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IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5 PowerPoint Presentation
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IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5

IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5

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IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5

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  1. IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5 Release Highlights May 5, 2011

  2. Disclaimer The information on new products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information on new products is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract. The information on new products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion.  

  3. 2011 Asset Management Product Roadmap Maximo Asset Management Maximo Spatial Asset Management Maximo Industry Solutions • Oil & Gas • Transportation • Utilities • Life Sciences • Nuclear Power • Government TRIRIGA Portfolio - TBD IBM Real Time Asset Locator for Healthcare Maximo Asset Mgmt 7.5.x.0 • Industry Solutions • Add-on’s Maximo Asset Configuration Manager IBM Real Time Asset Locator TRIRIGA Portfolio - TBD Maximo for Service Providers Maximo Asset Mgmt. Essentials Maximo Adapter for Oracle Maximo DCIM 7.5.x.0 Maximo for Safety, Risk & Compliance Maximo Archiving with Optim Data Growth Solution Maximo for Internal Service Providers Intelligent Building management Solution 1.x Maximo Adapter for SAP Maximo Mobile Suite Q2 2011 Q3 2011 Q4 2011 2012 Maximo Scheduler Maximo for Data Center Infrastructure Mgmt Maximo Mobile 7.5.x.0 Fix-pack Fix-pack Fix-pack 6.2.8 Maximo Everyplace 7.5.x.0 Maximo Adapter for Primavera Fix-pack Intelligent Building Management Solution Maximo Everyplace Fix-Packs TAMIT Maximo Adapter for Microsoft Project Releases TSRM New Products CCMDB Maximo adapter for ITM Planned Releases The information on the new product is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information on the new product is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract. The information on the new product is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion.   .

  4. What’s Next?...... Maximo 7.5 ! Released on April 29, 2011

  5. Maximo 7.5 – 3 Major Areas of Focus • New & Enhanced Supply Chain Management • PO/PR/RFQ/Invoicing • Inventory/Receiving • Expanded Capabilities • Customer Driven Requirements • Satisfy Functional gaps • Improved Usability/Maintainability • Address Integration/ERP • Return on Investment • Automation Scripts • Application data Import/Export • Enhanced Migration Manager • Usability & Performance • Additional Configuration • Lower Cost of Implementation • Lower Cost of Ownership • Easier to configure & support • Continued Leadership and Innovation in EAM • Enhanced Work & Asset Management • Linear Asset Visual Control • Deep Vertical Functionality • Improved End-User interaction

  6. Maximo 7.5– Expanded Footprint Asset Management Work Management Materials Management Purchasing Contract Management Service Management • Locations • Repair Facilities • Asset • Asset Templates • Failure Codes • Linear Assets • Visual Control • Condition Monitoring • Meters • Meter Groups • Job Plans • Revisioning • Work Order Tracking • Assignment Tab • Hard/Soft Reservations • Repair Facilities • Safety • Quick Reporting • Labor/Crafts • Tools • Preventive Maintenance • PM Forecasting • Master PM • Assignment Manager • Item Master • Storerooms • Inventory • Inventory Usage • LIFO/FIFO Costing • Consignment • Transfer via Shipment • Default Costing • Condition Codes • Stocked Tools • Service Items • Request for Quotation • Receiving • Receiving Inspections • Shipment Receiving • Purchase Requisitions • Invoices • Invoice Reversals • Purchase Orders • Revisioning • Receipt Tolerance • Desktop Requisitions • Purchase Contracts • Master Contracts • Warranty Contracts • Lease/Rental Contracts • Labor Rate Contracts • Premium Pay Rates • Payment Schedules • Service Groups • SLA Management • Change Management • Incidents • Problems • Changes • Releases • Solutions Enhanced Workflow – Event Driven, Context-based / Escalation Manager KPIs / Reporting/ Ad-hoc Reporting/ Cognos Integration Security/Administration/Configuration – Automation Scripts, Migration Manager Integration/Web Services – Import & Export direct from applications

  7. Maximo 7.5 Beta program • Maximo 7.5 Beta testing – started in December 2010 • Hosted in a cloud by the beta team in India • Over 15 client companies & business partners • Global coverage with cross-industry representation • North America, Asia, Middle East & Europe • Southern Company, Duke, KNPC, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Bluewater, others • 50+ individuals as registered testers, additional companies/testers added weekly • Excellent participation, customers actually testing • Over 75 unique postings of feedback, questions, comments, bugs • Focus on Supply Chain, but also hitting Work Management applications

  8. Maximo 7.5 Beta program – Participant Quotes • “Happy to see Supply Chain getting new functionality”. • “Could see good amount of improvements, administration point of view, saves time/increases accuracy in migrations and reduces number of outages for smaller changes.” • “The Beta 7.5 was a great reference which desperately helped with insight into updates. For the majority I was pleased with the site. Maximo 7.5 incorporates major changes which allow more flexibility and less customization. “ • “Greatly Improved on the SCM side. Can see where the foundation is being laid for next generation Maximo to be a complete Supply Chain and Work Management Solution.” • “Some new features added on SCM that make it competitive to other ERP packages like SAP” . • “The Beta of Maximo 7.5 is impressive and superb! The new design, the speed and the quality are incredible. Happy to see that some changes requested from us are now in the core product.” • “Upgrading to Maximo 7.5 will require the least change management compared to any other Maximo upgrades we have applied.” • “The Modules in Maximo I've tested have been working perfect so far. No Errors encountered.” • “Better user interface. Better performance. Additional applications available.”

  9. Maximo 7.5 Highlights

  10. Maximo 7.5 Technical Platform Developed on current R7.1 Architecture: • J2EE based Enterprise Application • Web Application Interface for users to access Maximo applications via Browser • Fully configurable from presentation content to the business logic • Configurable Authentication (Database based or LDAP based) • Integration mechanisms via Web Services, JMS, HTTP, EJB, XML files, Flat files and Interface tables in database • Built-in reporting using BIRT/Cognos/TCR and support for integration with customer’s reporting systems • Supported Application Servers • IBM WebSphere Server • Oracle WebLogic Server • Supported Database Platforms • DB2 • Oracle • MS SQL Server

  11. Operating Systems AIX 7.1 RHEL 6 Database DB2 9.7 DB2 9.8 Application Servers Websphere Server 7 Weblogic Server 10.3 LDAP Tivoli Directory Server 6.3 Windows Server AD 2008 R2 Operating Systems AIX 5.3 RHEL 3 RHEL 4 SLES 9 All Linux 32 bits flavors  Database DB2 8.2 DB2 9.1 Application Servers WebSphere 6.1 Maximo 7.5 Planned Platform Updates Updated: Deprecated:

  12. Maximo Open Report Architecture V7 Reporting Integration Externalized Integration Integration Embedded Open Database Platform External Report Integration Cognos Reporting 8 Tivoli Common Reporting (free) BIRT (free) DB2

  13. Enterprise, Formatted Reports Types of Core BIRT Reports Available Ad Hoc, Dynamic Reports for Heavy, Multi-User Access for Individual Use Created on Fly No Database/Java Skills Needed Variable Content/Format Leads to Tremendous Time + Cost Savings! Created in BIRT Report Designer Requires Database/Java Skills Fixed Content/Format

  14. Enhancements Areas • Supply Chain • Materials Management • Purchasing • Receiving • Invoicing • Misc • Work and Asset Management • Work Order • Job Plan • Repair Facility • Assets • PMs • Usability • Improved Efficiency • New Skin • Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) • Migration Manager • Scripting

  15. Materials Management • Item Master – Add ‘true’ stocked/non-stocked item support • Resolves functional gap on usage of stocked/non-stock item terminology. Better alignment with ERP systems. • Inventory Usage Application – Add a ‘statusable’ document for issuing and transferring items • Provides for streamlining the issue and transfer process while increasing the breadth of functionality: Support for workflow of issues and transfers, staged and shipped items, multiple assets and source bins per line. • Issues and Transfers – Transfer via Shipment • Enhances and streamlines business process for items in transit. Serves as a foundation for manifesting for Oil & Gas customers. • Issues and Transfers – Hard/Soft material reservations • Addresses functional gap in materials mgt by allowing requested items to be set as a hard or soft reservation.

  16. Materials Management • Inventory Costing Enhancements • Default Costing Method (Avg, Std, LIFO, FIFO) • Allows the user to set the costing method for an item at the inventory level. • LIFO/FIFO Inventory Costing • ‘New’ costing method to allow for valuation at actual receipt costs on a LIFO or FIFO basis • Consignment Inventory • Adds support for ‘vendor-owned’ inventory valuation. Allows for items to be paid for on use rather than pay on receipt

  17. Purchasing • PO Revisioning • Benefit: Improves the process for creating PO revisions. Applies the 6.x revision capabilities to the PO application. • PR/PO/RFQ/RECEIPTS/INVOICE – View entire supply chain • Will provide the user with the ability, from one screen, to view all upstream and downstream processing of any line items currently in the supply chain. • Item Master, PO – Tax exempt items • Provides support for setting items as ‘tax-exempt.’ Tax exempt items will bypass the normal tax code application process on purchasing lines. • RFQ: Allow item comparison in base currency • Currently, quotes may be submitted in various currencies and there is no valid way to compare the line items in this case. The functionality will use the Exchange Rates app to display the line items in the native and base currency.

  18. Receiving • Receipt Tolerances • Provides functionality to control against ‘over-receipt’ of lines against a PO. Establishes a tolerance threshold at which the user can be either warned or stopped during an over-receipt situation. • Add functionality for returning received services • Brings service receipt return functionality in line with what is offered for material receiving. • Support for voiding a receipt. (ie: cancelling a receipt line) • Allows the reversal of a receipt line, similar to a return, and reverse balance updates, etc, but would NOT allow the user to create a credit invoice for the voided line. • Receiving application requires functionality to select an asset for return to a vendor • Provides the functionality to select the asset being returned and business logic to disable the use of the returned asset records.

  19. Invoicing • Ability to create invoice reversals • Allows the creation of reversal invoices against PO lines that have already been fully matched. Also allows for the ability ‘back out’ an approved, but incorrect invoice. • Cross Site Invoices • Ability to create an Invoice containing POs from other sites in the same Org. • Enhance ‘Copy PO Lines’ dialog box • Enhances usability by allowing invoice users to filter on additional fields. • Add functionality for setting the date to derive the financial period • Benefit: A Posting Date will be added to the invoice header to be used to derive the financial period. • Default Table Window • A new Default Table Window added to the Invoice Lines tab

  20. Accounting Enhancements • Chart of Accounts - Date ranges for account validity • Benefit: Addresses customer-requested functional gap. • Chart of Accounts – Different GL account structures per Organization • Addresses customer-requested functional gap. • Better alignment with ERPs.

  21. Miscellaneous Supply Chain enhancements • Labor Contracts – Premium pay rates on labor contracts • Allows that the same options that are available on the labor record would be available on the labor contract record. • Organizations – Support multiple addresses per site • Allows for additional addresses to be registered against a site. This data will be used by the purchasing applications in the scenario where multiple ship-to and bill-to addresses are possible per site. • Person – Associate multiple commodity codes with a person record • Benefit: Satisfies the use case of a ‘buyer’ person record. Person records associated with these commodity codes could then be used within workflow etc, for routing purchasing documents to the appropriate individual.

  22. Work and Asset Management

  23. Work Management Enhancements • Work Order Tracking – Additional Cost information displayed in the work order • Adds additional visibility into related purchasing records from a work order. • Work Order Tracking – Add visibility for storeroom materials on backorder • Fills a functional gap in work orders by adding visibility of a ‘waiting material’ situation for storeroom items in addition to direct issue items. • Assignments tab added to Work Order app • Enables labor assignments directly on the Work Order • Job Plan Revisioning • Optional system setting to enforce tracking of JP revisions/revision history • PM Forecast tab added to app • Ability to generate forecasted dates for Preventative Maintenance records • Decoupling Owner and Owner Group • Ability to assign both to a Work Order or Ticket based record

  24. WO Costs and Material Status

  25. Assignments tab –enables labor assignments directly on the Work Order

  26. Job Plan Revisioning – optional system setting to enforce tracking of JP revisions/revision history

  27. PM Forecast tab – ability to generate forecasted dates for Preventative Maintenance records

  28. Repair Facility

  29. Requirement • Some assets operate across the virtual geographical boundaries of Maximo sites • Repair and maintenance work may need to be performed at a facility that is not in the same Maximo site as the asset • “How can I EASILY insert a work order for an asset from a site other than my default insert site?” • The Maximo work order defaults to a site and the asset must be in this site • The work order is “owned” by the site and location of the asset • Customers want the ability to have the location performing the work to “own” the work order and potentially be in a different site than the asset.

  30. KC KC KC KC Fixed Assets vs Mobile Assets Work Order: 1234 Asset: HVAC Asset Home Location: Denver Repair Location: Denver Work Order: 5678 Asset: KC Asset Home Location: Kansas City Repair Location: Plano

  31. Solution • Allow users to EASILY insert work orders for assets from any site • New asset field validation allows valid assets from multiple sites • Introduce the concept of a Repair Facility • A location identified as a Repair Facility (check box) • Work order based records can be assigned a repair facility • Work orders, changes, releases • The repair facility can be from a site other than current site • Within the same organization • New security groups feature for Repair Facility authorizations • Works in concert with site authorizations to determine records user can work with • Users can have a default repair facility

  32. User Scenarios • The most common scenario is for clients with mobile assets with multiple sites defined in Maximo • Assets that can travel across the virtual boundaries defined by Maximo sites • For example an asset based in Atlanta in the Southeast US site travels to Boston in the Northeast US site. The repair facility in Boston owns the work and the work order, but the asset is from another site • Clients with fixed assets or with only one site may also find benefit to having the further control over security for work order based records • Limiting maintenance personnel to records only for their repair facility

  33. Multisite Architecture with Repair Facilities Work Order: 5678 Repair Facility: Plano Repair Facility Site: Texas Asset: KC Asset Site: Kansas Kansas Colorado Texas Site 4 Site 5 Site 6 Plano Repair Facility Repair Facility 3 Repair Facility 4 Denver Repair Facility USA Organization 2 Database/Enterprise

  34. Repair Facilities Site for the Work Order and Asset Site where the work is done

  35. Asset Management Enhancements • New Asset Template application • Provides a quick way to add new Assets or update existing Assets based on defined template • Asset list from Template • list of assets created from Asset Template generation, all create at once • Visual Control for Linear Assets • Visual Control tab enables graphical display of linear assets, features, attributes and work orders

  36. New Asset Template application – quick way to add new Assets or update existing Assets based on defined template

  37. Assets – list of assets created from Asset Template generation, all create at once

  38. Linear tab in Assets – Visual Control enables graphical display of linear assets, features, attributes and work orders

  39. Usability

  40. Improved Efficiency Enhancements • Returning to List Tab maintains Record focus • After editing an record going back to the list tab will return to the edited record • Field Validation option • Performed in background allowing the user to continue data entry • Set as default at system level • Rich Text Editor for Long Description and Com Templates • Supported by BIRT reports • Improved Date Entry • Quicker and easier to select values • Help moved to Info Center format • Content based.

  41. List page When I save a record and go back to the List, the result set is still in the state I left it until I hit refresh. Records that have been touched are Italicized to indicate they have changed

  42. Table Window When I save, focus remains on the last table row that was edited

  43. ‘Heads down data entry’ (Asynchronous Validation) I can enter data at my own pace, and address errors and warnings when I want to

  44. I can enter text in the format that I want on a Maximo screen. I don’t need to rely on attachments for rich-text formatting. • Long Descriptions, Communication Templates and Displays in BIRT reports • Flexible Fonts • Bold, Italics, Underline, etc. • Character Sizes • Bullets • Colors and Highlighting • URL links • Supports copy/paste from Word, etc.

  45. Displays in reports Enabled Rich Text Formats to display in BIRT Reports

  46. New Calendar New calendar control offers faster response to clicks because it does not make round trips to the server.

  47. Help – Info Center, content based

  48. New Skin