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Early Years

Early Years. Born: 1501/1507, at Blickling Hall, Norfolk Grew up: at Hever Castle, Kent Father : Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire Mother : Lady Elizabeth Howard, Countess of Wiltshire Siblings : Mary and George Boleyn. Thomas. Elizabeth. Mary. George. Early Years.

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Early Years

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  1. Early Years Born:1501/1507, at Blickling Hall, Norfolk Grew up:at Hever Castle, Kent Father: Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire Mother: Lady Elizabeth Howard, Countess of Wiltshire Siblings: Mary and George Boleyn Thomas Elizabeth Mary George

  2. Early Years Spring 1513: intheNetherlandswith Habsburg Margaret Habsburg Margaret October 1514: in France withQueenMary and Queen Claude Claude de France

  3. Appearance thick, darkbrownhair darkbrowneyes olive-colouredskin long, elegantneck smallbreasts

  4. Life in England 1521:marriageplanwith James Butler Mary: - married William Carey - King’smistress - twochildrenfromtheKing Atthecourt of Henry VIII:

  5. The Rise • Henry VIII startedtowooto Anne • Precedence over others • Takeplacein policy and instate • 1531:Catherinewasexiledfromthecourt • 1532:Marquess of Pembroke • Pregnancy • 25 January 1533: secretlymarried Henry VIII • 23 May 1533: officiallymarried Henry VIII Henry VIII Catherine of Aragon

  6. Queen Anne 1 June 1533 Queen of England ”The most happy” • over 250 servants • severalpriests • lavishness • unnecessaryluxuries

  7. Queen Anne 7 September 1533: Elizabeth I wasborn January 1534: pregnantbutmiscarriedthechild October 1535: pregnant again January 1536: Henry’saccidentmiscarriage Henry turnedawayfromher Jane Seymour, theKing’snewmistress

  8. The Fall Accused of being theQueen’slover: Mark Smeaton Sir Henry Norris Sir Francis Weston George Boleyn

  9. The Fall 2 May 1536: arrestedoncharges of adultery, incest andhightreasontakentothe Tower of London 15 May 1536: Anne and George wereputontrial

  10. The Fall 19 May 1536: Anne wasexecutedatthe Tower Green Buried:intheChapel of St. Peter ad Vincula

  11. InPopularCulture The Other Boleyn Girl, 2008 Anne of theThousandDays, 1969

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