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Formation of the Atmosphere PowerPoint Presentation
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Formation of the Atmosphere

Formation of the Atmosphere

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Formation of the Atmosphere

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  1. Formation of the Atmosphere The first atmosphere that Earth had was one made of two gases: hydrogen and helium. This atmosphere also was composed by ammonia and methane. Then when our Sun was formed, it released energy, which produce and outflow of charged particles. So that destroyed that first atmosphere.

  2. Formation of the Atmosphere Then another atmosphere was formed by the gases that Earth eruptions were releasing. These gases were water vapor and carbon dioxide. Then the oxygen appeared on Earth´s atmosphere when bacteria called cyanobacteria produced the oxygen by the process of photosynthesis. The chemical reactions produce the ozone layer. Then Earth was able to support life.

  3. Characteristics of the Atmosphere Composition: The Earth´s atmosphere is made of the mixture of various gases. These gases are: nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, other gases(argon, neon, helium, methane, krypton and hydrogen) and particles of liquids and solids.

  4. Characteristics of the Atmosphere • Layers: • Troposphere: • -Inner layer of the atmosphere • -Weather occurs • -Its depth varies ( 16km above the Equator, 9km above the Poles) • -Temperature: every kilometer (up) the atmosphere temperature gets cooler 6.5 ºC, but the constant temperature in a spot is of -60ºC.

  5. Characteristics of the Atmosphere • Stratosphere: • -Temperature: the lower stratosphere is -60ºC then this layer begin turning warmer, this happen because the upper part of the stratosphere contains layers of ozone, which absorbs the UV rays from the Sun. • -The airplanes and hot-air balloons fly here. • Mesosphere: • -Is the middle layer. • -Temperature: -90ºC • -Protect the Earth of meteoroids.

  6. Characteristics of the Atmosphere • Thermosphere: • -Temperature: up to 1800 ºC • -The air is very thin. • Ionosphere: • -The energy from the Sun transform gas molecules to become into ions • -The aurora borealis form here • Exosphere: • -Is the outer layer of the atmosphere • -The satellites are floating in this layer

  7. Importance of the Atmosphere • The atmosphere is very important because of the next reasons: • 1. Protect us from UV rays • 2. Make the changes in weather • 3. Protect us from meteoroids • 4. It provides us oxygen • 5. It let an amount of Sun´s radiation enter to Earth to warmth it and make the water be in liquid form.

  8. Relation Between human Activities and the Atmosphere SO2 orsulfurdioxideisone of themainatmosphericpollutioncomponents, and usuallyused as anindicatorto monitor theenvironmentalpollution. Thespatio-temporal of SO2 in urbanaeraprovidescriticalinformationonthe air qualitycontrolling. Beingthedevelopeddistrict of China, Zhejiang Province and Mexico D.F.

  9. The OMI SO2 is the measurement of sulfur dioxide, and this have change a lot in this last years in too much places: from the 2005 to the 2008 in China, Zhejiang Province. Thehighest SO2isappeard in thenothernpart of this city in winter and the lowest in forest regions. .The SO2 isverydangerousforus and fortheonesthat produce. TheEarthsatmosphere has change a lot, because a lot of peopleare smoking and uses a lot of cars so thatsmoke contaminatestoomuchthe atmosphere. .The SO2 isvery dangerousforus and forthe onesthat produce. TheEarths atmosphere has change a lot, because a lot of people are smoking and uses a lot of cars so thatsmokecontaminatestoo muchtheatmosphere. Here you can see Chinese people have to use masks because there is very pollute.