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  2. Table of Contents • Why do we market a wed site? • Means of Marketing a web site. • Web Site Marketing Problems. • Benefits of Marketing via the WWW. • Down side of on-line marketing. • Conclusion • Work Cited.

  3. Why do we market a web site? “Our company has just spent xx dollars to design and submit a Web site to the search engines. We really expect to get Internet business, but we haven’t.” What is wrong?

  4. Web Site is not Marketed Appropriately. People do not know that a web site exist.

  5. Why do we market a web site? • A lot of money was invested on the web site. • We can post a lot more information on a web site. • Increase in customers. • Cheap way to inform millions of customers of new product and services. • Stay competitive.

  6. Means of Marketing a Web Site • Print campaign • Unified message campaign • Fax • Telephone • E-mail Marketing • Banner Advertising

  7. Print Campaign • General Motors launched a print campaign for the Hummer’s 2000 Web Site. • The marketing budget was tight and GM could not accord an extensive marketing campaign. • GM advertised it web site in all of its print ads; magazines, billboards, brochures, etc.. • Even referred customers to its web site through its TV and radio campaigns. 1

  8. Print Campaign • Include your web site and e-mail address on all company letterhead. • Include web address and e-mail on all of the employee’s business cards. • Include web address on “ALL” of the companies advertising campaigns. 2

  9. Means of Marketing a Web Site • Use all communication tools to market your web site. • When sending e-mails, refer customers to web site. • On your greeting messages on the telephone refer customers to your web site. • On meetings or casual conversations with customers encourage them to refer to your web site. • Do not rely solely on on-line advertising for exposure to you web site. 3

  10. Web Site Marketing Problems • There are an estimated 800 million web pages as of June 1999. (NEC Research Institute, Princeton New Jersey) • Web designers are not experts in Internet Marketing. • Memorable Internet Domain names. • Structural Design of you site. • Search engines look for HTML language. • Companies want a flashy and colorful web site. 4

  11. Web Site Marketing Problems • With so many web pages on the Internet how do you gets yours at the top of the list of a search engine? • Get an Internet Marketing expert

  12. Web Site Marketing Problems Memorable Internet Domain names. • A domain name is used for easier recognition and recall of a web site. • According to Network Solutions, Inc. about 300,000 Internet domain names are registered each month. • The wrong domain name can cost the company thousands of dollars each day.4

  13. Memorable Internet Domain names. • Best bet of people remembering your web addresses is • Using “.net,” or “.org” as an extension you have already lost potential customers.4

  14. Memorable Internet Domain names. • What do you remember most: 1-888-Homeloans or 1-800-Homeloans • Same thing: or

  15. Memorable Internet Domain names. • Pick a name that you do not have to • Do not use hyphens. • Do not use abbreviations.

  16. Structural Design of your Web Page • It is not enough to submit your web page to a search engine. • Search engines look at the way your page is written an the underlying HTML source used to create it.

  17. Structural Design of your Web Page • To ensure that your web site is found make sure to include titles, alt tags, meta tags, domain name, meta description, and HTML content. • The better the design structure the better the chances of having your site rank higher by a search engine. 4

  18. Achieving instant international exposure. Reaching potential clients on a global scale. Spending fewer $$ on marketing. Interactive advertising Educating, entertaining, and selling interactively Communicating effectively No geographical boundaries or time limits. Tracking and retaining valuable info. Increasing timeliness of your message. (update changes easily) 5 Benefits of Marketing via the WWW.

  19. Down side of on-line marketing • It is very costly. • Technology is changing very fast and it is hard to keep up with the latest trends. • Paying for and Internet expert to design and market the web site.

  20. Down side of on-line marketing • Training employees to respond to Internet business. • Not having the appropriate web structure to be highly ranked by search engines. • Web site is not fulfilling company’s expectations.

  21. Conclusion If you are given a marketing budget use all forms of communications to market your web site. Even those annoying banners. They are still exposure to your site. Turn to outside sources for help in advertising.

  22. Conclusion cont.. Do not assume that because you have a web site in a search engine your work in done.

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