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Maximo Asset Management (SaaS) 7.5.1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Maximo Asset Management (SaaS) 7.5.1

Maximo Asset Management (SaaS) 7.5.1

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Maximo Asset Management (SaaS) 7.5.1

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  1. Maximo Asset Management (SaaS) 7.5.1

  2. The SaaS Model Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software delivery model, in which software function is delivered over the internet, managed by a vendor, and paid for on a subscription basis. Maximo Software as a Service Perpetual License Model Customer makes buying decisions and is integrator and maintainer of all components of the IT value stack Customer makes application buying decisions. Provider makes decisions on components of the IT value stack Services Services Application Application Middleware Middleware Integration Operating System Operating System Pre-packaged Servers, Storage Servers, Storage Network Infrastructure Network Infrastructure • One-to-many model to all contracted customers • Pay-for-use or subscription model • Customer can typically redirect resources for DB, system, and network admins to other projects • Provider supports multiple application codes, multiple application versions or a customized code for each customer. • Customer must support entire stack 2

  3. SaaS May Be An Attractive Model for Many Organizations SaaS Can Offer Flatter, More Predictable Costs License (CAPEX) and implementation Upgrades Maintenance, support staffing, and infrastructure Low initial -- OPEX Low, predictable yearly costs

  4. What we’re seeing in the market… • Trends • Increasing Prospective client queries, RFP’s (globally, across industries) • Existing Client’s asking about SaaS • Customers looking for a solution with low entry cost – transferring the “capital expense” to “operating expense” that a monthly SaaS subscription brings • Also looking to reduce internal IT costs

  5. Maximo SaaS - What’s Included/What’s Not?

  6. What’s included with Maximo SaaS? • Core Maximo Asset Management • Includes Maximo Everyplace (part of platform, no charge) • Contains IT asset management functions (supports OT use cases) • Users can track the IT aspects of their enterprise assets (software, bios, firmware, etc.) • Uses SCCD UI Skin (look, feel, left-hand nav bar, etc.) • Maximo Scheduler - only add-on product available • No Industry Solutions or other add-on products available • Delivered on IBM SoftLayer cloud infrastructure • Provisioned as single tenant instances • Subscription based license model • Per user/per month/minimum 1 year contract • Implementation Services – separate statement of work (bp, gbs) • Configurations (app designer, db config, automation scripts, workflows) • No custom coding (java)

  7. Maximo Solutions MaximoAsset Management Maximo Asset ManagementEssentials Everyplace Cal Cal HS&E Spatial MaximoHealth, Safety & Environment Mgr Maximofor Transportation MaximoAsset Configuration Manager MaximoLinear Asset Manager Maximofor Oil & Gas Maximofor Nuclear Maximofor Life Sciences Maximofor Utilities MaximoSpatial MaximoScheduler MaximoArchiving MaximoAdapter for SAP MaximoAnywhere MaximoEveryplace MaximoCalibration MaximoMobile MaximoService Provider MaximoAdapter for Oracle Core Solutions Stand-alone solutions for asset, facility and real estate management. Maximo SaaS, includes Maximo,Everyplace (free) – with optional Scheduler as an add-on We’re evaluating future releases with Industry Solutions and additional add-on’s Industry-specific capabilities for the unique requirements of asset-intensive industries. Industry Solutions Add-on Solutions Additional options, used with core or industry solutions, provide deeper functionality for specific needs. Mobile Solutions

  8. Maximo SaaS will Be in SoftLayer Data Centers Hosted in state-of-the-art IBM SoftLayer data centers Active Data Centers United States Dallas Houston San Jose Seattle Washington Amsterdam Singapore Points of Presence accelerate performance and appear to be local Note: Point of Presence is a physical location that houses servers and communication equipment to provide access points to the internet

  9. What is Included and Not Included in Maximo SaaS Offering? Included in Standard Offering: One production instance One non-production instance (if required)* Maximo Everyplace VPN, LDAP, and e-mail for integrations to other tools and systems (if required) Daily backups of data and configurations Systems admin., patching, maintenance Access to current release function 99.8% Availability Service Level Objective 99.8% Availability SLA (no charge)* 24 X 7 support for Sev 1 / Forum e-mail support for Sev 2-4 Optional in Standard Offering: Additional non-production instances Expansion of non-production instances Requires Separate Services Contract (SOW): Implementation services Application/Workflows configuration VPN configuration LDAP configuration Integrations Data transformation and migration Application administration services Managing users, security groups, etc. Managed services (BP’s, GBS/GTS) Release Upgrade (under review) Requires L0 Approval or Special Bid: Deployments over 600 concurrent users or under 30 named/10 concurrent users (L0) Availability SLA > 99.8% Other non-standard hosting or support requirements or terms of use Included in Standard Offering Not Included in Standard Offering *These items are no additional charge, but must be selected in PPA

  10. DevOps: Roles and Responsibilities • 24 x 7 Incident Management • Manage and Resolve Tickets • Problem Management • Manage and Resolve Recurring Problems • Server Services (OS/VM) • Compliance, Health Checks and Patching • Security Compliance • ITCS 104 and Middleware • Database Services • Managing HADR, Backup, Performance • Application Services • Managing app server/web server (Applying IFIX) • Customer Provisioning • Off-boarding • Others • Change Management • Continuous Delivery and Automated Provisioning • Customer Support Representative (CSR) • Initial contact • Reviews tickets • determines if environment • or if Application specific • Routes to appropriate team

  11. Using IBM Service Engage

  12. Maximo (SaaS) Solution – digital engagement • Introduction • Value Points • Videos • Screen Shots • Blogs • Customer Testimonials • Twitter Streams • How to Buy • Get Help (online chat) • Additional Resources Identify Explore Select Use Deliver Appraise • Simple, visual, dynamic • Key messages spotlighted, autoplay • Successes logos prominent • Major “buttons” for actions

  13. IBM Service Engage -- Clicking on “Learn More” provides access to an overview (and video), screenshots, videos (demos), details and links to additional information

  14. Sample Screen shots

  15. Links to Additional Information Analysts Whitepapers Case Studies

  16. Maximo SaaS Licensing Model • Simplified SaaS licensing model • Increased user type flexibility (casual, occasional, light-use, end users) • Aligns with SCCD license model • The SaaS version will have the following user license types: • Authorized User – a standard “full user” where each user is named • Concurrent User – “full user” entitlement that sets the number of people who can be accessing the system at any given time • Self Service Users – free, just like on-prem. No entitlement required, allows create/view of SSR and Desktop Req’s

  17. Thank you… Questions?

  18. Back Up

  19. Maximo SaaS product Maximo SaaS built on GA product releases SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5.2 Maximo Scheduler 7.5.2 Tpae Maximo SaaS is a pre-built set of images provisioned into SoftLayer Cloud infrastructure WebSphere 7.0.x (with appropriate Fix Pack) DB2 9.7 (with appropriate Fix Pack) RedHat Linux 6.0 operating system DevOps configures the connectivity between Maximo and database Maximo SaaS image built from initial SCCD base image Maximo SaaS image receives additional changes

  20. Maximo SaaS applications Maximo EAM applications exposed through new SaaS license key No new applications created for Maximo SaaS Applications fall into two categories: Traditional EAM apps IT Asset Management apps CCMDB or Service Desk / Service Catalog applications are not licensed No CIs or CI-related applications No Incident / Problem / Change / Release applications No Service Catalog / Service Offerings applications Utility applications included from SCCD Quick Configure application (initial configuration and data import) ISM Content Installer (importing content packs)

  21. Tpae base capabilities All web-based tooling available to customer Workflow Designer Escalations Application Designer Database Configuration Automation Scripting Migration Manager Email capabilities Outbound notifications (relies upon pre-configured sendMail utility in the Linux OS) Inbound email processing – change request to DevOps (set up mail account) Reporting BIRT reports imported through Report Administration application

  22. Application changes Several application presentations modified for Maximo SaaS Hiding fields linked to un-licensed applications Example: CI, SLA Hiding Select Action menus linked to un-licensed apps Example: Service Desk Remote Diagnostics Agent Global Data Restrictions to hide application data tied to un-licensed apps Example: CI relationship definitions in Relationships app Other application changes Subset of system properties are read-only Prevents inadvertent modifications that would break the product environment DevOps can turn off the security restriction and edit the properties

  23. Limitations / Restrictions All communications are over HTTPS No access to the product environments server-side file systems In general, Change Request or Ticket should be submitted to DevOps for activities tied to file systems Attached documents configuration Application deployment descriptor changes Log file access No command-line utilities (Example: importreports, configdb, maxinst) Integration Framework Outbound file export through External Systems ends up on server-side Workaround: Utilize application export-import functionality Axis-based web services deployment only OSLC interactions Client should be on the same VPN (configuration by DevOps required)

  24. Help and InfoCenter Dedicated Maximo SaaS InfoCenter Targeted at SaaS customers and implementers Eliminates irrelevant topics such as installation Matches the solution footprint Enables IBM to collect customer feedback on topics and content Help topics pre-load and pre-configured in Maximo SaaS instances Additional customer-facing documents: Welcome Guide – PDF format Sent to customer via email during onboarding

  25. Maximo Asset Management - SaaS Security (Hosted on the IBM Cloud) • Each client implemented in a private VLAN in IBM SoftLayer • Access of end users and process users via a secured SSL (HTTPS) connection • Firewalls for secure access & isolation; Isolation of WAS and DB VMs using IPSEC firewall • Host Intrusion Detection to identify and eliminate any DoS attacks • Physical security includes 24 hour surveillance, perimeter security • All data centers are IBM owned and operated, and all staff are IBM employees • Received IBM Inter-Enterprise Security (IES) approval Internet IBM SmartCloud Self Service Users HTTPS Session End Users • Role-based IT Staff: • Supervisors • Planners/Schedulers • Technicians • Purchase/Inventory Maximo - SaaS Administrator/Manager Firewall 26