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Planning your Business Web Site PowerPoint Presentation
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Planning your Business Web Site

Planning your Business Web Site

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Planning your Business Web Site

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  1. Planning your Business Web Site Business Web Site Project

  2. Starting an e-business • Like any business, a commercial Web site has to attract customers. • To do this, an e-business has to start with a good business plan. • Your business plan should identify • The product or service you will sell • The type of customers you expect • The methods you will use to advertise, market, and sell your product or service • The expenses you expect to have and the income you expect to receive

  3. Your web site should provide a way to • Advertise your business • Similar to a newspaper or magazine ad • Market your product or service • Similar to a brochure or coupon • Browse products • Similar to a printed catalog or store’s shelves • Place orders • Similar to a customer service counter or placing an order over the phone • Pay for orders • Similar to a check-out counter

  4. Successful business sites • Make it easy to find the information they need • Without having to click through a lot of pages • Without waiting for long downloads • Clearly describe the products or services you offer • Provide prices and availability of products or services • Provide ordering and shipping instructions • Customers should feel there is an advantage to doing business with you

  5. The first step is planning the Web site • Define the site’s goal and purpose? • Determine how visitors will use the site and the information they require. • Plan the Web site’s pages and their relationships to each other (including navigation options and hyperlinks). • Prepare the Web site’s content. • Plan the appearance of pages in the Web site.

  6. The Second step is creating the Web site • Create Web pages • Create your home page (first impression) • Create a table or layout table for information that needs to be organized • Create any forms needed (contact for information and/or ordering products/services) • Create an FAQ page (use Named Anchors) - 5 • Provide contact information • Write a press release or create a page with information about the owner(s) - optional • Create pages specific to your product and/or service

  7. The Second step is creating the Web site (CONT.) • Set up navigation structure • Design appearance • Links to pages (text or buttons) • Background, banner, and/or logo • Basic formatting and/or Cascading Style Sheets • Add graphics • Professional looking, easy to read, and not cluttered

  8. The third, fourth, and fifth steps • Test your Web site • Publish your Web site • Locate a host for your Web site • Maintain your Web site • Edit and update

  9. Assignment • Determine the name of your business and domain name of your Web site • Create a Business Plan • Create a sketch (or storyboard) – layout of Web site • Use your business plan • Follow the steps for “Planning the Web Site” • Create this on paper or electronically • Begin creating Web pages • Develop five (5) pages, includes the home page • Visit Web sites of a similar business for ideas