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  1. Illustrator By Selena Unger

  2. Job Overview An illustrator draws or paints illustrations for use by different media. They study layouts and sketches of illustrations, and related material to become familiar with the assignment. They determine the style, mediums and techniques that are best suited to achieve the desired effects and requirements and receive specific instructions regarding the options. An illustrator can create images that are realistic, stylistic or abstract depending on the outline of the project. An illustrator might create images corresponding to information in a newspaper, articles, journals or books. Illustrators can also work with technology to create illustrations for games or websites.

  3. Why Am I Interested I am interested in this career because I am very passionate about drawing. As an illustrator I would be able to use these skills and fulfill my passion while sustaining a suitable income that I can rely on. I have been interested in a career in art since the start of high school and it was then I discovered this option and I knew that it was what I would want to do.

  4. Education Pathway I would like to take these courses at Emily Carr University of Art to receive my Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Visual Arts. This will take a total of four years, once I have completed my BFA I will enroll in course to receive my Master of Applied Arts focusing in the study of Visual arts at Emily Carr. Depending on if I choose to take the Resident program (21 months) or the Low-Residency program (28 months) I would be in school for a maximum of seven years. Per year tuition would cost me $3798.90 on top of this supplies per year cost $2500. I will be living with my grandparents who live near the university. Before entering university I plan to work full-time while living at home for about two years to save up money for university. I will also apply for a student loan, bursaries and I will also receive financial help from my two parents and my grandparents.

  5. Salary Future Outlook Average salary $53,000 a year. In Vancouver the lowest wage I could earn would be $15.00 an hour the average: $23.05 and the highest: $38.46. People will always need people to create and design basics for movies and video games and books. Especially in this age illustrators are definitely in demand.

  6. Working Conditions Illustrators need lots of equipment such as art materials including paper, pencils, coloured inks, brushes, watercolour paints, coloured pencils. They also need light boxes for tracing, drawing boards, computers and illustration software, scanners and cameras. Illustrators can have very irregular working hours including weekends, this is especially true if they work independently or have to reach deadlines. Many Illustrators work alone but many have contact with clients, publishers, editors, art directors or authors. Most work in their own homes or in studios.

  7. Related Occupations If I were to be anything other than this I would be • High School Art Teacher • Freelance Artist • Ecologist

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