shall be solid white or a maximum combination of three colors (with each panel being a solid color) in which case at least one-third of the panels shall be solid white

  31. Editorial Changes • Rule 1-7-2 School personnel refers to faculty or administrator unless defined otherwise by state association • Rule 4-1-5 Deleted phrase “to control the hair” thus, referee does not have to judge intent of an otherwise legal device worn in the hair • Rule 10-2-5a Deleted phrase “but enter the sub zone one at a time”

  32. Editorial Changes • Rule 10-4-2d Included in the rules the procedure that was commonly followed for a libero replacement to enter the set at the end of a time-out • Rule 12-2-6 The NOTE emphasizes only the NOTE head coach may stand NOTE: The privilege to stand during play shall not be designated to an assistant coach. • Added Suggested Guidelines for Appendix B Management of Concussions

  33. 2010 Volleyball Points of Emphasis

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